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Tile Redi Shower Pan Reviews: Are they Waterproof?

Shower pans protect your subfloor and floor from leaks, so you need a high-quality, functional unit if you intend to develop a bathroom that will serve for many years. Tile Redi shower pans are made as a completely integrated piece, making the installation process quick and easy.

Tile Redi shower pans are ready-to-tile, pre-pitched, and leak-proof. They are engineered to make the installation of shower pans simple, getting rid of costly mistakes and saving you energy and time.

These shower pans come in several models with different grate styles, drain locations, and shower sizes. This means you can effortlessly find a Tile Redi shower pan that perfectly suits your bathroom.  

Keep reading this Tile Redi shower pan review for more information on these shower pans, including their strengths and potential installation problems.

Are Tile Redi Shower Pans Waterproof?

Tile Redi shower pans are waterproof, but only if you install them properly. Get a Tile Redi shower pan rather than a mortar shower pan if you want a waterproof one because while mortar shower pans are secure, they require a waterproof membrane to stop water from leaking.

The fiberglass in Tile Redi shower pans makes it pretty hard for moisture to build up inside and water to seep into the subfloor and floor. In addition, using polyurethane to make these shower pans means they can be molded in a single piece without seams, thus guaranteeing waterproofing properties.

What Is Tile Redi Shower Pan Made Of?

Tile Redi shower pan is made of high-quality polyurethane together with other stable materials like fiberglass, making them leak-free and durable. The fiberglass ensures nothing leaks inside the floor and subfloor while also preventing water from seeking through the shower pan.

Due to their construction and choice of materials, Tile Redi shower pans are exceptionally strong and durable. 

How Do You Tile A Redi Shower Pan?

Installing tiles on a Redi shower pan is pretty straightforward and saves you time and effort. It eliminates the need to form a pre-slope using concrete, create a waterproof curb, precisely cut a rubber liner and nail to the sides, install the drain, and create a mud base.

Before tiling your Redi shower pan, you first need to install it. Follow the steps below to do so:

  • Measure the opening of the shower to make sure the shower pan fits perfectly with a 1/16-inch tolerance on every side. Additionally, ensure the substrate’s bore hole gives sufficient room to accommodate the drain body housing. 
  • Test fit the Redi shower pan into the shower opening, making sure the drain body fits into the floor opening and the pan fits all the sides. 
  • If you can access the drain connection found on the subfloor, glue a PVC pipe piece to the shower pan drain opening’s underside. If you cannot access the subfloor, ensure you cut and adjust the drain pipe that’s stubbed up through the bathroom floor to a height that will fit well into the drain connection of the shower pan.
  • The shower pan floor has ribs under it, so measure the rib’s depth under the floor, starting from the rib bottoms that are resting on the substrate to the underside of the pan floor at the deepest section between the ribs. Once you get the value, calculate the mortar base’s thickness using a formula ideal for your shower pan. For the best results, the mortar base’s consistency should be close to the consistency of peanut butter.
  • Place the shower pan on the mortar bed, then press the shower pan firmly using a hammer and board or a rubber mallet to level all the pan’s sides and provide even coverage.
  • On the sides against a wall, place Redi Flash on the splash edge’s top and fasten the studs. Place 100% silicone caulk bead along the Redi Flash top.
  • Attach the wallboard to the studs, ensuring there’s a 1/8-inch gap between the wallboard bottom and the splash edge top and the flashing you just put caulk bead. 
  • After installing the wallboard and waterproofed and sealed everything, tile the shower floor and the curb.
  • Adjust the shower drain top’s height to line up with the finished tile height.
  • Make sure the Tile Redi shower pan comes with the appropriate Redi Poxy epoxy you will need to adhere the tiles to the pan. 
  • Follow the instructions provided on the epoxy bag.

Tile Redi Shower Pan Reviews: Features

Below are the reasons you should use a Tile Redi shower pan in your bathroom.

  1. Construction Materials

The building materials and construction, in general, determine the quality of a shower pan. Tile Redi shower pans are lightweight and durable because they are made of polyurethane and other stable materials like fiberglass. 

Polyurethane can be molded in a single piece without seams, so they are waterproof. These shower pans are strong, durable, and dense.

  1. Weight

Weight is crucial when choosing the best shower pan for your home. You are better off with a lighter one as it’s easier to work with, and that’s what you get from a Tile Redi shower pan. 

  1. Easy Installation

You don’t need professional skills to install a Tile Redi shower pan as they are pretty straightforward to handle, unlike mortar shower pans. In addition, you can easily change or fix them.

  1. Product Quality And Design

While Tile Redi shower pans are available in different sizes, they are not customizable. They are ready-made by machine without control over the dimensions.

They are high-quality shower pans guaranteed to provide excellent moisture protection and are easier to install and maintain.

  1. Durability

While it will cost you a considerable amount to get a Tile Redi shower pan, it will last for many years.

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Tile Redi Shower Pan Reviews: The Best Tile Redi Shower Pans

Tile Redi P3648C-PVC Shower Pan with Center Drain

This is an excellent option if you want a luxurious shower pan that has plenty to offer. This leak-proof, one-piece, pre-pitched pan with splash walls and an integrated curb is ready to install, meaning you can install the tiles directly on the pan.

Tile Redi P3648C is attractive, practical, durable, and easy to install, whether it’s an upgrade or a new installation. It offers many options, including right, left, or center drain placements and triple, double, or single barrier-free curb.

Moreover, it’s easy to clean and features a round drain plate and a 2-inch center PVC drain. It’s available in various sizes and colors, including polished chrome, brushed nickel, tileable grate, matte black, and oil-rubbed bronze.


  • Mold resistant
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Extremely versatile
  • Beautiful finish
  • It has a tileable surface


  • Fairly expensive
  • The drain isn’t perfectly centered

Tile Redi USA P4860C-SCSQPVZ Redi Base Shower Pan

This functional and beautiful shower kit features a shower pan, a flashing kit, and a drain plate. It’s a pre-pitched, leak-proof, and one-piece shower pan that has splash walls and an integrated curb. 

It also comes with a round drain plate and a 2-inch PVC center drain. The dimensions of Tile Redi USA P4860C are 60-inch width by 48-inch depth by 4.5-inch threshold height with a curb width of 4.5 inches. 

You can choose the following colors- brushed nickel, matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome, and tileable grate. It also comes in different sizes.


  • Leak proof
  • It comes in multiple sizes and colors
  • It has a tileable surface
  • Attractive finish


  • It doesn’t fit all types of bathrooms

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Common Tile Redi Shower Pan Problems

Below are problems you could encounter with a Tile Redi shower pan.

  1. Improper Installation

Although Tile Redi shower pans come with easy-to-follow manuals, sometimes the pan doesn’t appropriately set to the base. This can be caused by having the wrong measurement of the pan area; that’s why you need to measure well.

  1. Improper Water Draining

Sometimes the shower pan doesn’t pitch evenly on every side or properly in the drainage area, forming unusual angles on the shower floor. This causes water accumulation at the shower base edge, creating a water pool. 

You can avoid this by installing your Tile Redi shower pan correctly.

  1. The Shower Pan Not Sticking To The Shower Base

Sometimes the epoxy adhesive used to stick the shower pan to the base doesn’t form a proper seal, forming bumpy areas in your shower. This problem can be avoided by using epoxy mortar, the finest material for tiling shower pans.

While Tile Redi shower pans come with sufficient epoxy, you can get more if you need it. 


Ensure you properly pitch the shower pan to the drain during installation to prevent clogging. Furthermore, make sure you have sufficient amounts of the ideal mortar for your shower base.

Consult a professional plumber if you are unsure about something.

Final Remarks

Tile Redi shower pans offer many advantages, including easy installation and maintenance, durability, waterproof, and mold free. 

However, before buying one, make sure you research extensively and learn how to avoid the problems associated with these shower pans.

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