towel ring placement ideas

Towel Ring Placement Ideas

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to hardware for hanging your towels, but you must choose what suits you best to have a functional and comfortable bathroom. Towel rings are great for smaller bathrooms, coming in handy when hanging hand towels and even bath towels. 

Not every bathroom is spacious; in fact, having smaller washrooms is quite trendy today, but that comes with certain limitations. You must be creative to ensure everything fits in, and that’s where towel rings come in since they are compact. 

Towel rings are typically best suited for residential and guest bathrooms. It is also essential to find the perfect for placing your towel ring to ensure easy accessibility. 

Where Should A Towel Ring Be Placed?

As mentioned, you need to find the ideal place for your towel ring because you need your towels to be accessible and prevent water from dripping everywhere. Therefore, here are some excellent ideas to help you.

1. Above The Sink

Consider mounting your towel ring above a sink if other accessories because this area puts your towels within reach to dry off your hands or clean up a mess. If there is a mirror above your bathroom sink, the towel ring can go on either side to be accessible. 

You can even make use of this idea to improve the aesthetics of the room. For instance, monochromatic colored towels give a minimalistic look while bright colored ones make the room pop with color.

2. Besides A Bathtub Or Shower

Typically, larger towel holders like bars and racks are better suited for bath towels. However, you can also hang your bath towel on a bigger towel ring to add a unique element to your bathroom design. 

It is best to install multiple towel rings if you share the bathroom with other people but go for matching designs to form a cohesive outlook. Having towels close to your shower or bathtub lets you wrap yourself before stepping out into the cold, especially if you mount the towel ring inside the shower.

3. Next To The Sink

Whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom, having towels close to the sink is pretty useful when you need to dry your dishes or hands. Make sure the towels are visible, mainly if guests use this bathroom, to prevent confusion and possibly panic after using the toilet.

4. On A Sink

This location is possible if you have an adhesive-based towel ring, as all you will have to do is stick it on the sink, eliminating the risk of breaking it. It provides easy access to a hand towel and ensures nothing is in the way of the sink.

5. On A Door

This is among the most convenient and preferred places to put a towel ring because it saves space and makes it easy to access a towel. A door is a fantastic and efficient mounting location for a towel ring regardless of your bathroom size. 

You can choose to attach it to your bathroom door, shower door, or cabinet door. A door ring on your shower door allows you to create an accessible and cohesive design, although this is only possible if your shower has a door.

6. On A Vanity

A towel ring can be attached to a bathroom vanity to hold your hand towels for everyday use in master bedrooms and guest bedrooms. This is similar to mounting towel rings on bathroom sinks, but vanities provide more space, so you can even attach more than one towel ring.

You can implement this placement idea in large and small bathrooms since it offers space optimization and a convenient and accessible storage location for your hand towels. Moreover, this location keeps towels somewhat hidden.

7. In A Walk-In Shower 

Mounting a towel ring inside a walk-in shower with a lot of extra space can be an excellent idea. While it is not commonly done, it can be perfect under the right conditions, allowing you to wrap yourself in a warm, cozy towel before stepping out into the cold awaiting you outside the shower.

Moreover, hanging a wet bath towel and washcloth on a towel ring inside the shower keeps the water confined within the walk-in shower, resulting in a clean, dry bathroom. It also ensures you don’t reach or walk out of the shower to get a towel.  

It’s worth noting that installing a towel ring in a tiny walk-in shower isn’t a great idea because the shower water will undoubtedly get your towels wet. Therefore, consider it only if you have a large walk-in shower and make sure you place the towel ring on the wall opposite the shower head. 

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8. Above A Toilet

A towel ring can be an excellent accessory for the space above your toilet, providing a place to hang your towels and also adding to your bathroom look. However, this shouldn’t be your go-to placement location for hygiene reasons.

Aerosolized germs are released whenever your flush your toilet, and they can contaminate anything up to 6 feet of the surrounding. These germs contain different contaminants depending on what you flush, and this includes feces, urine, and sometimes vomit. 

These germs will stick to your towels’ fibers, staying there for up to a week, and will be transferred to your hands, body, and face whenever you dry yourself with the towel. 

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What Is The Best Height For A Towel Ring?

The truth is it’s entirely up to you to choose how high your mount your towel ring as no building inspectors or anyone else will hound you over it. You can choose to attach it to the most convenient place at a comfortable height or wing it only to end up inconveniencing yourself, even though I don’t see why you would do so. 

The good news is there are industry-accepted standards for towel holders’ height, having evolved from use, studies, and customer feedback. Therefore, you can rely on the recommended heights instead of guessing what you feel could work. 

The perfect height for your towel ring will depend on the mounting area, the users, and what you intend to use it for, such as bath towels, hand towels, or washcloths. 

Bath Towels

According to industry practices, the ideal height for towel rings is 50 inches to 52 inches from the floor. However, it’s best to mount multiple towel rings at different heights if you share the bathroom with people with mobility issues and kids.

For that reason, here are the appropriate mounting heights for a towel ring based on the users’ age.

Age Height Off The Floor
3 to 4 36 inches
5 to 8 40 inches
9 to 12 48 inches

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 Hand Towels

You want to keep your hand towels within easy reach from the sink to prevent water spots and random drips. Therefore, attach the ring to either side of the sink or vanity if you have sufficient space.

 Ensure there are 16 inches to 18 inches between the towel ring’s bottom and the countertop to allow the towel to be suspended freely without touching the vanity or sink surface. This applies to hand towels and bath towels. 

In addition, the use patterns rely on whether you are right or left-handed. Therefore, watch out if there are dribbles patterns to a specific side of the sink, then mount the towel ring on that side.

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What Are The Best Features Of A Towel Ring?

Towel rings hold towels more securely than towel bars because of their design. Moreover, they have some features you will need to consider during your selection.

a. Round Or Rectangular Shaped

Towel rings are typically designed in two shapes- rectangle and round, with rounded one being more traditional and softer in design. On the other hand, rectangular towel rings give a modern twist on the classic style.

However, both shapes encompass different variations, including abstract designs to accommodate various bathroom designs.

b) Self-Adhesive

Some towel rings are self-adhesive, so you don’t have to drill into your wall or door to install them. They are incredibly reliable, straightforward to install, and excellent for compact spaces like powder rooms and guest rooms.

c) Closed Or Open

Towel rings are either closed or open, and what you choose will depend on your preference since both are effective. An open towel ring is a rectangular or rounded towel ring with an opening that serves as the entry point for the towel. 

On the other hand, a closed towel ring doesn’t have an opening, so it’s just a rectangular or circular ring. 

Before hanging your towel on a towel ring, you will need to fold it in half vertically and horizontally over the towel ring’s bottom. Adjust it to ensure the length is equal on both sides to prevent one side from potentially touching the floor or the countertop.

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Proper towel ring placement is essential for its functionality, so aim to find the right spot for your towel rings and install them at the right height. The ideas above should provide you with the information you need to mount towel rings for your hand towels, face towels, washcloths, and bath towels.

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