onyx collection matte vs glossy

Onyx Collection Matte vs Glossy

Although the internet has provided us with a wealth of knowledge, it has not made picking bath renovation materials any easier. In reality, it has made decisions more difficult. 

Choosing between onyx collection matte and glossy finishes complicated the product selection process even further. 

You may think a glossy finish is a shiny reflecting surface from a distance. A non-reflective or flat surface characterizes a matte finish. 

Do you like matte or glossy finishes for your shower walls, pans, bathroom floor, and fixtures? There are no wrong answers, although some alternatives work better than others. 

This post delves to explain the differences between the two and answers some questions you might have about the two products. Read on to make an informed selection. 

Is Onyx Shiny Or Matte?

Matte tiles help hide stains, smudges, and dried water droplets better. Matte tiles don’t need cleaning as frequently, and when you do, you don’t have to be as concerned about soap and water stains. 

They are non-slip and create a rustic, natural, and peaceful atmosphere. 

Gloss tiles can make even the tiniest spaces look spacious. The light reflection expands the area and fools the eye into thinking the room is larger than it is. 

Gloss tiles maximize light by reflecting it in rooms with little natural light. They are simple to maintain and only require a quick wash down to gleam. 

Tip: Use a balanced combination of gloss and matt. You can install matt on the floor and integrate gloss as a highlighter. 

Is Gloss or Matte Better for Interior

This one is straightforward (especially when it concerns a shower floor pan and the bathroom flooring). You should employ a matte finish. 

Matte coatings have a better slip resistance and thus explain why you will not find slick areas on your outdoor patio. Rougher textures, such as stone and brick, are available. 

So, why take a chance with gloss flooring materials? Be safe by picking a decent matte finish. 

You should note that gloss coatings on walls and fixtures have little effect on safety.

Light-reflective surfaces are the ideal way to provide light and the appearance of space in a tiny bathroom. And that is where high-gloss coatings come into play. 

Incorporate bright chrome fittings and incorporate an art-deco vibe throughout the area. You may add a splash of color to your weary, outdated bathroom by installing high gloss, bathroom wall panels, and a bright-colored shower.

Smaller areas demand glossy products. 

Onyx Collection Matte Vs. Glossy: Relaxed and Organic Feeling

When it comes to organic ecosystems, they are the polar opposite of shiny and new.’ As a result, many favor matte finishes. 

Matte black and brushed nickel in your shower enclosures or plumbing fixtures create an elegant natural sense. Adopt ceramic tiles featuring matte surfaces in extensive format patterns for shower wall panels.

Use laminated wall panels if you fancy a more relaxed atmosphere with less maintenance. They appear to be concrete, wood, or stone but need little care. 

You’ll get an ‘organic’ touch without the trouble of cleaning. 

Onyx Collection Matte And Glossy, Which One Is Better For Seating?

Seating is a handy feature of any shower, roomy or compact. A fold-down bench in a small shower may be the only option for those using a wheelchair to get bathed. 

A matte-textured coating is vital for preventing falls while using a bench seat, fold-down seat, or shower chair. A slick gloss seat-top is not a good idea. 

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How Do I Clean My Onyx Collection

Nobody enjoys using enormous blocks of time removing soap scum from tile walls, moldy grout joints, or stained fixtures. What finish will grant you “a time off” to clean? 

Glossy surfaces are easy to clean, thanks to their smooth finishes. Nevertheless, if you’re like most folks, you don’t promptly clean the shower and restroom walls. 

Watermarks appear on gloss surfaces due to the inability to wipe up right away. With bright finishes, you can see everything. 

The benefit of an onyx matte surface is that it hides dirt and does not make fingerprints and smudges show (like gloss). Nonetheless, the rough texture of stone or ceramic tiles might make cleaning more difficult. 

Using a matte finish on a non-porous surface may provide the best outcome. Bathroom and shower wall panels are one option. 

You’ll enjoy easy cleaning and the natural material sensation and texture. 

Does Onyx Scratch Easily

Sharp, clean lines and reflecting finishes characterize contemporary bathroom design. Gloss finishes dominate in a modern bathroom. 

An onyx matte brushed nickel finish is a go-to pick if you want to save upkeep and keep fingerprints at bay. 

Bright, sparkly, and reflecting materials fit modern shower walls. Glossy shower wall panels provide shine and color while remaining safe and easy to clean. 

How Thick Are Onyx Shower Panels?

Onyx panels are roughly 5/16″ thick and have a consistent color throughout. Onyx wall panels come in different heights, colors, and designs. 

Gloss, Subway Tile, Stone Tile, Shiplap, and Wavy Tile finishes are all available for panels. 

How Thick Are Glossy Shower Panels?

60′′ x 96′′ (5/32′′ thickness) is ideal for shower wall rear panels and sizeable sections that need covering. The gloss panels look fantastic in any bathroom- whether as part of the walls or as a sleek ceiling finish. 

Alternatively, you can clothe the ceiling and walls for that perfect glossy finish. 

Are Glossy Tiles Slippery?

Glossy tiles make the floor slick, and you should avoid them in places such as the bathroom and kitchen. If you have small kids or people in your house, you should avoid them entirely in these regions because they often get slippery. 

Alternatively, you can install Matte Tiles since they feature a non-slip surface and a tight grip. If you’re wondering whether these tiles will complement the general atmosphere of the space, look no further. 

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Can You Use Scrubbing Bubbles On Onyx Showers?

To keep the sheen and maintain the cultured marble product, use liquid cleansers like Scrubbing Bubbles, Scrub-Free Soap Scum Remover, or Lysol Basin Tub & Tile Cleaner. 

Experts advise against abrasive cleaners such as Soft Scrub, powdered Comet, or Ajax. 

Final Remarks

Hopefully, this post has satisfied your desires and assisted you in choosing between onyx collection matte and glossy finishes. Both have unique advantages in some settings and come short in some installations. 

Choose the one that matches your desires. 

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