toilet seat has stopped soft closing

How Do You Fix A Soft Close Toilet Seat Damper

Your toilet seat has stopped soft closing , it now just slams shut. And you’re now wondering whether there are adjustments you can do to fix it.In some cases, the issue could be minor with no need to replace the seat or purchase a replacement part. 

Soft closing toilet seats have either a metal peg style assembly or plastic clip on hinges which hook it to the toilet bowl. The problem is likely resulting from the system inside: hinges, cylinder or the dampers. 

In this article we will discuss possible causes of a soft closing seat slamming shut and ways you can fix them. It could be that you just need to adjust the hinges to adjust the soft closing speed.

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Why the toilet seat has stopped soft closing

Dirt lodged inside the hinges

If the hinges are lodges with dirt, then the seat will definitely be slamming shut. The dust particles build up overtime and settle around the moving parts inside the hinges. These will then render the parts not working effectively affecting the soft closing toilet seat.

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Issue with the soft close dampers 

Depending on whether you have a soft closing toilet seat with the metal hinges or clip on hinges. You will need to remove the toilet seat to be able to locate the cylindrical dampers inside which are responsible for the slow closing speed of the toilet seat.. 

The dampers could readjust themselves for whatever reasons it could be from hard slamming for when people forget or due to pressure from weight when people seat. 

If the dampers are also not set to the same notch on both sides.The toilet seat and the lid will also be closing at different speeds. Check on that too.

Broken hinges

In some cases the toilet seat slams shut because the hinges are broken. Which is common for low quality seats as reported by the consumers. This may occur due to weight or pressure on the toilet seat.

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How to fix toilet seat that has stopped soft closing

Adjust the hinges.

If you have an adjustable toilet seat it will have either numbers 1, 2 or 3 showing the different adjustable speeds. Alternatively it may have several notches depicting different speeds. Adjust accordingly making sure you set the same speed for either side of the bolts.

For those with non adjustable hinges you can choose to get a set of adjustable hinges to have options on speed or replace the whole toilet seat entirely.

Clean the toilet seat 

If you have not removed the toilet seat and done some thorough cleaning recently then it is time. Remove the entire toilet seat and soak it in warm soapy water for 20 minutes. This is to soften the dirt for easy cleaning.

Do not use any toilet cleaners to clean the toilet seat because you will damage it over time as they are harsh to the material.

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When your toilet seat has stopped soft closing and you’re looking to fix it then you will need to check the hinges for issues. If it has an adjustable hinge then adjust it accordingly ensuring you set it at the same speed for either side.

If the hinges are broken you will need to purchase replacement hinges. And for those with hinges that aren’t adjustable and the friction has worn out, you could choose to get adjustable hinges.

Most importantly, you should occasionally clean the whole toilet seat to prevent dirt build up.

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