eljer whirlpool tub reviews

Eljer Whirlpool Tub Reviews

Eljer produces and sells vitreous China components, cast iron sinks, whirlpool tubs, and other bathroom and kitchen plumbing appliances. It combines solid performance, decent features, and low prices to provide customers with sanitary ware goods they can be pleased to have in their dwellings. 

However, don’t be deluded; Eljer whirlpool tubs aren’t without flaws in performance and quality. As a result, before purchasing them, it is crucial to consider their merits and faults.

This post will go through the features of Eljer whirlpool tubs, discuss a few issues with them, and help you make an informed purchase. 

Are Whirlpool Tubs Outdated?

These whirlpool tubs are not just old, but many individuals have plumbing and maintenance problems with them. The pumps generate excessive foaming, and in many cases, the motors fail.

Eljer Whirlpool Tub Reviews Key Features

1. Safety Features

The bulk of units in the Eljer Premiere Series whirlpool tub series comes with a suction mechanism that relieves the pump’s vacuum when the suction face becomes blocked. It provides extra safety. 

When the suction mechanism senses an obstruction, the pump reacts immediately and switches to “standby” mode, enabling the removal of the impediment. Once cleared, the pump instantaneously reaches its maximum flow. 

The mechanical suction unit works with no maintenance-causing moving components or springs. 

2. The On/Off Switch

An on/off switch turns on the whirlpool tub pump. You can activate the pump with each depressing of the switch. 

If the pump is off, one depression will activate it. If activated, the following depression will turn it off. 

3. Automatic Cleaning And Purge Cycle

An Eljer whirlpool tub contains a built-in cleaning and purge cycle to remove residual water from the air passages. It begins to blow within 20 minutes of draining the bath, continues for 2 to 3 minutes, and then turns off on its own. 

If you hear the whirlpool tub blowing after switching it off, don’t worry since the cleaning cycle is responsible for the noise. 

4. Adjustable Jets 

You can adjust the jets by aiming the jet-nozzle in the intended direction. By twisting the jet nozzle, you may control the intensity of the water flow and air induction in units equipped with Hydro Jets. 

Turning the nozzle clockwise reduces the water flow and eventually stops the water flow of that specific jet. When the nozzle rotates anticlockwise, the water flow increases to its maximum. 

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Eljer Whirlpool Tub Review

Eljer Cabrillo™ 60 “W x 32 “D White Right Drain 8-Jet Massage Whirlpool Bathtub

Eljer’s distinctive CabrilloTM 8-Jet Massage whirlpool bathtub provides pleasant, spa-like relaxation in the comfort of your home. The spacious CabrilloTM, engineered for an alcove installation with a built-in apron and detachable access panel, has eight strategically positioned clean jets that reduce mildew and mold formation. 

You can adjust it to the desired direction and water level for a personalized experience. 

To keep the water warm for longer and prolong your bathing delight, get the Inline Heater, which comes separately. 

Additionally, the Eljer Cabrillo™ 60 “W x 32” D White Right Drain features a pre-leveled bottom and a heat-ready design to aid installation and an acrylic structure with a long-lasting fiberglass backing. The tub also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 


  • Easy to install
  • The textured base prevents slips and falls
  • Curved armrests and lumbar support area provide comfort
  • It has eight customizable, clean jets that suppress the formation of mold and mildew. 
  • Durable fiberglass backing


  • Plumbing and maintenance problems
  • Motors fail occasionally

How To Test Eljer Whirlpool Tub

Failure to execute these tests promptly after setting up the tub will hold the installer accountable for future repair expenses. The setup remains incomplete until the bath is water tested. 

At the manufacturer, all baths are technically checked and certified leak-free. Leaks might occur during transportation and handling. 

It is critical to test the bath when all sides are accessible. In case of a power blackout, fill the whirlpool tub with water and do a static test inspection. 

The tub should be static and functionally tested. Follow the steps below to test:

  • Close the drain and fill the whirlpool tub to normal capacity.
  • After 5 minutes, examine all the piping for leaks.
  • Activate each pump and examine for leaks. Inspect the unions surrounding the pump once again. If leaking from the unions persists after tightening, relax the unions and ensure you fix the O-ring correctly. 

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How To Troubleshoot Eljer Whirlpool Tub 

1) If the Motor Won’t Start

  • Inspect the circuit breakers.
  • Examine the wiring connections for improper or loose connections.
  • Ensure that the proper power supply is in use.
  • The On/Off switch should be “On.”
  • Check that the jets are open and that water is flowing. 

2) Motor Making Humming Noise But Won’t Start

  • Open the jets
  • Check that the motor shaft rotates freely.
  • Examine the (volute) casing for a jammed impeller or an impediment.
  • Inspect for low voltage and undersized wiring.

3) Motor Overheating And Cycling On And Off

  • Examine the wiring connections for improper or loose connections.
  • Check the power supply for low voltage (often caused by undersized wiring).
  • Maintain a clean air supply to the motor and keep the vents clear.

4) Low Water Flow

  • Examine the plumbing lines for clogs.
  • Examine for low voltage.

5) Water Leaks

  • Ensure you position and fasten compression fittings (union connections) correctly. Tighten only by hand and don’t employ any tools.
  • Inspect the O-ring, and fix it correctly. Also, check that it is not damaged.
  • Do not turn on heaters or pumps until the tub fills with water. The warranty does not cover damage caused by dry running pumps. 

Eljer Whirlpool tubs come with limited warranties. However, the warranty doesn’t cover the following:

  • Harm to fittings or accessories’ finishes brought on by unsuitable cleaning techniques such as cleaning chemicals or solvents.
  • Harm to products arising from installation, repair, abuse, alteration, misuse, or adjustment, whether carried out by a contractor, service provider, or oneself.
  • Damage brought on by failure to clean or maintain a whirlpool tub.
  • Deterioration brought on by chloramines and high chlorine levels in public water systems. 
  • Damage sustained during shipment, handling, or transportation.
  • Regular wear and tear. 
  • Commercial application

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How Do You Clean A Whirlpool Eljer Tub?

When the product is in regular usage, the pump and pipe circulation mechanism should be cleansed before the first use and once a month. 

Fill the whirlpool tub about 2-3 inches above the jets with heated water and add 2-3 tablespoons of low-foaming detergent, like dishwashing machine detergent. Make sure the air controls are completely turned clockwise and turned off. 

Turn on the whirlpool for 10 minutes. Drain the tub wholly. 

NOTE: Experts caution against cleaning Eljer Whirlpool Tub Reviews with abrasive cleaners because they can scratch and discolor the acrylic surface. Avoid using wire brushes, metal scrapers, and other rough cleaning tools. 

You can use a sharp wooden stick to remove the plaster. A little detergent will usually remove construction debris. 

Denatured alcohol or Clorox Soft Scrub cleaning can remove stubborn particles. You can restore faded areas and those with light scratches to their former brilliance by rubbing them with a cleaning solution designed for automobiles, such as DuPont White Polishing Compound. 

Final Thoughts

From this Eljer whirlpool tub review, these tubs have both upsides and downsides. The firm offers a variety of whirlpool models to meet the demands of various people.

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