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Where To Hang Wet Washcloth Holder?( 7 Amazing Options )

The opinions for and against washcloths differ massively. Some people believe in their use every time you wash your body or face; some are for occasional use, while others are against it altogether, arguing that doctors don’t need them when scrubbing in for surgery.  

If you use washcloths, you ought to know what to do with wet washcloths if you want to keep your bathroom fresh and maintain your hygiene. You will have a smelly washroom in no time if you don’t let your washcloths dry correctly.

While it’s a common practice, leaving your wet washcloths somewhere on your countertop, in the shower, or in any other bathroom fixture isn’t the best idea.
You need a proper wet washcloth hanger in your bathroom to allow your washcloths to dry and prevent mold growth. 

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How Do You Dry A Washcloth?

As you now know, hanging wet washcloths properly prevents bacteria growth and lowers their drying time. However, you can only achieve this if you have an excellent place to hang them.

Check out these great options if you are looking for the perfect way to dry your washcloths.

1.Towel Hooks



These accessories don’t occupy a lot of space and are straightforward to install; that’s why they are famous for hanging wet washcloths. They are excellent for cramped spaces and showers and better for smaller items like washcloths than bath towels because they are less sturdy than towel bars or rings.

Towel hooks are also highly portable, particularly the single sets, so transporting them is super simple as you can even put them in your pockets. 

In addition, installation is straightforward, taking about 5 minutes, and you don’t need to hire someone to do it or have any construction knowledge. Hooks have different fastening systems, with some mounted with screws, a screwdriver, and a hand drill while others fitted with suction cups that stick to the wall.

It’s vital to expose most of your washcloth to the air when hanging it on the towel hook to make it dry faster. Remember, washcloths trap moisture when crumpled, extending the drying process.

If you choose to mount multiple towel hooks in your bathroom, make sure you space them properly to prevent your washcloths from overlapping each other. Furthermore, do not hang two or more washcloths on one hook.

2. Towel Rings



These are beautiful and very stylish bathroom accessories you can use to hang your wet washcloths, especially in a tiny shower. Towel rings are available in various finishes and colors, with most being closed-loop, although you can also find open-ended ones. 

They also come in different creative shapes, including circular, rectangular, square, and octagonal. The wall-mounted versions of towel rings are more popular because they are durable and highly functional.

However, if you prefer non-mounted alternatives, go for a freestanding countertop towel ring. Moreover, you can also choose a freestanding floor towel ring that’s a couple of feet tall and has multiple rings to make a bold statement.

 A towel ring with multiple rings lets you hang more than one washcloth simultaneously, ensuring you always have a fresh, dry, clean washcloth should you need one.

You can mount your towel ring at different places, even tight places that accessories like towel bars won’t fit. Some excellent spots include behind the door, in the shower, next to the sink, and below a shelf.

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3. Towel Bar On Your Shower Wall



These long, sturdy metal bars (usually four feet or more) are mounted on bathroom walls to hold washcloths and towels. They are more suitable for a large bathroom because they take up more space than hooks and rings. 

Your wet washcloths will dry faster on towel bars than on rings and hooks because they have a bigger surface area, allowing you to spread a washcloth across its length. Depending on your needs, you can buy them in sets or singles.

Besides a washcloth, you can also hang other bathroom items in your towel bar. Before buying a towel bar, ensure you have enough space in your shower wall to mount it.

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4.Towel Rack On Your Shower Door



If you don’t have enough space on your shower wall, a towel rack on the shower door is an excellent alternative. The towel rack resembles towel bars but has more bars, providing more storage space. 

The bars in towel racks are either vertical or horizontal, depending on the available space in your bathroom or the type of rack you want. Alternatively, some racks offer both options, offering several possibilities.

Find a towel rack that fits your shower door, or go for a door with pre-installed racks if you are remodeling your bathroom. 

5. A Wooden Ladder

The vertical space in a wooden ladder provides a great way to dry several washcloths. It’s a space-saving technique that’s worth considering, especially there’s no horizontal space to hang wet washcloths in your bathroom.

6. A Fold-Out Drying Rack

This is an expandable drying rack excellent for hanging several wet washcloths simultaneously. While they aren’t the most stylish accessories you’ll find in a bathroom, they are exceptionally functional and come in various designs.

You can expand it to hang your washcloth and collapse it when not using it.

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7. Shower Curtain Rod

If you don’t want to set up or install any accessory to dry your wet washcloths, utilize the curtain rod in your shower. This practical and straightforward solution takes advantage of your bathroom’s airflow to quicken the drying process.

Wet Washcloth Holder Height

Before mounting a wet washcloth holder, choose a location and height that will guarantee easy access and proper airflow. The perfect mounting heights depend on the accessory.

The ideal mounting heights from the floor of the towel ring are 50 to 52 inches, 42 to 48 inches for a towel bar, 65 to 70 inches for a hook, and 75 to 77 inches for a shower rod. 

A towel ring should be about 20” from your countertop when calculating the height from the vanity. On the other hand, a towel bar’s ideal height from the vanity countertop is 14 to 18 inches. 

Importance of Drying Wet Washcloths

Your washcloth will easily smell if you drape or throw it away somewhere after using it to clean your face or body. Therefore, it’s vital to dry your wet washcloths because of the following reasons:

  • Without a proper place to hang your wet washcloth, it will take longer to dry, leaving them damp for long. Dampness in your bathroom provides the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria, which is harmful to you and makes your bathroom have a musty smell.
  • Your wet washcloths become a petri dish for dirt and dust if you leave them in a dark and damp bathroom. This will be transferred to your body, and the washcloth might also start to smell.

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FAQ on Wet Washcloth Holder

1. Where Do You Put Wet Washcloths In The Shower?

You can hang wet washcloths in your shower using a towel ring, towel hook, towel bar, a wooden ladder, a fold-out drying rack, or a curtain rod. 

2. What Do You Do With Washcloth After Shower?

There are multiple things you can do with a wet washcloth after showering. These include hanging it to dry and rinsing it to remove bacteria and dead skin. 


An effective wet washcloth drying system is essential for mold prevention, increased cleanliness aesthetics, and odor prevention. Regardless of your preferred wet washcloth holder, make sure you hang it in an area with excellent ventilation. 

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