wedi shower systems problems

Wedi Shower System Problems & Solutions

When setting up a new bathing area or refurbishing an existing bathroom, it’s imperative to consider an impermeable shower system. Wedi comes in handy in such scenarios offering numerous benefits, albeit you should be conversant with Wedi shower system problems. 

Wedi shower systems suit moldproof and waterproof showers more than other shower waterproofing installations. It provides high-quality XPS waterproofing, a 10-year extended guarantee, and a lower cost. However, Wedi has a few drawbacks, such as leakages and dents.

This article reviews Wedi shower systems, their specifications, pros and cons, and frequently asked questions. 

Wedi Shower System Problems And Solutions

Below are some of the issues commonly associated with the Wedi shower system:

1. The Shower Floor Tiles Can Shutter With A Jackhammer?

You can smash the tiles using a jackhammer. Experts, however, advise against exposing the base to severe vibrations.

Strong vibrations can change the makeup of the base’s molecular makeup. 

2. Dents On the Base?

If a dent occurs at the base, it is impossible to draw it back to the original spot since the bottom boasts extruded polystyrene (XPS). 

When you apply immense pressure on the XPS in a limited space, the cells in the area will irreversibly shatter and die. The only solution is to fix the dent using a sealant or other fillers. 

3. Leak In Wedi Shower Base

The Wedi shower base is both impermeable and resistant to water. If you find a leak at the bottom following installation, the issue is most likely with the initial setup rather than the Wedi shower base. 

There’s a good likelihood a gap was left during construction or sealant application, causing the section to leak.

Who Does Wedi Shower Systems Target?

Wedi Fundo Primer isn’t just for a particular segment of customers. Professionals would recommend this package to anyone seeking a dependable, simple-to-install, durable shower set. 

To be more specific, they will prescribe the kit to people who are not particularly interested in aesthetic appeal and do not place a high value on appearance. It’s excellent for you if you value quality, materials, and dependability- and you want a robust shower system that will last for a long time. 

Regarding quality, materials, and dependability, Wedi is a decent product that outclasses other shower kits in its price spectrum. 

Are Wedi Shower Systems Useful?

If you do not distinguish your bathing area in your bathroom, your walls and sanitary tiles will wear out faster than those that employ a specialized shower kit. 

One thing you’d love about the package is its simplicity in installation. 

Since the Wedi shower system features lightweight EPT material, you can use a standard pocket cutter (instead of an industrial metal cutter) to cut it effortlessly. As a result, Wedi’s product kit is ideal for homeowners and professionals searching for shower kits that are easy to install without creating a big mess. 

Do Professionals Recommend Wedi Shower Systems?

The product comes highly recommended by experts. It is fair to say that the Wedi Fundo Primo shower set is well worth the money. 

You will not be disappointed with the equipment because of its pricing, material, style, and quality.

Wedi Shower Systems Specifications

The shower pan measures 3 ft by 5 ft. The Extruded Polystyrene material employed in the Wedi Fundo set is the same one used in prefab structures to keep them dry. 

The Extruded Polystyrene material (unlike sheets or liquids) does not oxidize with time and exhibits resilience in harsh weather. EPT is impervious to the environment and is 100% waterproof. 

Furthermore, the kit comes with a ten-year warranty covering seal damage, water damage, and other crucial issues caused by manufacturing flaws. 

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Is The Wedi Fundo Primo Worth It As A Waterproofing System?

Wedi Fundo Primo is a complete shower system that can make your shower moisture-proof after installation. The kit comes with all the regular and advanced features you’d expect from a high-end product. 

Some features like silicone sealing, a shower bench, and a weather-resistant body make it an ideal shower set for the shower area. 

Generally, it comes with everything you need to get started and is one of the finest shower kits available online. That’s why this post gives a comprehensive review of Wedi shower systems. 

Wedi Shower System Installation

The following are the instructions for installing the Wedi shower system: 

  • Take accurate measurements of your bathroom’s length, width, and height. 
  • To cut the foundation, you may use a normal woodcutter. Cut the Wedi foundation to fit your bathroom.
  • Use any adhering medium substance, such as glue, concrete, or epoxy, to place the bottom on the flooring. 
  • Cut the drainage hole and put the drainage kit in the base.
  • Add silicone sealer to all joints or edges to secure the area. 
  • Install the tiles 24 hours after the application of the sealant. 


  • Thanks to the extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam, the package is resistant to the surroundings and is 100% watertight, thanks to the extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam.
  • Wedi Fundo Prime has a ten times longer lifespan than sheets or liquids, which have a limited lifespan and are vulnerable to water.
  • Wedi shower systems come with a 10-year warranty.
  • It is easy to install.


  • You have to purchase the set individually, or else you’ll miss essential components. 

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How Much Does A Wedi Shower Kit Cost?

It costs between $800 and $1200 depending on where you live, when you buy it, and who sells it.

Can You Tile Over The Wedi Board?

You can tile but after 24 hours. 

Where To Buy Wedi Shower System?

You can purchase it from a local shop or online at sites such As amazon and HomeDepot.

FAQ on Wedi Shower System Problems

Is Wedi Reliable?

Specialists would suggest this kit to anybody seeking a dependable, simple-to-install, long-lasting shower set. 

To be more specific, experts will suggest the kit to people who are not interested in aesthetics and do not place a high value on appearance. 

Can I Cut A Wedi Shower Pan?

Wedi suggests avoiding removing at least 6 inches off one side because of the slope (1/4inch every foot). 

How Do You Seal Wedi Board Joints?

Add Wedi 610 adhesive sealer to the seams in moist regions. Strengthen the seams with self-adhesive reinforcement tape from Wedi Tools. 

You can also seal holes and joints using tile adhesive and Wedi Tools sealing tape. 

Is Wedi Waterproof?

The Wedi construction board features a blue core composed of HCFC-free extruded polystyrene stiff foam. As a result, the Wedi building board provides an excellent foundation for all tiling and plastering projects. 

It adheres to practically any surface, is waterproof, lightweight, heat-insulating, and sturdy, and may be employed in different situations. 

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Final Thoughts 

From the post, Wedi shower systems come with multiple benefits, including ease of installation, mouth-watering warranties, resilience to harsh weather, and a longer lifespan than their counterparts within a similar price range.

However, they suffer from dents and crumble when subjected to immense pressure within a limited space. Professionals recommend the product thanks to the price, design, and quality.

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