glacier bay toilet reviews

Glacier Bay Toilet Reviews

If you’re shopping for toilets, you’re interested in a few brands. Glacier Bay is among the most well-known brands.

Since customers regard the brand as perfect for low-cost repairs and buildings, folks frequently use it in residential and commercial settings. Many appreciate Glacier Bay items’ inexpensive costs, especially those on a limited budget.

When it comes to quality, Glacier Bay is renowned for being a highly inexpensive low-end or entry-level brand. It primarily targets house renovators, DIYers, and other similar individuals.

Glacier Bay toilets don’t come with many accessories, and the difficulties that crop up are the same as with other units.

This post highlights why Glacier Bay toilets are a go-to choice and why some shy away from them. It also looks at the best toilets from the brand, so keep reading to find out more.

Who Makes Glacier Bay Toilets?

The Foremost Groups make Glacier Bay Toilets, while Home Depot owns Glacier Bay and sells replacement parts. 

Many Glacier Bay models include sophisticated anti-clogging features and automated flushing systems.

Glacier Bay Toilet Review: Features

Below are the key features of Glacier Bay toilets.

1. Water-Efficient

The toilets fall under the “smart toilets” that control water flow. Nearly every facility in their collection has a dual flush system that reduces daily water use.

To be WaterSense certified, all models- even those with only one flush must meet a low-flush standard.

2. Simple Installation Process

Most Glacier Bay toilets come with an installation kit that is simple to use. The brand incorporates everything from bolts to wax rings in the bundle.

It makes sure that when you fix a toilet, you won’t need to seek more assistance.

3. Super Clean Flush

It’s the toilet manufacturer’s trademark flushing technique. The sturdy flushing mechanism removes large amounts of waste with few blockages because the built-in jet flush mechanism forces waste materials down the pipeline.

When these three attributes combine with other new features, you have a fantastic toilet in your house.

Where Can You Get Glacier Bay Toilet Replacement Parts?

If you need Glacier Bay toilet spares, you can find them in different places. Some of them include:

1) The Manufacturer

If the business has an accessory you need, you can buy it straight from their website.

2) Local Stores

Check your local retailers to see if they have any required components. Local hardware stores should have accessories like the float valve and tank lid seal. 

3) Online

If you prefer to purchase online rather than at a store, you’ll find websites that advertise Glacier Bay toilet replacements. They often offer lower prices than local retailers.

How Do I Identify My Glacier Bay Toilet?

The first step is to identify the Glacier Bay toilet model number. The toilet tank’s back internal wall has an imprinted number.

Does Glacier Bay Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Glacier Bay toilets are made with high-quality standards and craftsmanship and backed with a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty covers the faults in materials or construction to the original customer purchaser. 

The brand will replace any damaged goods or parts cost-free. Return the product to any store outlet to pick up a new item.

However, the warranty does not cover incidental damages or malfunctions caused by usage, abuse, or regular wear and tear. In addition, it excludes business, commercial, and industrial applications for which customers receive a five-year warranty starting on the date of purchase.

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How Much Water Does A Glacier Bay Toilet Need?

Glacier Bay toilets use less than 1.28 gallons of water per flush, making them very efficient. It’s the maximum flushing duration that is possible.

What Should I Do If The Glacier Bay Toilet Runs Continuously?

By lowering the float, you can reduce the water level if, after lifting the lid, you see water spilling into the overflow tube. A plastic rod with a notch connects it to the fill valve.

The rod must be detached from the valve, then lengthened by one or two notches. It causes the float to close the valve faster. 

The overflow tube aperture must be an inch lower than the water level. 

What Should You Do If The Glacier Bay Toilet Has Poor Flushing?

Defects in the waste pipes and low water flow from the tank are the primary triggers of poor flushing.

If your Glacier Bay toilet has this problem, start by checking the chain (that is, if it has a flapper). If it’s excessively long, the flapper may not rise as it should and close faster than usual.

If your toilet has a flush canister, the problem might be that the rods connecting the buttons on the canister to the flush buttons on the top of the tank are too short. It suggests they’re not pressing the canister’s buttons far enough.

To extend each rod, remove the nut underneath the tank lid, take the rod out, and tighten the nut.

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Glacier Bay Toilets Review

1. Glacier Bay N2316- Best ADA Compliant Toilet 

Glacier Bay N2316 is available in three dazzling colors at Home Depot. So you may choose between white, black, and bone for the bathroom. 

Aside from looks, this model meets all the requirements for an ADA-certified toilet. The seating height is 16.5 inches, making it suitable for children and older users.

The elderly and others with mobility concerns will appreciate the extended bowl because it gives added comfort to the seated position.

The Glacier Bay N2316 has a high-efficiency flushing system that clears the toilet bowl in one flush. Dual-flush toilets help with this function by controlling your daily water use. 

Based on the circumstances, you can pick between 1.1 and 1.6 GPF. 


  • Easy to install
  • Available in three colors
  • A stain-resistant china vitreous finish preserves the toilet from degradation.
  • ADA compliant
  • Features a water-saving dual-flush mechanism


  • Won’t fit into bathrooms with limited space.

2. Glacier Bay N2430E- Best Water Smart Toilet

By lowering its maximum water usage from 1.6 to 1.28 GPF, Glacier Bay N2430E improves water efficiency even further. This function reduces your water usage and has the approval of the WaterSense board. 

It complements any bathroom well because of its straightforward design and porcelain coating. The toilet is ADA compliant, so it stands taller than regular ones and features a comfortable seat.

The longer bowl also contributes to this by allowing for more legroom while getting on and off the seat. 

The toilet also features a robust flushing system that effectively removes waste.

The vitreous china finish also facilitates cleaning the bowl because the ceramic coating protects the surface from spillage and stains. 

Glacier Bay N2430E, as with most Glacier Bay designs, flaunts a Quick Connect function. It simplifies installation and eliminates the need for expert help.


  • Easy to install
  • ADA compliant
  • Standard toilet style to suit your minimalist preferences
  • A comfortable height of 16.5 inches helps the elderly and disabled relieve themselves without problems.
  • It includes a complete hardware set.


  • Unsuitable for compact bathrooms

3. Glacier Bay N2420- Best Budget-Friendly Toilet

The one-piece design matches the shape of modern bathrooms. Despite its extended layout, the toilet takes up very little room.

The N2420 has all the characteristics of a high-efficiency toilet and has a dual flush unit that uses 1.1 gpf/1.6 GPF.

Moreover, the toilet boasts vitreous china glaze that reduces the possibility of scratches and fractures. It also embodies a wide rim that promises to make cleaning easier than conventional toilets. 

This toilet stands 2-4 inches taller than a regular toilet. Its height and extended form make it ideal for ADA-compliant restrooms. 


  • A low-cost buy for compact bathrooms
  • Users with impairments will appreciate the ADA-compliant features
  • WaterSense approved
  • The smooth vitreous china finish adds to the longevity
  • Dual flush mechanism with high performance (1.1 GPF/1.6 GPF)
  • Features a comfortable height of 16.5 inches


  • The toilet does not include a toilet supply line.

4. Glacier Bay N2428R-DF- Best Toilet for Small Bathrooms

The Glacier Bay N2428R-F is an all-purpose model with several vital characteristics in modern toilet design. Despite its high price, you will not go wrong if you get this model.

The most notable feature of this type is its revolutionary dual-flush mechanism. It has a half-flush (1.1 GPF) setting for liquids and a full flush (1.6 GPF) for waste. 

The dual mechanism ensures you do not exceed the EPA’s daily water usage standards. 

The excellent feature is that the flush clears the bowl irrespective of the water flow you select. It lessens the occurrence of frequent blockages. 

Furthermore, the non-sticky, scratch-resistant, and resilient vitreous china coating increases its longevity. 

Aside from that, the toilet has a comfortable seating space with a manageable comfort height. If you house elders, this is a tremendous benefit to you.


  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for compact bathrooms
  • The dual flush mechanism complies with WaterSense guidelines
  • A beautiful china vitreous finish preserves the design.
  • Convenient for the elderly


  • It’s expensive.

Final Thoughts

Glacier Bay Toilets are fantastic additions to any home. They can meet the demands of both spacious and compact bathrooms. 

So, your choice of toilet is determined by your preference and needs.

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