vortens toilet reviews

Vortens Toilet Reviews

Vortens combines reliable performance, superior features, and affordability to give its consumers sanitary ware products they can be proud to add to their homes. Moreover, its new industry-leading 1.1 GPF technology makes Vortens toilets pretty good.

However, don’t be fooled; Vortens toilets aren’t perfect as they have some performance and quality issues. Therefore, it’s good to take the strengths and weaknesses into account when reviewing Vortens toilets.

This post will go through the qualities of Vortens toilets, touch on the problems with these toilets, and recommend some pieces worth considering. 

Well, here’s an in-depth Vortens toilet review. 

Are Vortens Toilets Good?

Generally, Vortens toilets are good products made with innovative technologies, but they come with some performance and quality issues. Therefore, how well your Vortens toilet serves you depends on the model you pick and what features you prioritize in a toilet. 

The company was established in 1996 with the aim to provide prime plumbing fixtures for contractors and wholesale distributors in Canada and the United States. Since then, Vortens has grown into a sanitary ware products’ premier line combining reliable performance and top-notch design features with affordability.

Vortens remains committed to manufacturing and engineering superiority. The company believed that premier products need top-notch manufacturing facilities, with the belief stronger today.

Due to this detailed attention to manufacturing and engineering, Vortens toilets provide powerful performances. 

Where Are Vortens Toilets Made?

Vortens toilets are manufactured at the company’s Benito Juarez plant. Vortens manufacturing amenities are among the world’s most modern and efficient.

The company employs modern technologies and updates its plants to make sure the products live up to its promise of reliability and innovation. Vortens completed its 400,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for plumbing fixtures.

Where Is The Model Number On A Vortens Toilet?

The model number of a Vortens toilet is found inside the tank, so check in the tank to know what Vortens model toilet you have. 

Vortens Toilet Reviews

Vortens makes:

  • Ultra high-efficiency toilets
  • High-efficiency toilets
  • Dual-flush
  • 1.6 GPF/ 6.0 LPF


This is an ultra high-efficient Vortens toilet with a powerful 3.8 lpf/ 1 gpf flush and robust enough to pass a 2-inch ball. It’s powered by a HydroSurge 3-inch flushing system and has a water surface of 8-1/2” x 5-1/2”.

OKEN has a durable, non-porous high-gloss, V-gloss vitreous China and an ideal height of 15 7/8 inches. Regarding warranty, Vitreous China gets 5 years while the components and accessory parts get 3 years.

In addition, it’s fitted with a bowl that’s compatible with the Bemis 1500 seat and flushes 800g of solid waste per MaP. However, it takes an extra-large footprint.


  • Powerful flushing
  • V-gloss
  • Fully glazed trapway
  • 12-inch rough-in


  • It takes up a lot of space

MEDALIST EL HET Model 3151-3486

The powerful flushing in this high-efficiency toilet delivers 1.28 GPF/ 4.8 LPF and is fitted with a 3-inch HydroSurge flushing system. It flushes 600g of solid wastes per MaP.

MEDALIST has an elongated bowl that works with a Bemis 1500 seat. Moreover, it features a non-porous, durable, high-gloss, V-gloss Vitreous China.

It has a water surface of 6 1/2” x 8 1/4”. When you get this toilet, you get a 3-year and 5-year warranty on accessory parts and components and Vitreous china. 


  • Good warranty
  • 2-inch fully glazed trap way
  • Powerful flush
  • 12-inch rough-in


  • A bit bulky

MEDALIST RF DF Model 3220-3490

This high-efficiency, dual-flush toilet has a 3.8 lpf/ 1.0 gpf reduced flush and a full flush of 1.28 gpf / 4.8 lpf to give a powerful flush. It also offers the smoothest flow thanks to the 2-inch fully glazed trap way.

In addition, the water surface of  6 1/2” x 8 1/4” ensures the bowl stays clean. It flushes 600g of solids, has a non-porous, durable, high-gloss, V-gloss Vitreous China, and a Bemis 500 toilet seat compatible bowl. 

The warranty is as follows: 3 years on accessory parts and components and 5 years on Vitreous China. 


  • Dual-flush
  • Non-porous, durable Vitreous China
  • Good warranty
  • Fully-glazed trapway


  • Not ideal if you want an elongated bowl toilet

MEDALIST RF Model 3220-3494

This efficient and powerful toilet flushes 800g of solids and offers 1.6 gpf / 6.0 lpf. It’s also fitted with a non-porous, durable, High-Gloss, V-Gloss Vitreous China. 

In addition, it keeps a 6 3/4” x 8” Water Surface, and you can attach a Bemis 500 toilet seat to its bowl. You get a 3-year warranty for accessory parts and components and a 5-year warranty of Vitreous China. 


  • Fully glazed trapway
  • Efficient and powerful toilet
  • Non-porous, durable Vitreous China


  • It’s a round bowl toilet

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Vortens Toilet Pros

To better understand the quality of Vortens toilets, you must look at their features. Below are the key ones:

  1. 2-1/8” Fully Glazed Trapways

Vortens toilets have 2-1/8 inches fully glazed trapways made to flush a 2-inch diameter ball. This lowers drag and friction loss, improving your toilet’s performance and efficiency and offering trouble-free maintenance.

  1. V-Gloss China

Vortens toilets feature the company’s exclusive V-Gloss™ high-gloss China. This seals your toilet’s non-porous with a durable glaze that offers a sanitary, clean, and long-lasting finish and keeps its polished shine. 

  1. Efficient And Powerful Performance

With a Vortens toilet, you will get a powerful and reliable flushing thanks to the exclusive and innovative hydraulic design. In addition, each toilet goes through a rigorous inspection before shipping to make sure it meets your expectations.

  1. Approved Performance

Products made by Vortens are IAPMO/UPC, and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved. They also exceed or meet all applicable ASME and ANSI specifications.

  1. The Components Are American Made

Vortens toilets are equipped with dependable, reliable, proven components made in the United States. 

Vortens Toilet Cons

As mentioned, Vortens toilets have problems that consumers should beware of before buying. These include:


The make and design of Vortens toilets make them susceptible to leaks despite using innovative flushing technology. Due to the leakages, you will have trouble cleaning the bowl efficiently, and it will consume more water.


There have been complaints about the Vortens toilets cracking as reported by some users. This might be because of poor quality materials and build. 

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Is It Worth Buying A Vortens Toilet?

If you can avoid the common issues of Vortens toilets, you can certainly enjoy using one. These toilets have a powerful flushing system, a wide trapway to guarantee smooth flow of wastes, and a non-porous, durable Vitreous China. 

You also get the latest flushing technologies with these toilets.

Final Remarks

From this Vortens toilet review, these toilets have their strengths and weaknesses. The company offers multiple toilet models designed to accommodate the needs of different users.

We hope this post provides the information you need about Vortens toilets.

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