how to keep toilet paper from falling off holder

How To Keep Toilet Paper From Falling Off Holder

One challenge with most open ended or one arm toilet paper holders is the toilet paper may keep falling off the holder. Which is annoying really, however, this is something you can quickly solve.

In most cases, the toilet paper will keep falling off because the set screws  that hold the toilet paper arm keeps getting loose and makes the toilet paper arm swing and in turn the toilet paper falls off.

Therefore for you to keep the toilet paper from falling off the holder you will need to remove the set screws from the toilet holder off the wall, dip the set screws inside loctite removable threadlocker and finally put back the set screws tightening them back in place.

This is a quick fix that you can do under 10 minutes and once the loctite sets the holder will be firm once again. In most cases, due to friction overtime the threads lose their grip and become loose.

How To Keep Toilet Paper From Falling Off Holder

Remove The Set Screws

First you will need to remove the set screws off the toilet holder arms and handle using a screwdriver. 

Most one arm toilet paper holders have a set screw that holds the arm which you slide the toilet paper on and another one that sets the holder to the wall bracket. 

Make sure to be careful as they are small and can easily get lost. Place them on the bathroom counter.

Open Loctite Threadlocker

Once you have the set screws off. Open loctite heavy duty threadlocker 242 which is removal and comes in color blue.

It is suitable for threading metal fasteners against vibration loosening. And works also at preventing rusting for set screws that measure 6mm to 20mm.

Open it using a pocket knife. Next you can squeeze a little of the loctite on a cardboard or the piece of packing you removed it from. Make sure to squeeze just a little as it will go a long way. 

Wipe off any excess off your knife with toilet paper to avoid making a mess.

Dip Set Screws In Threadlocker

Now dip the set screws on the side of the threads inside loctite for them to take on the liquid which is color blue.

Do that for each set screw separately as you put it back on the respective hole on the toilet paper holder

Put Back The Set Screws 

Once done, tighten the set screw on the toilet paper arm hole using a screw driver.

Loctite will take about 10 minutes to set in and about 24 hours to cure completely.

Put Back Toilet Paper Holder On wall

Finally screw back the toilet paper holder on the wall bracket using a screwdriver. Going forward your toilet paper holder will be held in place securely. This is because loctite works best at ensuring what you do not want moving doesn’t.

Give it about a day for it to fully cure.

Pro Tips

In case the swinging is coming from the bracket that is on the wall onto which you screw in the toilet paper holder. You will have to investigate how it is currently mounted.

If the two screws go directly into a stud then you might need to use longer set screws. However, if the screws are plastic wall anchors you will need to get more stable metal anchors

However, if it is the bracket itself that’s shaky you can stabilize it by placing a small rubber gasket behind the bracket to stabilize it to the wall securely.

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Final Words

If you have a one arm toilet paper holder that keeps your toilet paper from falling off. The problem is highly likely the set screws coming loose and swinging the toilet paper off the holder.

For you to keep the toilet paper from falling off the holder, you will use a loctite threadlocker that will hold the set screws tight. You will need to remove the toilet paper holder from the wall. Remove the set crews on the toilet paper holder arm. 

Next you will have to open loctite and squeeze a little of it on a cardboard. Then dip the set screws inside loctite while you put them back on their respective holes and set them in.

Finally, tighten back the set screws as you put back the toilet paper holder back on the wall. The whole process can take less than 10 minutes. 

Make sure you get a removable loctite threadlocker for this particular use. It will take 10 minutes for it to set in and about 24 hours to cure.

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