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Maax Vs Kohler Tub (Which Is Better?)

With so many brands, sizes, shapes, and materials available, choosing the best bathtub can be a tall order, especially if you don’t do your due diligence. Performing extensive research on the available tubs is essential when shopping for one, which brings us to this Maax Vs. Kohler Tub comparison.

Maax and Kohler are well-established brands in the bathtub industry with reputations for producing high-quality products. Individually, these bathtubs are excellent choices, but you will notice the differences when you compare them.

To ensure you buy the bathtub that suits you best, you must examine these brands intensely, looking into their strengths and also weaknesses. 

This post provides a comprehensive Maax Vs. Kohler comparison; focuses on the features and the specific products. 

Maax Vs. Kohler Tub: Feature Comparison

To distinguish Maax bathtubs from Kohler bathtubs, you must examine their features, and this is what this section will tackle. Without much ado, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

1. Materials

The materials used to make your bathtub will determine how durable and sturdy it will be, making it a crucial factor that can be detrimental if overlooked. Inferior materials make low-quality tubs susceptible to plenty of defects and limited lifespans.

Kohler makes its tubs using three materials- Acrylic, Lithocast, and Enameled Cast Iron. Since the brand offers multiple options, you get to pick what you like most, and its tubs are durable, sturdy, and versatile. 

On the other hand, Maax uses thick cast acrylic to make all its bathtubs. This material creates durable and sturdy tubs that can support substantial weight.

2. Design

People tend to gravitate toward different bathtub designs, so it’s easier if the brand you want to buy offers multiple designs. Maax tubs come in 6 designs (Drop-In, Wall-mounted, Freestanding, Undermount, Corner, and Alcove) with numerous products under every design.

On the flip side, Kohler also offers six designs- Drop-In, Overflow, Freestanding, Corner, Undermount, and Alcove. You will find various bathtubs in each category with different features.

The only thing differentiating these brands when it comes to design is that Maax offers Wall-mounted tubs, which Kohler doesn’t. Moreover, Kohler has Freestanding bathtubs, which are not available in Maax. 

3. Special Features

There are specific aspects that differentiate Maax bathtubs from Kohler Bathtubs. For instance, Kohler tubs have depths of between 16 to 21 inches, which makes them deep enough for a good soaking session. 

In addition, both sides of Kohler tubs have lumbar support, making them comfortable, and the bottom surface is also textured hence slip-resistant. They also have clean, slick lines, a fluted shroud, and are easy to install. 

Maax tubs arrive as a two-piece with the overflow and linear waste factory-installed, while you can choose to mount the faucet on the floor or deck. For optimum comfort, these bathtubs have an integrated backrest and armrest.

Additionally, Maax tubs are compatible with utile wall panels, making them excellent for all bathrooms and the height of the low deck is 14-16 inches. The other features include F2 drainage, integrated tiling fling, Stabili-T anti-slip bottom, and textured floors.

4. Water Capacity

Kohler bathtubs can hold 60-90 gallons of water, while Maax tubs can store 35-64 gallons of water. However, remember the amount of water a bathtub can hold depends on its size and depth.

Therefore, Kolher tubs have a larger water capacity than Maax tubs.

5. Colors

While your bathroom’s functionality is the most crucial aspect, the aesthetical appeal is also essential. For this reason, you should take the color of your bathtub lightly.

Bathtub manufacturers typically offer products in different colors. For example, Kohler tubs are available in 9 colors (white, honed white, lavender grey, biscuit, black, indigo blue, dune, black plum, and almond), while Maax tubs come in 4 colors (brushed nickel, chrome, white, and bone).

However, keep in mind that some models are available in all colors; some come in one color while others are in multiple colors. 

You get more color options from Kohler.

6. Warranty

You can gauge the quality of a product from its warranty policy. Kohler tubs have a limited lifetime warranty and a refund policy to be claimed within 45 days from the day you bought your bathtub.

On the other hand, Maax offers a limited warranty of 25 years for tubs installed in residential buildings. In addition, you claim a refund within two months.

7. Price

Depending on the size, design, and style, you will spend $783 to $5936 on a Maax tub. Conversely, Kohler bathtubs are sold at $763 to $15,000, making them more costly than Maax tubs. 

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Is Kohler A Good Tub Brand?

Kohler is a well-established luxury bathtub brand that offers high-quality, durable tubs in different styles, sizes, and colors. The brand strives to enhance the future and current generations’ quality of life through innovation, craftsmanship, and design. 

Kohler tubs feature exciting features like textured floors and lumbar support. In addition, they are deep, so they are perfect for soaking for extended periods.

Are MAAX Tubs Acrylic Or Fiberglass?

Maax tubs are made of high-quality thick, durable, and strong cast acrylic. 

Who Makes MAAX Bathtubs?

Today, Maax bathtubs are made by the American Bath Group, which the brand is part of. However, before that, Maax was established in 1969, specializing in snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicle components and pool manufacturing. 

It then grew and diversified its product portfolio to include shower doors, shower solutions, and bathtubs.

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Where Is MAAX Manufactured?

Maax products are made in the United States and Canada.

Who Makes Kohler Bathtubs?

Kohler Company makes Kohler bathtubs under its Kohler Kitchen & Bath division, which deals in manufacturing bath and kitchen plumbing fixtures. The division is located in France, Canada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. 

What Are Kohler Bathtubs Made Of?

Kohler bathtubs are made of either Acrylic, Lithocast, and Enameled Cast Iron.

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Which Bathtub Brand Is Best? (Maax Vs. Kohler)

In a choice between a Maax bathtub and a Kohler bathtub, Kohler is a better choice as it offers better features and more color and material options. While it will cost you more than a Maax tub, it’s worth it because it also gives you a better warranty.

With that said, let’s review some of the best Kohler and Maax bathtubs.

Kohler Underscore VibrAcoustic Deep Soaking Bathtub

This bathtub is an excellent choice owing to its impressive features but be prepared to spend a considerable amount to get it. Besides offering unmatched style, luxury, and comfort, it’s also equipped with the latest technology. 

It allows you to play soothing music and sounds by connecting your smartphone or music player to the bathtub, helping ease your tension. The tub’s wall has six concealed speakers, and it’s also equipped with six pre-programmed compositions. 

In addition, Kohler Underscore has a chromotherapy feature. Your bathtub will display eight light shades appearing in sync with your music, making your bathing experience fantastic.

The acrylic-made bathtub has an oval basin, making it easy to recline on both ends, allowing you to enjoy your bath more. Kohler Underscore fits many people since it’s 17.5 inches deep and 65.5 inches long.


  • The deep bathtub is perfect for a relaxing and comfortable soaking
  • The chromotherapy feature promotes a delightful bathing experience
  • You can connect it to your music or play the pre-programmed compositions
  • It can function as a stereo because you can connect it to a music player from 33ft away
  • You can recline on the tub because of its oval basin
  • Big enough for most people


  • Expensive
  • It might not fit very tall people

Maax Bosca Acrylic Alcove Soaking Bathtub

Simplicity, comfort, and elegance are the key qualities you get from this bathtub, and besides the attractive price tag, the all-over functionality should convince you to get it. 

It’s rectangular and has an alcove installation, so it’s efficient, comfortable, space-saving, and you can easily reach every surface for deep cleaning and easy maintenance.

It’s made of scratch-resistant acrylic and features a glossy finish you can easily clean with warm, soapy water. In addition, since it’s 30 inches wide, you can effortlessly stretch and recline your legs.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Elegant, comfortable, and simple
  • Sturdy and versatile
  • Easy to install


  • It’s heavy

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Concluding Remarks

From this Maax vs. Kohler tub comparison, it’s clear that these bathtubs are packed with impressive features and are available in different materials, designs, and colors. You could pick either brand and get a high-quality tub, but Kohler is a better option.

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