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Why Does My Pee Splash Under The Toilet Seat?

It can be pretty annoying to find pee under the toilet seat right when you want to relieve yourself. Most men have undoubtedly fallen victim to pee splash at some point in their lives.

There are two reasons why your pee splashes under your toilet seat- your angle of attack and your height from the urinal bowl of the toilet. Peeing while standing increases the distance the pee travels before hitting the toilet bowl, which increases its velocity, generating a pee splash. 

It is important to learn how to use the toilet without leaving your pee behind for the sake of everyone living in your house. Pee stains make the bathroom unsanitary, unpleasant, and breed a foul odor. 

Once you master where to aim, you can effortlessly use the toilet without your pee splashing under the toilet seat. For this reason, I endeavored to help you understand why there’s pee under your toilet seat and how to avoid it.

Well, without much fuss, let us get to it.

Why Is Underside of My Toilet Seat Wet?

There is a higher chance of pee splashing under the toilet seat if it hits the urinal or toilet wall at 90 degrees or closer. For a better outcome, aim for a gradual angle.

The other reason why you may have a pee splash under your toilet seat is if you have a kid going through potty training. It takes time to master how to aim the toilet bowl while standing, so there will be accidents before your child learns.

Potty training requires practice, practice, and more practice. Consider practicing peeing while standing using an outside urinal or potty to avoid messing with your indoor toilets. 

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How Do I Stop Peeing Under the Toilet Seat?

Here are ways you can employ to prevent pee splash on your toilet seat.

Hit The Toilet Wall At A Gradual Angle

It would be best to direct your pee stream into the bowl at a gradual angle. Aim to hit it below 45 degrees, ensuring you avoid anything angle close to 90 degrees.

Peeing directly into the water forms a cavity that creates a massive splash back when it collapses on itself. 

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Lay A Toilet Paper Layer On The Bowl Beforehand

Before peeing, put a bit of tissue paper in the bowl to absorb the urine stream impact, thus lowering potential splash back. Besides toilet paper, various baffles, obstacles, and materials such as urinal cakes, splash guards, and urinal inserts also help. 

Stand Closer

Pee splash easily forms when urine hits the toilet bowl from a bigger distance and a sharper angle. This is because the pee will begin breaking up into droplets that form more splash back compared to a solid urine stream. 

Therefore, move closer to the toilet to lower your pee’s velocity and prevent it from breaking up, but don’t stand too close.

Don’t Shake Too Briskly

Avoid shaking your penis excessively quickly once you finish because it may cause your pee to hit the toilet seat. 

Pee While Sitting

You can easily solve the issue of pee splash on your toilet seat by sitting down when peeing. While it is nice to relive yourself while standing up, especially when using public restrooms, peeing while sitting also has benefits. 

Sitting down reduces the travel distance of your pee and creates a narrower attack angle. Sitting gives you a better aim increasing your chances of not splashing the seat. 

It’s an excellent solution, especially at night if you don’t want to switch on the lights or when peeing while half asleep. 

If you don’t want to sit, you can kneel if you can comfortably reach the toilet bowl’s lip. 

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Other Benefits Of Peeing While Sitting

Besides directing your pee in the toilet bowl, thus preventing pee splash on the toilet seat, the other compelling reasons to sit while peeing are:

It’s Relaxing

don’t get me wrong, peeing while standing gets the job done quickly, but do you have to pop in and out of the toilet all the time? No, sometimes you just need to sit, relax and clear your mind or think about something, and peeing while seated lets you do so.  

The comfort of your home allows you to do this, so you should take this opportunity and help keep the toilet clean in the process. 

Lets You Urinate Quietly And Peacefully

Unless you really enjoy the thunderous sound your pee generates when peeing while standing, you can dampen it from time to time by sitting down. This is especially helpful when reliving yourself in the middle of the night when others are asleep, as it ensures you don’t disturb them.

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Get Out All The Pee

Younger men can pee well while seated and when standing. However, older men, particularly those who cannot stand for long or have prostate problems, cannot fully pee while standing. 

However, sitting down allows you to use the abdominal muscles better hence getting out every drop of pee and feeling your bladder is entirely empty. 

Makes Pooping Convenient

You are better off seated if you are not sure if you only want to pee, or you might also want to poop. Therefore, sit down just in case to make sure you got everything covered.

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FAQ On Pee Splash Under Toilet Seat

How Do I Stop Pee From Going Under The Toilet Seat?

You can prevent urine from going under your toilet by peeing while sitting and directing your pee at a soft angle, preferably below 45 degrees. In addition, move closer to the toilet to minimize the distance the urine will travel before hitting the toilet bowl.

Another solution is staking toilet paper in the bowl before urinating to absorb the impact, which in turn prevents pee splash back.

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Does Pee Splash Out Of The Toilet Seat?

Pee can easily splash out of the toilet seat if you don’t know how to aim when urinating while standing. Pee splash back occurs when your stream hits the bowl at a higher angle close to or at 90 degrees. 

Standing too far from the toilet can also cause pee splash back because it increases the pee velocity and travel distance. 

Why Is The Underside Of The Toilet Seat Wet?

There is pee on your toilet seat underside because your urine created a pee splash back due to poor peeing technique. This comprises standing far from the toilet, aiming the water directly, and assuming a high attack angle.

You can soak the toilet seat with pee splash if you have bad aim. Luckily, if you urinate while sitting, you will raise the odds of peeing directly down the drain. 

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Having pee splash under the toilet seat is simply unhygienic and breeds bacteria that can cause serious health problems and the reason for the foul odor. Therefore, you should work to aim the toilet correctly at all times to ensure the toilet seat and other parts stay clean and pleasant. 

When peeing, aim for the toilet bowl’s steepest part close to the water because this spot offers the most accessible means to hit the largest surface, thus tolerating wandering better. Strive to hit this spot consistently, stand close, and hit a gradual angle, and your toilet will remain clean and tidy. 

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