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Where Should A Toilet Paper Holder Be Placed

Convenience is particularly essential when using the toilet, and the location of the toilet paper holder plays a significant role. Should the toilet paper holder be on the left or right is a question most of us have asked when refitting or installing a bathroom. 

The truth is there isn’t a specific rule dictating whether a toilet paper holder should go on the right or left. The location you choose won’t affect your health unless you have mobility issues. The choice between right and left depends on convenience and space. 

While toilet paper holder placement is a matter of preference, you should consider aspects in your decision-making. Doing so ensures you access toilet paper effortlessly, making toilet use convenient.

Toilet Paper Holder Left or Right: What to consider

There are vital aspects to consider when picking whether to put your toilet paper holder. Besides direction, you should also account for the type of holder you have. 

Your Dominant Hand

It is natural to want your toilet paper holder on the right side if you are right-handed and left if you are left-handed. However, whichever side shouldn’t be an issue.

Whether it’s on the left or right side, make sure you can reach the toilet paper without struggling. Alternatively, mount it in front of your bathroom design allows, but avoid putting it behind.

Choose The Appropriate Toilet Paper Holder Height

Struggling to reach the toilet paper can be pretty frustrating, so ensure you install the holder at an appropriate and convenient height. Your toilet paper holder should be mounted about 29-33 inches (75-85 cm) above the ground.

In addition, make sure it sits the utmost 15 inches (38 cm) from where the toilet seat ends. Most toilets sit about 15” to 16” off the floor, so installing the holder around that height makes sense.

It is also crucial not to put the toilet paper holder too high. 

The Size Of The Toilet

The wall adjacent to the toilet is ideal for putting your toilet roll holder. Doing so is easy if you have a large washroom, but the same can’t be said for small bathrooms.

Your small bathroom may not come with adjoining cabinetry or a wall, meaning you can mount the toilet roll holder on it. 

Moreover, the placement of the shower, tub, and sink are also paramount due to size.

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Toilet Paper Holder Options To Consider

There are multiple ways to store your toilet paper. The option you pick depends on your preference and also your toilet design.

Here are some options to consider.

Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

This is an excellent option if you wish to avoid drilling a holder into the wall. In addition, free-standing holders work well for small bathrooms as they don’t take up a lot of space.

Moreover, you can store more than one roll in them.

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Drill In (Standard Fit) Toilet Paper Holder

This is a commonly used method, and it is also low maintenance, inexpensive, and straightforward. In addition, this method is resistant to wear and tear, long-lasting, and available in numerous styles and options.

Toilet Storage Rack

Installing an over toilet storage is a brilliant idea whether you have a small or large bathroom. It allows you to utilize every inch of space, ensuring you keep everything your need in your bathroom, including brushes, combs, shampoos, razors, and toilet paper.

The rack helps you keep your bathroom organized, makes it more elegant, and provides additional storage space. 

With an over toilet rack, the space that would otherwise remain vacant becomes useful and more vacant. These racks come in various styles, sizes, and shapes, so you can choose what you like.

This type of storage constitutes shelves and racks, thus allowing you to keep different items comfortably. For instance, you can store multiple toilet rolls on a shelf to ensure you always have toilet paper.

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Shelf Wall Mount Toilet Paper Holder

This option eliminates the need to drill on the wall to mount the holder as it comes with strong glue to help stick on the wall. Moreover, it also has screws should you opt to drill it.

You can also use double-sided tape to mount it, which makes dismounting easy should the need arise.

However, stick-on toilet paper holders shouldn’t be your go-to option because they won’t stay on as long as the others. This is because the holders are typically susceptible to tear and wear from human use and also temperature changes. 

Your bathroom will get cold and hot throughout the evenings and morning when you shower, causing the stick-on holder to loosen. Therefore, consider the other methods first if you wish to avoid regular toilet roll holder replacement.

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Over The Tank Toilet Paper Organizer

This method involves putting the toilet paper holder on the toilet tank side, securing it by placing it in between the lid. With this method, you will access the toilet tissue by reaching backward.

It is excellent for individuals that have bendy backs and those with micro bathrooms. 

The bathroom clearance is a significant determinant with this method because it may not be viable if the toilet is against a wall or shower curtain. In such a case, you are better off with an alternative method. 

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How To Mount A Toilet Paper Holder

Your toilet roll holder needs to be positioned precisely, ensuring it hangs correctly for optimal use. You can easily mount your holder by following these instructions.

  • Select the toilet paper holder’s location by measuring a maximum of 38cm from the toilet seat edge and 75 cm from the floor up. 
  • Mark where the toilet paper holder will sit by marking the location using a pencil. Make sure it is properly aligned by confirming that the holes are level with the ruler and the holder. 
  • Align the bracket screw (s) and mark the holes using a felt tip.
  • Drill into the hole using a masonry drill, which has an end that’s pointy. Begin slowly, then carry on from there, making sure the drill bit size matches the anchor plug or raw plug’s size. Moreover, ensure the plug fits snugly.
  • Mount the toilet paper holder and make sure the holders are appropriately aligned using a spirit level.
  • With that done, you can now put the toilet paper on the holder and start using it.

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Do Toilet Paper Holders Come In Different Sizes?

Toilet roll holders are designed with different sizes to give consumers options based on the toilet paper size they use. While most residential places have a single regular-sized toilet roll, some people may need a jumbo-size holder because they use a bigger toilet paper.

For that reason, the rolls’ size you choose to purchase should inform the toilet roll holder type you buy.

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Ultimately, it is your choice to install your toilet paper holder on the left or right. However, make sure the option you pick makes for convenient toilet paper access and use.

It is easy to overthink this decision, so be careful not to spend a lot of your time trying to figure it out because toilet paper holder placement shouldn’t be complicated. The most important thing is choosing a toilet roll holder that suits you and putting it within a distance you can easily reach. 

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