why is aim toothpaste so cheap

Why Is Aim Toothpaste So Cheap? (3 Reasons)

Have you ever wondered why some toothpaste brands are so affordable and whether you should use them? One of these cheap kinds of toothpaste is Aim. This toothpaste brand is popular among most people since it is not only affordable but also great.

However, should its affordability alarm you considering the phrase cheap is expensive turns out to be true? Keep reading to find answers to this question and also get the reasons why Aim toothpaste is so cheap.

Why Is Aim Toothpaste So Cheap? (Reasons)

Let us look at what makes Aim toothpaste so affordable.

1. The Ingredients

The ingredients used to make Aim toothpaste are readily available, so sourcing them does not cost the company much. These ingredients include sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium fluoride, which are so easy to find. The other substances found in Aim toothpaste are flavor, sorbitol, hydrated silica, cellulose gum, PEG-8, and water. 

You can buy these ingredients yourself. The availability and cost-effectiveness of these ingredients lower the production cost, thus reducing the overall cost of Aim toothpaste. While the ingredients are cheap, this does not make Aim toothpaste subpar; otherwise, it would not be ADA-approved. 

2. It is An Effective Marketing Strategy

With many other reputable brands in the market, such as Colgate Aquafresh Sensodyne, Pepsodent, and TartarEnd, the competition is intense. Therefore, companies devise ways to stay ahead of their competitors. For this reason, the low prices of Aim toothpaste can be regarded as an effective strategy to attract customers. 

People love a good deal, so customers will often choose you if you sell your products at lower prices. 

3. Low Branding Expenses

Companies focus on branding a lot today, channeling plenty of their resources into it to outperform their competitors. However, Aim spends considerably less on branding compared to its competitors like Crest and Colgate. You have probably seen ads by different brands such as Sensodyne, Crest, and Colgate, among others. 

These advertisements are meant to attract more customers. However, low pricing and quality are essentially the only ways for Aim toothpaste to remain in the market and for the company to continue being profitable.

Who Makes Aim Toothpaste?

Unilever originally came up with Aim toothpaste in 1973. However, Church & Dwight bought the brand in 2003, thus owning and making the toothpaste since then. Church & Dwight is an American manufacturing company that produces household items. The company has many lines, but the most popular is Arm & Hammer, which has various items, including toothpaste, baking soda, and laundry detergent. 

Is Aim Toothpaste ADA Approved?

Aim toothpaste has the ADA seal of approval, meaning it is high-quality, safe, and reliable. It is important only to choose dental products approved by the American Dental Association for your well-being. 

For a toothpaste to be ADA-approved, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Contain fluoride
  • It must have active ingredients capable of supporting oral health. This includes reducing gingivitis, whitening the teeth, preventing bad breath, relieving tooth sensitivity, and aiding the teeth in resisting erosion. 
  • It must not have sugar
  • Extensive scientific research backing the brand’s claims
  • 250 or below Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA)

Aim toothpaste has an 80 RDA score, making it among the least abrasive type of toothpaste. 

Is Aim A Good Toothpaste To Use?

Aim toothpaste is safe for use and tastes great. The fact that millions of people have been using it to keep their mouths smelling fresh and their teeth clean and cavity-free attests to its high quality. Aim toothpaste offers protection against tartar and comes in multiple flavors, including mint and cinnamon. This toothpaste is among the best-selling toothpaste globally for protecting teeth against cavities. 

It is possible to think Aim toothpaste is generic, considering the cheap prices. However, that is far from the truth. This budget toothpaste is manufactured by a reputable company with many decades in the industry. 

This toothpaste contains similar amounts of fluoride as expensive toothpaste brands and is less abrasive. Therefore, buying Aim toothpaste does not deprive you of the qualities needed in a great toothpaste, and an added advantage is that you get to save some money. 

Aim toothpaste offers the following benefits:

  • Fluoride protection
  • Cleaning and whitening your teeth
  • Highly affordable prices
  • Providing protection against cavities and tooth decay
  • It is excellent at freshening your breath and getting rid of morning breath
  • Strengthening your enamel hence giving you strong teeth
  • It is ADA approved

While you should choose a toothpaste you like and can afford, your dental health is typically influenced by different factors. For instance, sticking to regular teeth brushing contributes more to your dental health than the type of toothpaste you use. In addition, ensure you go to your dentist two times a year. 

Aim Toothpaste Side Effects

Aim toothpaste is generally a safe and pleasant toothpaste with a good taste and is less abrasive. In addition, it does not contain toxic substances and is safe for kids. However, the high amounts of sodium fluoride used in the toothpaste can cause some side effects. While on average, 0.24 % of the toothpaste is sodium fluoride, the manufacturer often uses high amounts. 

High sodium fluoride usage leads to mouth and gum irritation. Therefore, check the sodium fluoride quantities in a specific Aim toothpaste before buying it, especially if you have sensitive teeth. 

Which Aim Toothpaste Suits You?

Your choice of Aim toothpaste will depend on your preferences since it comes in various flavors. Some of the options include:

  • Aim Cavity Protection Toothpaste Mint Gel- for cavity protection
  • Aim Cavity Protection Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste- for cavity protection
  • Aim Multi-Benefit Toothpaste- offers all the benefits of a toothpaste
  • Aim Tartar Control Anticavity Flouride Toothpaste– for tartar control

Final Remarks

Aim toothpaste continues to thrive many years after its introduction due to its quality and low prices. Despite being cheap, this toothpaste provides everything you need to keep your oral health intact. It is clear that the fact that Aim toothpaste is cheap is actually an advantage and not something that should deter you from using this toothpaste. 

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