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vikrell problems

4 Vikrell Problems & Solutions

Bathtubs come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and materials without Vikrell among the most preferred tub material. However, while this material is lightweight, inexpensive, stain-resistant, durable, and doesn’t need caulking, you cannot overlook Vikrell problems.  Vikrell problems to watch out for include cracking, fading, mold and mildew growth, and flexing, warping, and breaking. Most of

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rear discharge toilet problems

4 Rear Discharge Toilet Problems & Solutions

A rear discharge toilet is excellent if you live in a high-rise apartment or your bathroom or home is far from your neighborhood’s sewer line. While these toilets give you a sleeker bathroom without visible pipes, you should know how to troubleshoot rear discharge toilet problems. Common rear discharge toilet problems include continuous running, leakages,

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proflo toilet problems

6 Proflo Toilet Problems & Solutions

Proflo toilets are water-efficient, comfortable, flexible, and highly affordable toilets hence a great addition to your toilet. However, like other toilets, they can develop issues, so before getting yourself one, know the common Proflo toilet problems.   You may experience clogging, continuous running, and the toilet bowl emptying slowly if you have a Proflo toilet. To

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