Arms Too Short To Wipe

How Do You Wipe When You Can’t Reach

It may seem straightforward for most but maintaining proper bathroom hygiene can be a challenge. This is especially because it is recommended for people to wipe front to back.

And we all know getting a good front to back wipe can be a challenge and also uncomfortable for most. Luckily there are other techniques and products you can use to do so.

However, if your arms are too short to wipe and you cannot go around the back so that you can wipe. You have three options: either you can go between your legs, using wiping aids or a bidet toilet seat to enable you to wipe front to back easily.

The toilet aids are specifically designed to help you hold the tissue and wipe seamlessly from the front to back then drop it once you’re done.They will help eliminate the risk of spreading bacteria and of getting a urinary infection too

Honestly speaking, because everything that happens in the toilet is private. Everyone seems to handle their business differently. However, this is nothing to be ashamed of. 

In this article we will discuss how one can wipe if their arms are too short and they cannot reach.

How Do You Wipe When You Can’t Reach

When your arms are too short to wipe, you can wipe by going between your legs, using toilet aids or by using a bidet toilet seat.

Wiping Between Your Legs Technique

For someone with arms too short to go round the back and wipe their bum. They can decide to instead go between their legs to reduce the distance they have to reach. 

However, one must make sure they wipe front to back especially for women. This is because you do not want to get poop into your vulva which can lead to infections.

It actually may take some time to master. Especially because when you bend trying to reach your bum, if you also peed , some little pee might drop on your hands which is a little gross unfortunately.

Which then takes us to the next option which is more hygienic.

Using Toilet Wiping Aid

Toilet wiping aids are ergonomically designed with long reach handles to enable the extend your reach. 

A quick release trigger button to let go of the tissue once you’re done wiping. And more importantly with a tissue holding tips to grip the tissue for you to wipe.

You can easily get one of these from amazon. There are several brands available in the market. These include:

Bottom Buddy Toilet Wiping Aid: It is an 11 inches long toilet aid with a special curve toilet handle with grips to fit comfortably on your hand. 

To grip the tissue it has a rounded end with retractable tulips that grip the tissue securely for wiping. And finally a release button to drop the tissue once you are done wiping.

It also comes with a zippable bag so you can carry it along whenever you might need it.

Juvo Toilet Aid: For those looking for a longer reach, we have this 18 inches long ergonomic handle toilet aid, with rubberized toilet holder tips to hold the tissue paper and a release trigger that you push to release the tissue.

A Bidet Toilet Seat

We saved the best for last. For those who would like to do away with wiping with their hands and also save on tissue paper. We have this amazing invention of using a bidet toilet seat.

A bidet toilet seat will automatically splash water to clean you up and release warm air to dry you up. How cool is that ? These are very common in Asia and Europe and lately catching on in North America.

They are available in different varieties of hand spray bidet and automatic bidet. Best of all they are easy to install and maintain too.

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Conclusion: Arms Too Short To Wipe

When your arms are too short to wipe, getting a good wipe front to back is an uphill task. 

Therefore for you to wipe when you cannot reach you will have to use the help of toilet wiping aids that will extend your reach to your bum so you can easily wipe clean.

This is a challenge that pregnant moms also face especially as the bump grows bigger. And we all like to feel clean once we release ourselves. It is no shame to use toilet aids so you can get a good wipe.

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