kohler villager vs bellwether

Kohler Villager Vs Bellwether

Kohler manufactures some of the best bathtubs in the market designed to offer soothing and comforting baths. Some of the tubs in its product line are Kohler Villager and Kohler Bellwether. Each bathtub can be a great addition to your bathroom, but how do Kohler Villager vs. Bellwether compare? 

Kohler Villager is shorter, angled, lighter, more compact, and cheaper than Kohler Bellwether. On the other hand, the Bellwether has a better and more unique design and more aesthetically appealing. 

Keep reading for a detailed comparison of these bathtubs. This post explores how they compare in terms of dimensions, weight, price, design, size, installation, and depth.

Kohler Villager Vs. Bellwether: The Main Differences

1. Dimension

Kohler adheres to the universal size standard when modeling its tubs. The brand strives to meet the standard requirements set by the ADA to be on the right side of the law. 

In connection with that, the Kohler Bellwether tub is a five-footer with a rectangular design to accommodate people of different statures, from children to adults. Its 15-inch threshold, coupled with its low step-over height, makes it easy to enter and exit the fixture. 

The 30 by 60 dimensions make this tub a perfect fit for an alcove. On the contrary, the Kohler Villager is five inches shorter than the Bellwether, and its 14-inch threshold makes it easy to tilt on the apron, set it in place, and align it with the bathroom wall. 

2. Design

As stated earlier, Kohler bathtubs come in multiple designs to match varying bathing requirements. 

Kohler Bellwether embodies a unique design with an angled front and back end that lends it a short bottom. The front end of some models (32 by 60 variants) demands longer spouts to clear the sloping part when the tub fills with water. 

Moreover, 32 by 60 Kohler Bellwether models feature drains at the bottom of the fixtures, a quality that professionals deem unusual for regular alcove tubs. It will require you to re-plumb the drain, a difficult task you can avoid by fitting a 30-inch drain in the same area. 

On the other hand, Kohler Villager is five inches shorter than its counterpart, with a drain outlet near the middle of the fixture. Unlike Bellwether, which is more upright on the rear side, this one is angled. The interior mold of this bathtub is remarkable in that it has a bigger upper body region to enable you to recline conveniently.

Home improvement experts also advise leaving a one-inch gap from the rough wall when installing A Villager. You will also find a right-hand drain outlet alongside a four-inch ledge to accommodate bath supplies. 

It’s also worth mentioning that both the Kohler Bellwether and the Kohler Villager are standard rectangular fixtures that have been around for a long time. They also come with wide ledges to provide more room for users’ legs, while the incorporated apron enhances your bathing experience. 

3. Weight

Bathtub weight affects its portability and ease of installation. It implies heavyweights are more challenging to install and relocate than lightweights. 

Kohler Bellwether weighs approximately 400 pounds. It puts it at a disadvantage, though users expect it, given the type of design. 

Despite weighing 400 pounds, installing the Kohler Bellwether is easier than many expect, and it will fit in most spaces. 

In contrast, the Villager tub is lighter than its counterpart, weighing approximately 350 pounds. Though the difference isn’t that much, it becomes significant during installation. 

Weight also plays an essential role in the durability of bathtubs. Heavy units tend to have a longer lifespan than light ones, meaning Bellwether is more durable than Villager. 

4. Aesthetics

Besides functionality, bathtubs with immaculate visual appeal send a strong message about your bathroom. Many homeowners go for tubs that complement their bathroom designs. 

Kohler Bellwether features an enameled cast iron that gives it long-lasting beauty and clean, ultra-modern lines that match different bathroom designs. The inclusion of broad ledges meant for storing toiletries makes the fixtures more stylish. 

Meanwhile, Kohler Villager is plainer and chunkier since the brand places functionality above visual appeal. 

5. Required Space

Kohler Villager can fit in tiny spaces owing to its size and weight. This tub’s relatively small size is ideal for one-person soaking, and its lowered sides make it simple for most individuals to enter and exit. 

On the other hand, Bellwether’s massive size and weight don’t hinder its three-wall alcove placement from making a good shower/tub combination. However, you need to assign an additional area to accommodate the tub. 

6. Price

The price of bathtubs largely depends on their size, features, and the materials used to make them. Bellwether and Villager tubs feature enameled cast iron construction but differ in size and weight. 

Kohler Bellwether is more expensive than several regular tubs because of its massive size, weight, and features. However, some homeowners are willing to spend a fortune on products that promise value for money. 

If you’re on a tight budget but still desire the durability and toughness of cast iron, you won’t go wrong with the Kohler Villager. Several users are of the opinion that this Kohler tub offers value for the money.

However, others dislike the appearance of the tub’s non-slip bottom surface.

7. Water Depth

Kohler Bellwether gives you the liberty to raise the depth of water in it to match that of a standard bathtub. You don’t compromise any conventional sensations that a nice, regular tub provides. 

8. Installation

Relatively lighter bathtubs employ drop-in installation procedures, which require you to drop them into a surround. On the other hand, heavy ones adopt the alcove method. 

With Kohler Bellwether weighing about 400 pounds and Kohler Villager weighing approximately 350 pounds, it implies you will use the alcove installation method to place it in your bathroom’s recess. It causes some to erroneously conclude that such units won’t fit in their bathrooms, but that’s not the case. 

The two bathtubs can fit almost any bathroom, but you will expend more effort putting them in place. 

Kohler Bellwether Tub Pros and Cons


  • It is durable.
  • The fixture boasts low sides (15 inches high) to allow easy entry and exit for children and adults. 
  • The brand offers multiple color options. 
  • It has clean lines and a contemporary design that matches multiple bathroom designs.
  • The tub boasts a non-slip inner surface. 
  • The wide ledges help in storing toiletries. 
  • It is ideal for a shower/tub combination. 


  • It is heavy.
  • It is expensive. 
  • The tub can scratch easily. 
  • It features a narrower size compared to other models within its price range. 

Kohler Villager Tub Pros and Cons


  • The fixture has a low height (14 inches) for easy entrance and exit. 
  • It has a built-in apron for easy installation. 
  • It is durable. 
  • The tub has a slip-resistant surface. 
  • Kohler Villager gives you room to recline your body thanks to a wide upper body section. 
  • Easier to clean and install than Bellwether. 


  • Its compact size is unsuitable for tall individuals. 
  • The tub holds less water. 

Final Thoughts On Kohler Villager Vs. Bellwether

In summary, Kohler Villager and Kohler Bellwether embody enameled cast iron construction that enhances their aesthetic appeal and durability. They are also relatively heavy and thus demand alcove installation methods.

However, Kohler Bellwether is deeper, more expensive, and requires more installation space than a Villager tub. 

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