kohler elmbrook tub reviews

Kohler Elmbrook Tub Reviews

The numerous options available today make choosing a bathtub pretty hard to choose especially if it is your first time. There are many reputable brands that produce high-quality tubs, including Kohler, which is a household name with various models. This post focuses on Kohler Elmbrook tub reviews. 

Kohler Elmbrook tubs are well-built and designed alcove tubs weighing 66.3 pounds, costing $1,799, and give you peace of mind in cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, Elmbrooks are compatible with multiple bathroom designs and allow you to use standard repair kits to correct defects. 

Like any other purchase decision, you must research extensively before buying a bathtub. Below is a comprehensive look at Kohler Elmbrook tubs to aid your selection. 

Is Kohler A Good Tub Brand? 

Kohler is one of the leading bathtub manufacturers known for making and distributing affordable bathtubs, lighting, and kitchenware. The most popular product from the brand is bathing tubs, which feature extra-low steps and therapeutic jets. 

Kohler Elmbrook, for instance, stays ahead of the competition because of its comfort, aesthetic appeal, and glossy finishes. Moreover, the company has amassed tons of positive reviews, citing that the tubs help relieve chronic pain (especially walk-in tubs) and that the brand offers excellent customer service. 

However, the tubs from the brand are not flawless. They can leak and, consequently, wet the bathroom floor with water, which could cause accidents. 

Kohler Elmbrook Tub Reviews (Detailed Description)

Kohler Elmbrook bathtub is considered among the best alcove tubs thanks to its ultramodern, minimalistic design, which would work in multiple bathroom designs. It also excels in hygiene, pricing, and other areas. 


Brand name  Kohler
Material Acrylic
Weight 66.3 pounds
Price $1,779
Drain location Left side
Warranty One year limited

Key Features

1. Acrylic Material

Kohler Elmbrook tubs feature acrylic material, which is smooth, comfortable, and non-porous. It can handle a considerable amount of heat to accord you a long, warm, therapeutic bath and reliable performance. 

It also has a sleek finish that allows standard repair kits to be used to repair it if it cracks or chips (which is extremely rare). It is also possible due to their lightweight construction. 

Unlike tile and marble materials, Kohler Elmbrooks provides a minimum grip of cold, an essential ingredient to enjoy your bath after a hectic day. The company also offers Elmbrook-styled fittings to match varying bathroom needs during construction or renovation. 

2. Lightweight

Weight is a principal factor that determines the marketability of bathtubs. It determines portability and ease of installation. 

With that in mind, Kohler Elmbrook bathtubs are lightweight, weighing only 66.3 pounds. It explains why many homeowners opt for these tubs, as opposed to fixtures like the Kohler Entity. 

3. Installation Compatibility

Besides aesthetic appeal, installation compatibility is a factor worth considering when fitting a bathing tub in your restroom. Kohler Elmbrook embodies an alcove design surrounded by walls on three sides. 

The recessed design makes the tub easy to install, clean, efficient, and perfect for tiny bathrooms. The alcove design makes the tub more comfortable while also making deep cleaning easy. 

Since Kohler Elmbrook is a popular design, hence makes it possible for you to replace a previous model without changing the whole framework. Therefore, this tub helps you minimize installation costs. 

4. Drain Location

When setting up the bathtub for the first time, it’s expedient to go for one that suits your preference. Kohler Elmbrook bathtubs are left-handed with left-sided drain locations. Nonetheless, you have to consider the orientation of the previous tub before upgrading to this model. 

5. Size

The size of a bathtub determines the amount of space available for you to have your baths as well as comfort. That said, Elmbrooks measure 1348 mm x 625 mm from the top and 1145 mm x 524 mm at the bottom and thus can accommodate tall individuals. 

6. Price

Kohler Elmbrook bathtubs are affordable, with some of them costing as little as $1,799 (and you can get cheaper ones on online platforms). The tubs embody acrylic material with a white coating. 

Additionally, Elmbrook is recessed, and you can mount a faucet on the left or right side. 

7. Warranty

Kohler Elmbrook gives you a product that gives you peace of mind in matters of quality. The bathtub comes with a one-year warranty that protects the fixture from the manufacturer’s faults. 

It means that should anything go wrong with the tub within one year of purchase, you can revisit the company and repair or replace it without spending extra money. That’s one quality that gravitates homeowners to Kohler Elmbrook. 

Pros Of Kohler Elmbrook Tub 

  • The tub is spacious enough, hence ideal for people of different statures. 
  • The high-quality materials used in making it are durable. 
  • It is incredibly comfortable and therapeutic. 
  • It is perfect for soothing muscles. 
  • Kohler Elmbrook tub comes in different colors and coatings. 
  • The tub has built-in lumbar support.
  • It is ideal for home and commercial settings. 
  • The tub boasts a rough texture to prevent sliding. 
  • It is versatile
  • The fixture is ideal for a shower/tub combination because of a low barrier that allows easy entrance and exit from the shower.


  • Kohler Elmbrook is susceptible to cracking. 
  • The fixture leaks occasionally.
  • Some customers have complained about quality issues. 

How To Install The Kohler Elmbrook Bathtub

When you buy a Kohler Elmbrook bathtub, the next thing to do is install it in your bathroom. If you are not sure about where to start, follow the procedure below:

  • Use a saw to strip the caulk around the previous bathtub. Exercise caution not to damage the walls and other fixtures. 
  • Get a partner to help you pull out the tub, which is now free. 
  • After uninstalling the tub, clean the area with a shop vacuum or a broom. Ensure you clear all the debris and dust before installing the replacement tub. 
  • Get the bathtub in a proper spot, then install it in the area you prepared for it. 
  • Drill the required holes on the flooring once the fixture is in place. 
  • Connect the tub to the plumbing. It can be a challenging step, especially if you are a novice, so you can consider hiring a certified plumber. 
  • Test the newly installed Kohler Elmbrook tub for water leaks, pressure, and temperature. 

Final Remarks On Kohler Elmbrook Tub Review

Kohler Elmbrook bathtubs come laced with magnificent features to give you a relaxed bathing experience. They are made from an acrylic material that is smooth, comfortable, and non-porous. 

Despite glowing qualities, Kohler Elmbrook tubs are not flawless. They are susceptible to cracking, leaking and sometimes suffering quality deficits (according to online reviews). 

With that in mind, Elmbrook’s merits outweigh its demerits. So, you can walk to a home improvement store, buy it, and install it in your bathroom. 

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