onyx showers reviews

Onyx Showers Reviews

Considering we spend plenty of time in the bathroom, it should be a place you would love walking into and spending your time. Due to the durability of Onyx showers, they have become quite popular among homeowners.

These showers are worth considering if you want a beautiful shower with a decadent feel. The company offers numerous styles and colors to choose from, ensuring every user’s needs are met. 

A shower shouldn’t be a purchase you make on a whim; it needs careful consideration and decision-making, ensuring you pick one that will serve you best for a long time. For this reason, Onyx showers reviews will help you find out if these showers are ideal for your bathroom.

Is Onyx A Good Shower Material?

Onyx showers are a good choice since they are highly durable, available in various finishing options and colors, and generally affordable. However, they are sensitive to stains and pretty fragile. 

Below are why Onyx showers are an excellent choice for your bathroom.

  1. Quality Construction

Onyx collection makes its products using hydrate crystal (alumina trihydrate crystals) combination. The material offers a special polyester resin, a translucent appearance, and has a thin, water-resistant gel coating sitting on its surface that minimizes potential mildew and mold buildup.

Due to quality construction and durable materials, an Onyx shower will last many years if maintained properly. Such a shower is an excellent investment that will serve you and even the next homeowner for an extended period.

  1. Multiple Finishing And Color Options

Onyx pan bases and shower walls come in over 30 matte finish colors and 63 gloss colors, so you do not have to settle for a shade you don’t like. You will also find them in various sizes, styles, and shapes, including Ramp Style, Double Threshold, Neo-Angle, and Low Profile.

  1. Wide Product Selection

Onyx showers are available in custom and standard options, giving you an opportunity to pick a style that suits you best. You deserve a shower that’s curated to your liking, and with more than 70 standard shower doors, shower base pans, and wall panels, it should be too difficult to find what you need. 

  1. Forever Warranty

The Onyx collection gives all its customers a forever warranty. Products from this company are manufactured to last, so it makes sense that they get a lifetime guarantee.

If your Onyx shower fails, you will get a refund of its cost or a replacement at no fee from the manufacturer. The company ensures your product stands the test of time.

  1. Low Maintenance

Onyx Collection’s solid surfaces are low maintenance and easy to clean using a non-abrasive household cleaner. You don’t need expensive cleaners to have your Onyx shower spotless.

Moreover, lack of grouting gives you a sleeker, cleaner finish and makes your shower more sanitary. You will have a stunning, solid surface you can easily keep clean.

What Is The Average Cost Of An Onyx Shower?

The cost of an Onyx shower varies based on the shower’s size, if it’s customized, and what you want. An onyx shower pan alone will cost you $300 to over $900, and you will likely need to add $800 to $1200 more to get a shower door. 

A shower kit with a caddy, corner seat, base, and wall panels can go from $1000 to more than $2900, with the cost varying depending on how much you customize the setup. 

You should prepare a budget of $2100 to $3900 if you plan to get an onyx shower setup. For the price of installation, you will need to multiply the material cost by two, so if the shower setup is $2500, the entire cost plus a professional contractor will be $5000.

Are Onyx Shower Bases Slippery? Is onyx good for shower base?

Onyx bases are constructed using high-quality materials, and they can give any bathroom a luxurious look. 

According to the testing results by Onyx on the lab slip, these bases can be four times better than standard ones. 

Where Are Onyx Showers Made?

Onyx Collection manufactures all its products in Kansas and ships large tub and shower products across the United States using its trucks and drivers to ensure they aren’t broken. The company has faster delivery times than most manufacturers.

However, the lead time will be a bit longer if you go with a custom shower. 

How Do You Clean an Onyx Shower Stall

Onyx shower is easy to clean. You don’t need expensive, strong cleaners to get the job done.

You can efficiently clean your Onyx shower with water and vinegar, and make sure you rinse the surface with clean water afterward.

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Cons Of Onyx Showers?

Onyx showers aren’t flawless; they have their share of shortcomings. These include:

  1. Stain Sensitivity

While onyx showers are easy to clean, they are susceptible to staining, and using corrosive products can be harmful to them. In addition, ensure you thoroughly rinse off any products you use in your shower to protect the surfaces. 

  1. Expensive

An onyx shower will cost you a considerable amount of money to buy the product and also to install it. The price tag is because these showers offer a touch of luxury to them.

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Onyx Showers Reviews

Let’s take a look at the shower bases offered by Onyx Collection

Onyx Shower Base

They come in different style options, shapes, and sizes, catering to the needs of all the consumers. You can get a full-height, mid-height, low profile, double threshold, neo-angle, and ramp-style shower base from Onyx. 

You can also get your shower base individually or as a kit with wall panels, seamfill silicone, and adhesive silicone. In addition, you have more than 60 colors to choose from and 75 base sizes.


  • Multiple color options
  • Numerous sizes for different size bathrooms
  • It’s available in various style options
  • Caters for offset drains and center drains


  • Expensive


If you are looking to transform your bathroom into a luxurious-looking place that is also durable, an Onyx shower is an excellent choice. I hope this Onyx showers review helps you know the strengths and weaknesses of these showers and aid your decision-making. 

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