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Can You Put Towel Bar Over Toilet

The space above your toilet doesn’t have to go unutilized, especially if you have a small bathroom. You can use it as a storage space or décor, installing different things ranging from art to towel bars.

While the space above your toilet offers a wide array of opportunities, let’s talk about installing a towel bar over it. This area provides a convenient way to hang your towels, and that’s why it’s the go-to for many busy people.

However, you will likely wonder if it’s hygienic, wondering whether it will lead to more germs in your house. The truth is mounting a towel bar over your toilet is an efficient solution to towel storage but has its risks.

This post will cover this and more. 

Can You Put A Towel Bar Over A Toilet?

Ideally, the best place to install a towel bar is the wall nearest to the shower or bath to make it more easily accessible. You can also put it close to the bathroom sink, but that will depend on the towel bar size and the towel’s intended use.

Alternatively, the area above your toilet can also be a place to attach your towel bar. However, it shouldn’t be your first choice due to hygiene reasons.

Besides providing a place to keep your towels, this accessory will also fill up the space over your toilet, preventing it from staying bare and unappealing. 

Is It Hygienic To Put Your Towel Bar Over The Toilet?

Every time you flush the toilet, it releases aerosolized germs with the potential to disperse up to six feet, with anything kept above the toilet being contaminated first.

 Moreover, the germs of anything your flush down will be in this aerosol. This includes urine and fecal particles and even vomit.

The released germs will likely stick to your towels, living in the fibers for up to one week. Additionally, the bathroom’s damp environment makes the towels susceptible to developing yeast, bacteria, mildew, and mold. 

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What Is The Standard Towel Bar Over Toilet Height?

Towel bars are typically mounted anywhere between 42 inches and 48 inches from your bathroom floor, although 30 to 52 inches is acceptable. However, 48 inches is usually the common choice, but the height you pick depends on the size of your towels and the area you are mounting the bar. 

Although the mounting height may vary, it is best to keep it around 48 inches to provide consistent comfort. When it comes to mounting a towel bar over the toilet, you need to ensure the height allows easier access and ensure the towels don’t touch the toilet tank.  

The germs from continued flushing close to your towels and the mold issues could result in a massive contamination problem for you and anyone else who dry their hands, faces, and bodies with these towels. Therefore, you are better off mounting your towel bar behind the bathroom door, vanity, or adjacent to the shower. 

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Factors Determining the Ideal Height For A Towel Bar Over Toilet

Picking the perfect height for your towel bar requires careful consideration of certain factors. These are:

1. The Size Of Your Towels

Before mounting your towel bar, you need to determine the sizes of your towels, as that will guide you when choosing the ideal height. For example, standard bath towels can comfortably hang on towels racks mounted to different heights.

However, bath sheets or oversized bath towels require a towel bar high enough to keep them off the bathroom floor. For that reason, you will need to fold your longest towel in half and hold it against the wall above your towel to see how high the bar will need to be. 

2. The Heights Of The Bathroom Users

The heights of the people using the bathroom are also essential. While an adult of average height can comfortably reach a towel hanging from a towel bar mounted within the common height, kids or a person in a wheelchair will struggle. 

3. Bathroom Features

The features in your bathroom can also dictate the proper height of your towel bar. For instance, if your bathroom wall lower half has tiling or wainscotting, you will need to mount the towel bar above this section.

However, the correct height boils down to your preferences, convenience, and practicality.

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How To Install A Towel Bar Over Toilet

You don’t have to seek a plumber to mount a towel bar over your toilet. If done correctly, you will add a practical accessory to your bathroom that will also bolster the style of your washroom. 

1. Determine The Hanging Area Height

The industry-standard height for towel bars is 48 inches above the floor, but remember you have other options. Account for kids and anyone with limited mobility in your home, your towels size, and bathroom features when selecting the ideal height for your towel bar.

Once you choose the place, check for studs behind the spot you want to put the towel bar with a stud finder. Pan-head screws will work if you find studs; if not, you’ll have to create wall anchors.

Moreover, you often need to secure your towel bar with at the very least a single wall anchor, even if you find studs in place.

2. Mark The Spot

Measure the perfect height to install your towel bar, determine the length of the towel bar, then mark the mounting bracket’s location with a pencil. 

3. Drill The Mounting Holes

Hold and align the mounting bracket against the determined spot on the wall for mounting the towel bar. Use a level to make sure the mounting marks you made earlier are even pre-drill holes with a drill at the marked spots.

4. Secure The Mounting Plates 

If you use an anchor, use a hammer to drive in the anchor, then use screws to attach the bracket. On the other hand, drive the screws into the pre-made holes with a screwdriver or a drill to fix the mounting plate in place if you aren’t using an anchor. 

5. Hang The Towel Bar

Attach the bar holders, one followed by the other, to the mounting brackets using the provided wrench and set screw, then place the bar to the holders. Test the stability of your towel bar by applying some pressure on it and start using it if you are satisfied with your work. 

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FAQ on Towel Bar over Toilet

1. Can You Hang A Towel Bar Above The Toilet?

You can mount a towel bar above your toilet since it offers a functional place to keep your towels and fill up the space over the toilet. However, it shouldn’t be your first choice because germs from the toilet can accumulate on your towels then be transferred to your body when you dry yourself. 

2. How Far Should A Towel Bar Be Above The Toilet?

A towel bar is usually installed at the height of 42 to 48 inches from the bathroom floor. However, you can raise or lower the height based on your needs, preferences, and towel size.

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 Towel bars are classic bathroom accessories that remain popular today because they are functional, versatile, and easy to install and use. Knowing where to put a towel bar is vital since it will determine how accessible and clean it will be.

We hope this post offers everything you need to know about installing a towel bar over the toilet.

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