where to hang towels in bedroom

Where To Hang Towels In Bedroom

Most people think little about how and where to hang damp towels after showering. If you stay with siblings or roommates who share a bathroom, you may keep your towel in the bedroom, hence explaining the essence of the question: where can you hang your towel in the bedroom?

After taking a shower, you can spread your damp towel on a towel rack to hasten the drying process and prevent mold growth. It will keep your towel neat until the moment you’ll need it. 

If you have limited space, towel storage could be a challenge for you, especially if you haven’t installed hooks, storage racks, or shelving space. However, thankfully, there are hacks for such small-space problems. 

In case you are still confused, continue scrolling. This post discusses the subject in more depth, dealing with how and where you can hang your towel in the bedroom. 

13 Places To Hang Your Towels In The Bedroom?

Don’t just leave towels lying around your bedroom, making the room messy and unpleasant. Therefore, consider the following ideas for where to hang towels in bedroom. 

1. Drape Your Towel Over A Ladder Rack

I approve ladder racks as lifesavers in storing personal towels in limited spaces. Their usage is not only limited to climbing and draping blankets but hanging towels, too. 

Ladders instantly revamp a space and add vertical storage, and that’s always a plus. In addition, if your apartment has a cramped bedroom, they would open up the area, seeing that they aren’t outwardly bulky compared to storage cabinets. 

They feature narrow frames that make them ideal for sliding into small areas and optimizing vertical spaces. 

Ladder racks can serve as decoration and storage, apart from keeping your towel for after-bath comfort. 

2. Fold Your Towel Over a Towel Bar

People deem this method as a popular and traditional way to hang towels. Many people prefer hanging their bath towels over towel bars to dry them faster. 

Another benefit that this method accords you is you can blend and match patterns or colors. If you are a fan of the towel bar, try dropping the old bar for a new one. 

3. Reconsider Your Towel Rack

The bulk of bar towel racks uses horizontal spaces. However, replacing them with a vertical variant can help you save space. 

The vertical racks would enable you to optimize the smallest spaces both in your bedroom and bathroom. 

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4. Attach Scandi-inspired knobs

The Scandinavian-inspired wooden knobs in a vibrant Melbourne home outshine traditional towel bars. You won’t break a sweat installing them because they need considerably less space. 

You can attach them to practically any wall and extend the minimalist feeling into your bedroom. 

5. Work In A Glass-panelled Cabinet

Behind a lovely set of doors, a sleek glass-paneled cabinet would keep your towels safe from water and thus speed up their drying process. 

6. Remodel Your Outfit Rack

These incredibly functional organizers serve a variety of functions. Remodeling an outfit rack for your bedroom creates room for towels and other items in a small area. 

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7. Tucked Away

This type of storage is almost inconspicuous because it uses the area directly above the bedroom door. It frees up space on the floor for more essential things. 

8. Use Wall Spaces

A rack can accommodate multiple baths and tiny towels while taking up very little wall space.

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9. Over-the-door Approach

If your bedroom looks cramped, think about using an over-the-door approach to save you from either tossing your damp towel on the bed or leaving it on the bathroom floor. Aside from looking good, this method exploits the space that would otherwise go to waste without an expansion. 

10. Hang Your Towels On Hooks

Those who despise the concept of folding towels will appreciate the convenience that comes with towel hooks. Towel hooks, admittedly, are easy to set up and take up less space. 

Those living in humid areas dislike the hook method since the towel takes longer to dry. It is because the folds of the towel are closer together, trapping moisture and consequently emitting an unpleasant odor. 

If you opt to employ a towel hook instead of a towel bar in your bedroom, be sure that each one only holds one wet towel at a time. Alternatively, lay the towel over the bathroom curtain rod and afterward shift it to the hook in your bathroom to dry it further. 

Towel hooks are good options for individuals seeking to create room for artwork, with limited wall spaces notwithstanding. Hooks are an excellent choice for compact rooms since they do barely take up valuable wall space and only need a screwdriver and a screw to install.

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11. Put Your Towel In A Decent Large Basket

Baskets are an excellent storage option for compact bedrooms, particularly those with limited wall spaces. To keep your towels, either fold and lay them on top of one another or wrap them vertically. 

You may need a towel rack or hook to dry your towels. But a decent basket presents a superior alternative for a guest bedroom or a bathroom shared by many family members. 

12. Minimalistic Parallel Bar Design

If you’re searching for something basic but stylish way to hang-dry your towel in the bedroom, minimalistic parallel bar design got you. You won’t need a sophisticated setup for this since it only has two horizontally parallel bars attached to the wall using velcro or tape loops. 

That’s all there’s to it. You can now use this design to hang your towels. 

13. Hanging Towel Holder with Vertical Parallels

The towel holder features a brick shelf and two dangling parallel vertical rims. This setup allows you to roll and stack your towels on top of one another. 

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Why Hang Your Towels In The Bedroom?

Hanging damp towels in the bathroom could be bothersome. For starters, they may quickly produce a nasty, musty odor because of the humid conditions in the bathroom. Failure to hang your towel correctly would slow down your towel’s drying process, meaning you’ll have to use a wet towel next time you take a shower. 

That’s where hanging towels in the bedroom comes in handy. Apart from freeing up space in a bathroom used by several people, it speeds up the drying process of towels by keeping them away from humid conditions common in bathrooms. 

Furthermore, hanging towels in the bedroom reduces the possibility of them accidentally falling in water, which is more likely to occur in a bathroom. 

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We trust this post has broadened your understanding of where and how you can hang your towel in the bedroom after taking a shower.

Attempting to hang-dry your damp bath towel in the bedroom not only frees up space in a bathroom used by multiple people but also keeps your bathroom and compact bedroom fresh. 

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