White or clear caulk around toilet

White or Clear Caulk Around Toilet?

If you are remodelling your bathroom and are unable to decide whether to use white or clear caulk, do not fret anymore. In this article we are going to help the best decision for your remodel to come out perfect just like you have imagined it.

It is advisable to use white rather than clear caulk around your toilet because it will match seamlessly with the toilet. In contrast, clear caulk always looks shiny and gives the impression of continual wetness at the toilet base. More importantly, clear caulk will turn yellow overtime due to heat and exposure to sunlight.

For those who are into aesthetics as much as we do, then settling on white caulk around the toilet would be best. Just make sure the caulk is applied sparingly and neatly so as to get a crisp transition between the floor and the toilet base.

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What should you use around toilet white or clear caulk?

You should consider using white caulk and not clear caulk around the toilet because of the reasons we will discuss below.

More aesthetically pleasing

It would be more pleasing to the eyes to use white caulk as it would blend in well with the white fixtures in the bathroom. More importantly because most toilets are white one just needs to find a matching white caulk.

In contrast, clear caulking will not give a continuous white finish from the toilet base. It will look like a break in between the floor and the toilet base.

White caulk won’t yellow

Using white rather than clear caulk you will avoid the dreadful yellowing on the toilet base. This often happens to clear caulk due to exposure to sunlight, heat or growth of mold. You can avoid that by using white caulk from the start.

Doesn’t give impression of wetness

It is all about impressions in this case and putting clear caulk always seems like its water. And for homes with little boys one could think the wetness is from an accident from missing the target. Hence the preference for white caulking which can be cleaned when you notice it getting dirty.

Matches with floor grout

In some cases you would have to make the choice of either matching the shade of your toilet or the grout. In such a situation using clear caulking would not give a coordinated look.

And this is where you have to settle on a shade of white caulk to match your tile floor grout.

White accentuates the gap 

The gap between the toilet base and floor is always small. And when white caulk is applied well it is almost invisible. On the other hand, clear caulking always seems to make the gap look bigger than it actually is. Like there is a big black hole between the tile and toilet base.

Which is why it’s advisable to use white and not clear caulk because we are looking for a seamless transition and not make the gap an eye sore. You won’t even notice the gap with white caulk.

Conclusion: Should I use white or clear caulk around toilet?

The debate on white or clear caulk around toilet is one we have put to bed in this article. It is clear, white caulking will not only give you a nice neat finish compared to using clear caulk which won’t match the fixtures in your bathroom.

Whats more, clear caulk is bound to yellow overtime due to exposure to sunlight and growth of mold. And if you’re someone who likes coordinated looks, white caulk can easily match your shower grout , sink or tub compared to clear caulk.

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FAQs on white or clear caulk around toilet

When to use clear or white caulk

It is advisable to use white caulking in the case where you are filling in gaps as in such a case clear caulk will only make a gap more visible. As for clear caulk it is best suited as a sealant for filling in cracks on glass, windows and pipes.

White silicone caulk comes out clear

Do not get frustrated, because clear caulk will turn white one wet before it dries out. It always comes out white or cloudy and dries to clear after the number of days written on the packaging.

That is why it’s important to avoid any wetness around the area of application. Otherwise you will have to redo the project because the sealant won’t work as expected.

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Clear caulk turns white when wet

This is what happens when silicone is not left to cure or dry out properly. Which it was not left to dry out well and hence will not be effective in doing the job is meant to do. Another common reason is that the clear caulk was either expired hence the change in color.

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