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Lyons Bathtub Reviews (Is It Worth It?)

A stunning bathtub makes a firm statement about the style of your bathroom. As a result, fixtures are critical decisions to make while building or remodeling a bathroom. 

You’d want it to be attractive, pleasant, cost-effective, as well as entirely refreshing. 

How can you be certain that you are buying the perfect bathtub? Welcome to Lyons Bathtub review, where we will go through the specifics of what you should look for to make an informed purchase. 

Who Makes Lyons Tubs?

Lyons Industries, Inc. manufactures Lyons tubs, Inc. It is a family-owned and operated enterprise. 

Its bathtubs and surrounds are all handcrafted in the United States. 

Lyons Bathtubs Reviews: Features

It is one of the goods manufactured by Lyons Industries, Inc., a family-owned company. The brand manufactures all the bathtubs from American materials. 

The acrylic drop-in bathtub has a sleek contemporary design and a spacious bathing area.

Lyon bathtubs appeal to many individuals because of their qualities, which include the following: 

  • It features 30-degree lumbar support.
  • Faucet on the wall
  • The tub has a metallic sheen to it.
  • It is rectangular.
  • Its showering bottom is slip-resistant
  • Once constructed, it features a built-in flange width of 60 inches and a depth of 36 inches. 
  • The fiberglass spray strengthens the acrylic surface by reinforcing it.
  • The bathtub is excellent for placement in an existing alcove or on an island. 

Lyons Bathtubs Review- The Best Lyons Bathtubs

1. Lyons Linear D Biscuit Seated Shower Base With Left Drain 

The bathtub flaunts a one-piece, 18-inch tall seat with an integrated nail flange for a simple direct installation. It features armrests and lumbar support for a pleasant bathing experience.

The Lyons Linear D Biscuit sports a standard plumbing outlet and separate bathtub surrounds. It boasts OSB, 3-inch diameter feet, and robotically sprayed fiberglass covering that provides structural strength.

Additionally, the tub features an easy 2-1/2 inch access and is ideal for tile application. 


  • Easy to install
  • The ultra-gloss acrylic surface makes it easy to clean.
  • It is a spacious textured tub
  • It is slide-resistant. 
  • Comfortable
  • Standard outlet plumbing
  • Water cannot infiltrate behind a wall because of the integrated nail flange. 


  • The tub floor cracks easily

2. Lyons Linear H Biscuit Bathtub With Left Drain

The Linear bathtub features a spacious bathing space with 30-degree lumbar support and a modern, streamlined appearance. It is excellent for tile installations or a Lyons wall surround and attaches directly to studs. 

It is available for regular or above-floor plumbing. 

The company constructs integrated apron bathtubs of high gloss acrylic that are simple to clean. The connected stud design makes installation for renovation projects or new building a snap.

Moreover, the Lyons Linear H Biscuit Bathtub features a slip-resistant base and a fiberglass-backed acrylic surface. 


  • Spacious bathing area
  • Ideal for tile installations
  • Easy to install
  • Slip-resistant base guarantees safety
  • Fiberglass gives it reliable strength
  • ANSI Certified 


  • Not durable
  • Cracks easily

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Lyons Bathtubs Reviews: Drawbacks

Lyon bathtubs, as previously said, have flaws that buyers should be aware of before purchasing. These are some examples:

a) Crack Within Years

Lyons bathtubs are not long-lasting since you may see new cracks in the tub base after two years or less if other considerations such as your weight come into play. According to customer evaluations, the corporation would repair the product for free if the warranty is still valid, just for it to recur. 

b) Difficult To Get A Refund

Prepare to wait a long time for an answer to your submitted complaint. Keeping tabs on a refund is extremely difficult: and it may result in a lawsuit, even though your claim is inside the warranty term. 

Some customers received their refunds. However, other people have been waiting months for an answer from Lyons. 

Menards’ reaction is also not very helpful.

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c) Poor Customer Service

Nothing hurts more than when no one reacts to your concerns as if a cracked bathtub isn’t bad enough. 

The customer service department does not answer on time; they speak as if they are unfamiliar with the concerns you have raised. 

c) Chances Of Wasting Money

Even if you receive a refund, you may still lose significant money. Consider the mason works and labor expenses. They might fix and replace the bathtub but will not pay for labor or replacement. 

Your expenditure on these tasks will be rendered futile. 

d) Negative Reviews Online

When purchasing anything online, reviews from genuine consumers are crucial.

There are several unfavorable reviews for both this tub and the entire brand. Many individuals faulted Menards for its involvement with Lyons. 

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Tips To Consider When Selecting Lyon Bathtubs

Lyon bathtubs come in different sizes and capacities to accommodate your specific bathroom needs. To get a tub that serves its job and your bathroom design that complements the fixture’s operational and aesthetic features, consider the following factors: 

1. Style

Lyon bathtubs are available in modern, mid-century, and traditional designs. 

2. Size

These bathtubs come in multiple sizes, with freestanding tubs providing incredible versatility. They are available in different lengths and widths. 

Since the size is an important aspect, measuring your present tub before obtaining a new one is a brilliant idea. 

3. Capacity

Different Lyon bathtubs have various capacities, and how you plan to use them can help you limit your options. For example, most regular tubs have a 50-gallon capacity, whereas walk-in tubs hold less than 70 gallons. 

4. Type

There are many types of bathtubs. Regular bathtubs are fairly prevalent, freestanding tubs, which serve as the focal point of your room’s décor, and clawfoot tubs, which have four feet to hold the basin. 

Other styles for soaking baths include freestanding and clawfoot models. They enable you to have an extended, pleasant bath. Then, the most sophisticated whirlpool tubs include water jets that circulate the bathwater while providing you with a massaging sensation that soothes sore muscles.

5. Material

This element affects the bathtub’s longevity, cost, and other aspects. 

The most frequent tub materials are acrylic and fiberglass. They are perfect for do-it-yourself remodeling projects since they are lightweight, affordable, and easy to install and maintain. 

Despite not being as sturdy as others like cast iron and steel, fiberglass tubs survive a very long time, unlike acrylic. 

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Final Thoughts

In summary, your bathtub choice may drastically affect the overall appearance of your bathroom. Choosing the proper design, size, shape, and style based on your tastes are critical.

You can conclude from this Lyons Bathtub review that they share similar qualities with minor variances. They are ideal in terms of both aesthetics and usability.

Nevertheless, it has several drawbacks, such as not being long-lasting and its customer service being poor (according to internet testimonials). However, you now have a fuller knowledge to make an informed decision on where to put your money.

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