unique towel rack ideas

Unique Towel Rack Ideas

Who wouldn’t want to have a unique place to hang their towels, robes, washcloths, and other bathroom products? If you’re going to make a bold statement, it undoubtedly means moving away from the standard towel racks and going the DIY route or finding shops with unique towel racks.

You can easily create a unique towel rack with everyday items in your home. Going down this route instead of buying one saves you money because towel bars and racks can be pretty expensive, with some priced the same as showerheads or faucets. 

Don’t go for just a simple, bland-looking towel rack that won’t contribute to your bathroom’s aesthetics. Instead, try the following unique towel rack ideas.

Unique Towel Rack Ideas

Your bathroom would be a mess without a sturdy, high-quality, well-installed towel rack. Besides ensuring you have a place to hang your towels after a bath or shower, towel racks add value to your décor.

However, towel racks come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, with some more unique than others. If you are looking beyond just functionality, check out these unique towel racks ideas that are practical and stylish.

A Towel Rack Made From A Headboard

You can convert the headboard of an old bed into a towel rack, allowing you to repurpose old furniture that you would have otherwise thrown away. You can do this by cutting off the legs using a saw or choosing to keep them and attaching a bar between them to create a towel bar.

Moreover, you can make a towel hook with the headboard by drilling a couple of hooks onto it, making sure you space and mount them properly. You will also need to sand the headboard and apply primer and paint of your choice, preferably a color that will complement your bathroom décor. 

Alternatively, you can use any other wooden board if you don’t have any headboard lying somewhere in your house. A towel hook made from rustic wood paired with elegant hooks would look stylish in your bathroom.

DIY Towel Rings

You can come up with eye-catching towel rings using different items like a rope and beads. If you have rope in your home or can easily access one, you can make a towel ring by making a circle and tying knots to secure the ring.

You will also need to use part of the rope to attach the towel ring hang on hooks or nails mounted on the wall. Alternatively, insert stunning-colored beads on a metal bar or even a firm rope to come with a more colorful towel ring. 

Make your beaded towel ring more appealing by fitting it with leather straps to attach to the nails or hooks on the wall.Moreover, the rope can be secured to screw eyes mounted to the wall to create a simple, gorgeous towel holder.

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Piped Towel Racks

If you have pipes you are not using, use them to create a unique towel rack you can mount on different parts of your bathroom, like next to the sink or behind the door. Some of the pipes you can use include PVC, industrial pipes, and copper pipes.

Depending on your needs and preference, the towel rack can be single or multi-layered, with the latter best suited for larger households. A piped towel rack is sturdy and classy since pipes are strong and come in different colors, such as black, silver, and brown.  

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 A Farmhouse Towel Rack

A farmhouse interior design style prioritizes rustic charm, practicality, and simplicity, reflecting the rural architecture aesthetics while embracing modern comfort. If you are a fan of this style or looking to try it out, you will love a farmhouse towel rack, and the best part is you can easily make one.

You can comfortably make a farmhouse towel rack with some hooks and a rustic wooden board, coming up with a beautifully unique accessory. Besides the DIY version, you can also buy a custom or amazing handmade farmhouse towel rack.

Towel Rack From Old Hangers

Instead of throwing away old hangers, you can repurpose them by converting them to towel racks for your towels. Anchor a dowel piece on the bathroom wall, then attach the hanger using screws to get a sturdy, unique towel rack.

This type of rack gives you two ways of hanging your towels. You can hook your towels on the curved portion of the hanger or the flat part.

A Leather Loop Towel Rack

This is a simple but pretty unique design, comprising leather strips and wood, and it can be a single or multi-layered towel rack. It is made by folding a leather strip in half, drilling or punching a hole through it, putting a screw through it to produce a loop, and then mounting it on the wall.

You will then need to do the same with the other leather strip and then after that, put the wooden dowel through the formed loops to get a towel rack. 

A Towel Holder Made Of Antique Door Knobs

Create an affordable, gorgeous, and stylish towel hanging space using antique doorknobs. You will need to attach them to the wall using bolts and washers to ensure they are firm, thus holding your towels comfortably. 

Ensure there is enough and equal space between the doorknobs to make the towel holder practical and elegant.

 A Floating Towel Rack

If you are looking to move away from the common, less aesthetically appealing over-the-toilet storage units, a floating towel rack is pretty great. It is stylish, functional, and can look like something out of Pinterest if done correctly.

They easily fit into compact spaces because the absence of bulky hardware or brackets streamlines them. Moreover, they come in various materials such as metallic and wooden, and different colors so you can pick one that suits your bathroom décor.

 Peg Towel Racks

People looking for the most simplistic methods of storing their towels should consider a peg towel rack to hang them. With this elegant solution, you get a convenient place for budget-friendly towel storage.

A peg towel rack can easily be made using wooden rounds and a wooden board with the rounds serving as the hooks or pegs. The rack is firmly mounted on the wall through the wooden board.

 Moreover, peg towel racks are easy to make if you embark on a small DIY project at home.

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 Retractable Under-Sink Towel Racks

This type of rack is perfect for people who would rather keep their towels out of sight to keep their bathrooms clean-looking and organized at all times. Moreover, they save you on storage space and ensure guests do not use your bath towel.

Unique Towel Rack Ideas Worth Buying

While a DIY project is an excellent way to create a unique towel rack, you can also buy one. There are different motivations for purchasing instead of making, including not having the necessary skills to make a towel rack and limited time.

Here are excellent unique towel racks you should consider buying. 

Colonial Tin Works Galvanized Steel Vintage Dalton Wall Box with Towel Bar

This high-quality wall-mounted towel bar is made from alloy steel and weighs 0.75 pounds. It is available in one-pack, two-pack, and four-pack variations.

It comprises a galvanized mesh front steel box, a towel bar, and mounts that have two sawtooth hangers. This towel rack is ideal if you love the farmhouse style.

 Sumnacon Vintage Style Towel Rack Holder

This unique accessory doubles as a towel holder and a grab bar to protect you from falling on a slippery floor. This wall-mounted industrial metal pipe-made rack has hardware for the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

It features a vintage style that adds a rustic industrial feel to your bathroom designed to save storage space, providing you with more living areas. It is perfect for hanging small items like washcloths and dish towels.

In addition, it’s an iron-made towel holder with a black electroplated finish and comes with the hardware needed to mount it on different walls like tile and concrete walls. It is also cleaned and coated for protection against rust.

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 JINMURY Wood Towel Hooks

Refine your home with these modern, sophisticated handcrafted towel hooks that come in a pair. They are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms and let you fit multiple hangers, thus efficiently drying more than one towel simultaneously. 

You can use it to hang bath towels, tea towels, washcloths, and hand towels. Additionally, deliver quick-drying since they allow air to flow properly throughout your towel, lowering the risk of bacterial growth. 

It is produced using natural walnut and a wax finish to highlight the hardwood’s natural color. You can choose between Walnut and Beech colors.

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We hope you find a unique towel rack idea from this post and are ready to transform your bathroom into an elegant, functional part of your home. You can easily construct a stunning, useful towel rack that compliments your décor but make sure you choose a design, gather the materials, and bring your idea to life. 

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