tuscany toilet reviews

Tuscany Toilet Reviews

Mid-range toilets don’t cost a fortune but still deliver a desirable performance to their users. Tuscany toilets belong in this category, so you may want to consider them and read Tuscany toilet reviews when looking for a toilet that offers value for money.

Tuscany is the given name for mid-range fixture lines and faucets from Menards, and they include toilets, faucets, bath hardware, and sinks. You will find Tuscany toilets in elongated and round bowl versions.

An excellent toilet is designed with a high-performance flushing system, and Tuscany toilets are made to eliminate all wastes from the bowl with utmost efficiency. 

This review helps you better understand Tuscany toilets and aid you in picking the one that will suit your home best. 

Tuscany Toilet Reviews: The Types

There are different types of Tuscany toilets. They are:

  • Tuscany Michigan
  • Tuscany Huron
  • Tuscany Erie
  • Tuscany Ontario

Key Features Of Tuscany Toilets

The technical details and features of Tuscany toilets differentiate them from the rest, making them stand out depending on their design. Some things that make various toilet brands differ include the flushing system, shape, style, and design. 

Let’s examine the features of Tuscany toilets.


Tuscany toilets come in both dual-piece and one-piece styles. To be specific, Tuscany Michigan, Tuscany Erie, and Tuscany Huron are 2-piece toilets, while Tuscany Ontario is a 1-piece toilet.

Typically, 1-piece toilets are more durable because they don’t depend on rubber gaskets to curb leaks and have no junctions. However, they are heavier and pricier, and you must replace the whole toilet even if only one component is damaged.

Tuscany toilets are also available in elongated and round bowls, with elongated ones offering more comfort because the bowl’s height is taller. This means Tuscany Ontario, Tuscany Huron, and Tuscany Michigan are more comfortable than Tuscany Erie, which has a round bowl. 

However, remember round toilets are more suitable for smaller bathrooms. 


Tuscany toilets are made of white ceramic, so they match the interior decors of most bathrooms. These include dark and white color schemes and various wall and tile colors. 


Tuscany toilets have a rough-in of 12 inches which is the standard toilet rough-in. The standard measurement of modern plumbing for toilets is 12 inches, meaning Tuscany toilets will fit into most bathrooms.

Flushing Performance

The efficiency of your toilet’s flushing is one of the most critical things to consider when shopping for a toilet. It’s essential to ensure the toilet you get can remove your waste effortlessly without using too much water and requiring multiple flushes. 

Tuscany toilets have a siphonic gravity flush with a flush performance rating of 1000 grams. 

Due to the gravitational force, the water flows down and hits the bowl at the right speed. These toilets also have a siphonic system coming from the trapway’s S-shape.

The siphonic system forms a vacuum, and the waste mixture and water in the bowl occupy the void. The siphonic effect suctions away the waste, clearing the toilet bowl without leaving any skid marks. 

In addition, Tuscany toilets have s-shaped trapways with a diameter of 2 inches which is slightly smaller, and due to the shape, these trapways are usually susceptible to clogging. However, Tuscany toilets are made in a manner that waste slide away and doesn’t attach to the walls.

Moreover, Tuscany toilets have dual or single flush types, depending on the model you choose. For instance, Tuscany Ontario and Tuscany Michigan are dual flush toilets, while Tuscany Huron and Tuscany Erie are single flush toilets.

These are high-efficient toilets with a high-performance flushing system and water consumption of 1.6 gallons per flush. 

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Efficient And Quick Cleaning

Tuscan Toilets generally stay clean because their powerful flushing dislodges all the waste from the bowl, leaving you with a clean toilet. Therefore, you don’t have to spend a lot of time regularly cleaning your toilet. 

However, it’s worth noting that 2-piece Tuscany toilets take more time and attention to clean than one-piece Tuscany toilets. This is because bacteria, grease, and dirt could hide between the toilet bowl and the tank.

Nonetheless, customer reviews indicate that Tuscany toilets are simple to clean and maintain. When buying a Tuscany toilet, find out if it’s self-cleaning because it eliminates skid marks. 


Nobody wants to use an uncomfortable toilet, so comfort is an important aspect when buying a toilet since they influence a toilet’s performance. Toilets with elongated bowls are more comfortable to sit on, especially for tall people.

For that reason, while Tuscany toilets are generally comfortable, you will find more comfort in Tuscany Michigan, Tuscany Huron, and Tuscany Ontario, since they are elongated.

Easy Installation

Installing Tuscany toilets is pretty straightforward. The toilets are sold with the installation kits and an instruction book you will use to complete the process.

Moreover, since they have a 12-inch rough-in, installing these floor mounting toilets is fast and easy.


Typically having a more extended warranty means the manufacturer is confident the toilet will last longer. Therefore, the 5-year warranty of Tuscany toilets gives you the confidence that yours will serve you for many years before you have to replace or repair it. 

You also get a standard return policy.

What Are The Downsides Of Tuscany Toilets?

Despite having many excellent features, Tuscany toilets also have their weaknesses. For instance, the 2-piece Tuscany toilets have non-concealed trapways, so the plumbing isn’t hidden like it is in toilets with concealed trapways.

Moreover, their trapway diameter is a bit smaller, and the flushing performance could be better.

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FAQ on Tuscany Toilet Reviews

1. Are Tuscany Toilets Any Good?

Tuscany toilets are quality mid-range toilets with high-performance flushing performance, efficient cleaning, and easy installation. They provide value for money 

2. Who Makes Tuscany Toilet?

Tuscany Toilets are mid-range toilets from Menards, a family-owned corporation founded in 1960 with headquarters in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 

2. Where Are Tuscany Toilets Made?

Tuscany toilets and other Menards products are made in Asia. 

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From the Tuscany toilet reviews, you can see that these toilets are good toilets that give you value for the money you spend. While they are not flawless, they flush well, conserve water, are comfortable, and are designed with colors that compliment most bathrooms.

The features and quality you get from these toilets are more than enough for the money you spent.

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