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What is the Difference between Cast Iron and Americast

With so many bathtubs made of different materials in the market, picking the best one can prove to be a difficult endeavor. Various tub materials have shortcomings and strengths, so comparing them can come in handy. For this reason, how does Americast vs. cast iron compare?

Americast is an affordable and durable alternative to cast iron. Americast bathtubs have a steel core with an enamel coating. On the other hand, cast iron tubs are designed using a combination of iron and porcelain with an enamel coating. 

It is understandable to wonder which material suits you best, so keep reading to find out. The post takes an indepth look at the two materials, including their pros and cons, to aid your decision-making.

Americast Vs. Cast Iron:Compared

It is necessary to look at how these bathtub materials compare when choosing between them since it gives you a clear understanding of how they compare. Also, it will help you weigh their strengths and weaknesses. 

1. Material

Americast tubs are made by bonding a high-quality surface made of porcelain enamel with an enamel-grade material and a backing material that’s molded and reinforced.

On the other hand, cast iron tubs are manufactured by transferring molten iron into molds and then letting it thicken, allowing iron to harden and take the shape of the tub. 

2. Durability

Cast iron bathtubs win the durability contest, hands down. These tubs are nearly impossible to dent or crack because they are made of pure metal. For this reason, a cast iron tub can serve you for over 70 years, while with proper maintenance, an Americast bathtub will need to be replaced after about 15 years. 

Nonetheless, Americast bathtubs last longer than other comparable products. This is because while a majority of alternative tubs feature a spray-on or foam backing, Americast is a flexing, non-bending material, so it lasts longer.  

3. Heat Retention

Cast iron bathtubs can transfer and absorb heat, thus maintaining the temperatures of the water much longer. The thick material used to make them and the fact that these tubs are deep help retain heat. However, note that a cast iron tub initially absorbs the water’s heat, but the water will stay warm longer once the tub heats up.

On the flip side, Americast bathtubs also keep the water warmer longer because they are insulated. 

4. Weight

Americast is a lot lighter compared to cast iron, so it is easier to handle, transport, and install Americast bathtubs. In fact, weight is a huge drawback when it comes to cast iron tubs since it makes shipping and installation a bit challenging. 

Cast iron tubs typically weigh about 350 to 500 pounds, while you can find an Americast tub that is about 100 pounds. Americast bathtubs weigh more than fiberglass and acrylic tubs due to the steel core. 

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5. Comfort

Besides durability, comfort is another major consideration when choosing a bathtub owing to the fact that baths are meant to be relaxing. Typically, deeper tubs are more comfortable than their shallower counterparts. Both Americast and cast iron bathtubs are comfortable and capable of delivering relaxing baths. 

You will easily fit into these tubs since they are sufficiently deep. Americast tubs are frictionless, thus improving your bathing experience.

6. Maintenance

Both tubs are low maintenance. On the one hand, Americast bathtubs have a beautiful, glossy, scratch-resistant enamel finish that not only contributes to their durability but also makes cleaning easier. Also, you do not need to buy and put in a drain.

On the other hand, cast iron tubs do not need frequent maintenance to stay in good condition since they are less susceptible to staining. However, ensure you clean your cast iron bathtub weekly with a soft cloth or sponge and a water and soap mixture.

7. Non-Slip 

Americast bathtubs are safer because the StanSure coating offers extra coverage to the tub floor, making it more slip-resistant. Besides making your bathing time much safer, it makes cleaning the area effortless without causing damage from intense scrubbing. 

The StanSure surface offers 56% extra coverage and boosts overall bathroom safety since it covers a bigger bathtub bottom’s footprint. The surface is also bright white, thus complimenting the color of the tub, making your bathroom more aesthetically pleasing. 

8. Ease of Installation

Americast bathtubs are much easier to install since you do not need a mortar bed to secure the installation. Moreover, American Standard has every accessory you may need to complete the installation economically and faster, including bathtub surrounds.

In addition, these tubs are less tasking to move around because they are light. On the other hand, the sheer weight of cast iron tubs makes the installation more challenging and calls for additional labor. Furthermore, you will likely need to reinforce your bathroom floor to maintain its integrity. 

9. Bathtub Types

Cast iron bathtubs come in more types and styles, including corner tubs, freestanding tubs, clawfoot tubs, soaking tubs, and alcove tubs. Contrastingly, Americast bathtubs are available in the whirlpool tub, air jets tub, deep soaking tub, and combo massage tub variations.

10. Cost

Americast bathtubs are mid-range products, so while they are not the cheapest, they also do not cost a fortune. They are also cost-efficient if you consider their quality and price. On the flip side, cast iron tubs will cost you a lot more due to the material used to make them and the labor-intensive installation.

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Pros and Cons of Americast Bathtubs


  • ADA compliant
  • Sturdy and robust
  • Simple installation
  • Well-insulated, so the water stays warmer much longer
  • StanSure technology makes these tubs slip resistance
  • Easy to maintenance 


  • Less durable than cast iron bathtubs

Pros and Cons of Cast Iron Tubs


  • Highly durable
  • Keep the water warm for long
  • Diverse design variations
  • Chip/scratch resistant
  • Easy to maintenance 


  • Need additional support
  • Extremely heavy

Final Remarks

Both Americast and cast iron tubs are quality bathroom components. A cast iron bathtub suits you better if you want a durable, high-end tub and do not mind paying more. On the other hand, an Americast tub is better if you are looking for a more affordable bathtub.

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