jacuzzi toilet reviews

Jacuzzi Toilet Reviews

Jacuzzi toilets combine high performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to provide its customer base with good sanitation ware products. The 1.28 gal flush clearly shows that Jacuzzi toilets have a strong flushing power, which is what you need.

Nevertheless, Jacuzzi toilets aren’t without flaws in terms of quality and performance. As a result, when evaluating these toilets, it’s critical to consider both their strong and weak points.

This article will go over the features of Jacuzzi toilets, discuss the merits and demerits of these toilets, and suggest some pieces you could buy.

Does Jacuzzi Make Good Toilets?

Jacuzzi does make good toilets that are modern with nice aesthetics, with a power flush and are also water sense approved. They have an elongated chair height bowl which is comfortable, easy to clean vitreous china bowl and water saving too.

You can choose the one piece jacuzzi primo toilet or the jacuzzi lyndsay toilet.

What Company Makes Jacuzzi Toilets?

Jacuzzi toilets are made by the Jacuzzi company. They are available on their website,Lowes and other home stores too.

A Jacuzzi toilet is a toilet made by the Jacuzzi brand. Although the jacuzzi brand is more popular for making bathtubs and jacuzzi’s, they also have a line of toilets that they manufacturer.

Jacuzzi Toilet Reviews: Features

To have a better understanding of the quality of the Jacuzzi toilets, check their characteristics. The following are the most important:

a) Elongated Bowls

Jacuzzi towels feature elongated bowls to create additional room and comfort. 

b) Vitreous China

Jacuzzi toilets feature Vitreous China with an excellent finish, making them easy to clean. 

c) WaterSense Approved

WaterSense certifies toilets that have passed strict performance and efficiency standards in impartial laboratory testing. The WaterSense tag can only apply to high-efficiency toilets that have successfully undergone third-party approval, and Jacuzzi toilets earned the certification. 

Jacuzzi Toilet Reviews

Jacuzzi Primo Toilet Review

The Jacuzzi Primo is a one-piece dual flush toilet that exceeds industry standard for flushing performance. It has 1.1 gallons per flush to save water and 1.6 gallons per flush for waste removal.

It also has an elongated toilet bowl for extra space and comfort. Which is also perfect for individuals with disability or limited mobility.

Best of all its watersense certified to help you save on water and bills without compromising on performance.

Overall jacuzzi primo toilet offers the perfect balance of elegance of a one piece toilet and functionality. Not forgetting its quety closing seat one feature you will undoubtedly appreciate. 


  • ADA compliant
  • Water sense certified
  • Dual flush
  • Chair height bowl


  • Compatibilty issues with bidet seats

Jacuzzi Lyndsay Toilet Review

If you are looking for a toilet that combines top performance and efficiency, the Jacuzzi Lyndsay White WaterSense Elongated Chair Height 2-Piece toilet got you covered. It comes with an elongated bowl for extra space and comfort. 

Jacuzzi Lyndsay White WaterSense integrates adaptable design with high performance. It boasts an elongated bowl that guarantees more space and comfort and a 2-inch fully glazed trapway with excellent flush performance. 

Individuals with disabilities and mobility complications will find ADA-compliant toilets safe and comfortable. The Jacuzzi Lyndsay White WaterSense Elongated Chair Height 2-Piece toilet meets those needs. 

The toilet is 100% factory flush tested and comes with a complete kit that includes a tank, bowl, seat, caps, bolts, and wax ring. 


  • Easy installation
  • High efficiency and performance
  • Easy to clean
  • ADA-compliant
  • It’s a standard 12-inch rough-in
  • Features a versatile design


  • Complex flush mechanism

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Jacuzzi Perfecta Dual Flush Two-Piece Elongated

The new Jacuzzi Perfecta Toilet provides a solution by integrating everything you want in a one, simple-to-purchase package. Along with the attractive design, you will receive all the hardware, toilet seat, and wax ring to finish the installation in your house. 

The toilet has a two-piece design that gives a traditional aesthetic while allowing easy access to or around your toilet. It saves water by using dual flush technology. 

A raised seat fits the regular user’s sitting position and gives optimal comfort. In contrast to a circular design, an elongated bowl provides a more contemporary and comfy look and feel by stretching out an additional 1-1/2 inches. 

The manufacturer crafted the Jacuzzi Perfecta from vitreous china with an incredibly smooth finish for easy cleaning. In addition, the toilet is WaterSense certified since it uses 20% less water than the minimum standard while still providing excellent performance. 

Furthermore, the dual flush toilet meets the Americans with Disabilities Act for toilets and comes with a five-year warranty. 

The toilet also boasts a 1.6 GPF PowerFlush™/ 0.8 GPF Eco Flush™ and a 2 1/8 inch discharge passageway. 


  • Good warranty
  • Utilizes dual flush technology
  • It uses less water than its counterparts
  • Facilitates easy access around the toilet
  • Easy to install



  • It has a poor flush mechanism in that you flush twice or thrice to get the job done. 

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Jacuzzi Espree WaterSense High-Performance Elongated Toilet

The Jacuzzi Espree WaterSense is a high-efficiency toilet that fulfills the EPA WaterSense certification standards and qualifies for WaterSense Rebates in many places. For a gravity flush toilet to attain WaterSense approval, it should consume 1.28 gallons each flush and be capable of removing 350 grams of sediments from the bowl with one flush. 

You will get this two-piece toilet only in white, so look somewhere else if you desire a different color. It also features a higher ADA height that several adults find significantly more pleasant to use. 

However, young kids would most likely require a step stool to use the toilet safely. 

The skirted design of the Jacuzzi Espree is one that several companies are actively creating versions with. The skirted layout is easy to clean because it has straight lines that go all the way to the floor and leaves no room for dust or dirt to accumulate.

The Jacuzzi Espree boasts a completely glazed 2 1/8” trapway with a 3” flush valve- the industry standard for ensuring maximum flushing performance while using little water. 

The Jacuzzi Espree toilet comprises a bowl, seat, tank, wax ring, and closet bolts for installation. It features a tank top height of 32 5/8 inches from the floor, a bowl rim height of 16 1/2 inches, and is ideal for 12” rough-ins. 


  • Attractive design
  • Easy to clean
  • Decent flushing ability
  • Ideal for 12” rough-ins
  • It comes with a five-year warranty


  • Young kids would need a step stool to use the toilet comfortably
  • Difficult to install
  • Difficult to access connections for fill valves, water supply, and the tank. 

Jacuzzi Toilet Review Cons

As previously stated, Jacuzzi toilets have issues that customers should know before purchasing. These are some examples: 

  1. Stains

Jacuzzi toilets work well, but the stains in the inner bowl are tough to remove. 

  1. Poor Design

The manufacturer permanently connected the overflow tube to the return tube on the toilets. Water overflows from the tank lid; as a result, flooding the floor. 

How Can I Tell What Model My Jacuzzi Toilet Is?

Remove the toilet tank cover carefully and place it gently on the flooring. Ensure the bottom faces up. 

Check for the company’s name or a code on the lower side of the water tank lid. You will see it stamped into the cover, painted on, or even written by hand if the tank lid was reinstalled with caution by a plumber. 

Get a flashlight, and reexamine the water tank itself if there are no markings on the tank cover. The product’s name or number will often be stamped or coated with weatherproof paint above the water line, while some are hidden below the water level or behind the valve. 

Take time and adjust the flashlight to enable you to view any stampings more clearly and look into the tank. 

Some companies engrave the number into the bottom of the tank. 

You can sometimes clean the inside rear of the tank with a towel (don’t hand-clean in case there are rough patches on the porcelain). Although this doesn’t clean the backside of the tank’s inside, it will put dirt in the indentation or crevices where the number is, making it easier to discover or read. 

Furthermore, modern toilets have the company name printed on the bowl between the bolts that hold the seat. Ignore the names printed on the toilet seat because they aren’t the same manufacturer as the toilet. 

It will get you on the correct path to locating your model number.

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How Do I Adjust The Water Level In My Jacuzzi Toilet?

More so than you would realize, the water level in your toilet bowl matters. 

If it’s too low, there could not be enough water to flush the toilet properly, and you can get frequent obstructions. 

If the bowl has excess water, the toilet may waste water by running continually and may even come perilously close to overflowing when you flush. 

The float regulates water levels by turning the water system on and off, depending on the water in the bowl and the tank. You have to modify the float to raise it. Before doing anything, cut off the water supply to the toilet.

Identify the screw that connects the float to the fill valve, then twist it with a screwdriver in small increments to change the height of the float. Water levels rise while rotating clockwise and fall when rotating counterclockwise. After flushing, check the water level and adjust as necessary. 

Final Thoughts

This Jacuzzi toilet review has shown that these toilets have upsides and downsides. The brand offers different toilet designs to meet the varying needs of various users. 

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