Caulk or grout around toilet base

Should You Grout Around Base of Toilet

Which is the better option? To caulk or grout around toilet base? In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of using caulk or grout to fill the gap between the toilet base and floor. Because we want to keep water out from under the toilet

When choosing between the two we would be interested in one that would be water or urine proof, non staining and easy to clean.In addition, it should be easy to remove in case of repairs and make it easy to note any leaks.

Should you use caulk or grout around base toilet?

Before you use either, make sure that your toilet is not rocking or moving to the slightest and the bolts are tight. This is because you should not use caulk or grout to stabilize your toilet because it will eventually fail.

A wobbly toilet means the wax ring is not tight and a leak will eventually occur. And if your toilet is not level you should shim it first.

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Pros of caulk around base of toilet

  • It’s waterproof and will not let any urine leaks or water from cleaning the floor to penetrate through the gap.
  • Easier to remove when you need any kind of renovation as compared to removing grout.
  • Quick to apply and clean up after.
  • It is now code in most municipalities to caulk your toilet base.
  • Caulk gives a clean finished look that blends well with white color of porcelain toilet compared to using grout.

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Cons of using caulk

  • Caulk can hide the slightest of leaks. However, you can leave about 1-2 inches at the back of the base uncaulked ( it’s also difficult to caulk that area) to give you a peek into any leaks if they occur
  • White caulk turns yellow over time due to exposure to heat, sunlight and urine misses hitting the floor. Instead opt to use clear caulk..

Cons of grout around base of toilet

  • It’s porous which means urine leaks can penetrate into the space and cause urine smells even after cleaning your bathroom.
  • Difficult to remove in case you need to reset your toilet.
  • Grout is rigid and more likely to crack in case of a wobbly toilet as compared to using silicone caulk

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The decision to caulk or grout around toilet base is entirely dependent on personal preference.The importance of either caulking or grouting is to fill the gap between the floor and keep water and urine out underneath the toilet.

If you choose to fill the gap, using caulk would be more suitable as it is waterproof. Just make sure to leave 1-2 inches at the back to know when leaks occur. It is also easier to use and remove in case of renovations as compared to grout.

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FAQS Caulk or grout around toilet base

Should I caulk around the base of my toilet?

You should caulk around the base of your toilet to keep water under your toilet. It will keep urine leaks, dirty water, cat litter and all kinds of gunk from under there.To avoid urine smells even after cleaning the bathroom floor. 

In addition, for aesthetics to avoid eye soreness from the gap that is left there. 

How do I fill the gap between my toilet and floor?

You fill the gap between your toilet and floor with caulk. Silicone based caulk is waterproof and will keep underneath your toilet clean.

What kind of caulk do you use around base of a toilet?

You should use white or clear silicone based caulk as it is waterproof. This will make sure that urine or water from cleaning your bathroom floor from getting under the toilet. In addition, it will keep any smells from the sewer from filing your toilet too.

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