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Americast Tub Reviews [Key Features, Pros &Cons]

Poor quality bathtubs are more problematic than advantageous since they are prone to issues, and their performances leave a lot to be desired. Therefore, do not compromise on quality if you choose to put a tub in your bathroom. For this reason, check Americast tub reviews when considering buying one.

Americast tubs are designed with the consumers’ needs in mind. They are big, durable, lighter than cast iron tubs, retain heat, and are slip-resistant. They are also comfortable and hence offer relaxing baths. However, they can chip, scratch, or crack. 

Generally, Americast tubs are good and affordable. However, to fully determine their quality, let’s examine their features.

Americast Tub Reviews: Key Features

Below are the characteristics of Americast tubs. This section examines their design, materials, durability, comfort, installation, and maintenance. 

1. Material

Americast bathtubs are made using American Standard’s patented composite material to produce durable, light tubs. The tubs feature a thick layer of composite backing and a robust enamel-grade steel layer. 

The three-layered construction comprises a Porcelain Enamel finish, a proprietary structural closed-cell composite material, and Enameling Grade Steel. This translates into bathtubs with the same thickness as cast iron and superior characteristics. 

Americast material resembles materials used in the automotive and aerospace industries. The surface of Americast bathtubs is made of prime porcelain enamel. The glossy surface is scratch-resistant and provides a durable, lustrous finish. 

2. Durability

Americast tubs are durable because they are made using non-flexing, non-bending material. These tubs outlast most of its competitors that often have spray-on or foam backing. 

3. Non-Slip Properties

Americast tubs’ StanSure surface is slip-resistant, thus ensuring you bathe safely. The anti-slip properties are reinforced further by the fact that the StanSure surface extends to a large tub floor’s footprint. It offers 56% extra coverage compared to previous models. 

4. Aesthetics

These tubs are aesthetically appealing since the new surface is a dazzling white.

5. Weight

Americast bathtubs are considerably lighter than other tubs like cast iron. They are less than 100 pounds heavy, making the easier to move, effortless to install, and less exerting on your bathroom floors. Your current bathroom floors will likely comfortably handle an Americast tub, so you do not need to reinforce it. 

6. Size

The available space for a bathtub is crucial, especially if you have a small bathroom. Americast tubs are 61 inches by 31.5 inches by 16 inches, so make sure you have enough space before buying an Americast bathtub. 

7. Maintenance

The shiny, beautiful, scratch-resistant finish made of porcelain enamel is easy to maintain. You also do not need to get a drain. When it comes to cleaning, you just need to use water, soap, and a sponge or soft cloth to clean your Americast tub. Avoid abrasive products like scouring pads and soft scrubs. 

8. Amount of Water

Since Americast tubs are deep, you will need more water to fill them. Typically, you require 2/3 hot water and 1/3 cold water. Your water bill will quickly increase if you regularly use your Americast bathtub. 

9. Comfort

Americast tubs are designed to be stylish and relaxing. They are deep enough, so you can fit into them easily and offer a great bathing experience since they are frictionless. 

Besides depth, these bathtubs have additional features that enhance their comfort levels. For instance, the contoured bathtub design improves neck and back support and raises lumbar support while you bathe.

10. Installation

The installation process of Americast tubs is pretty straightforward, and since these bathtubs are light, they are easy to carry. In addition, the apron has a soft grip for easy handling. They come in remodel-friendly sizes enough to fit a 5-foot alcove that is 30 inches wide for retrofitting applications. 

Americast tubs also feature integrated tile flanges to lower the risk of water damaging the structural or drywall supports behind the bathroom wall. Moreover, an integral overflow is molded into the bathtub’s outside wall saving you money and time on parts and installation. 

A chrome overflow escutcheon that is pre-installed is also an option. The tub floor gets extra support from a leveling grid under the bathtub that is pre-fabricated, preventing cracking and warping. The grid makes it easier to slide the bathtub into place or bed it in the mortar and save time when leveling. 

You also do not have to relocate the drain or break the ground when routing the pipe. This is because an above-the-floor installation leaves some clearance between the flooring and the underside of the bathtub. 

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Types of Americast Tubs

Americast bathtubs come in the following types:

a) Whirlpool Tubs

They are also called hydrotherapy tubs. They massage your joints and muscles using powerful jets of water. They are ideal for people with joint problems since they help lower swelling and discomfort.

b) Deep Soaking Tubs

They have a built-in seat and door and let you soak for extended periods without tiring. Deep soaking tubs have few additional amenities; hence more affordable.

c) Air Jet Baths

they resemble whirlpool tubs but have jets that create air bubbles by circulating the bath water around. They are ideal for people with sensitive skin. 

b) Combo Massage Tubs

They are fitted with air jets and hydrotherapy that you can separately control. These tubs have many extra amenities, such as in-line heating and chromatherapy. 

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Americast Tub Reviews

1. American Standard Princeton Americast Tub

This bathtub is a revolutionary alternative to cast iron tubs. It is cost-efficient, light, durable, and easy to install. It has a sturdy steel center, a glossy, easy-to-clean enamel top surface, and an insulating layer to keep your bath water warm much longer. 

The traditional alcove bathtub has a beveled headrest, a slip-resistant, safe surface, and lumbar support. The Princeton Americast tub is 110 pounds and 60 by 32 by 17 inches. In addition, it has a 10-year warranty, is ADA-compliant, and has an integral apron. 

It is easy to install because the bottom is pre-leveled and has a 3-sided integral water/tile retention flange. Additionally, the surface is StanSure and slip-resistant. However, it has quality control and packaging issues.


  • Sturdy and well-built
  • Comfortable
  • It drains quickly
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Quality control and packaging problems

2. American Standard Cambridge Americast Soaking Bathtub

It is a durable oval bathtub that weighs less than cast iron. Like the Princenton, this tub has a steel center, a glossy, non-porous finish made of porcelain enamel, and an easy-to-clean StanSure slip-resistant floor. You can either go for a right or left drain.

The American Standard Cambridge has a tile flange and an integral apron, providing a water-tight installation. Regarding size, this tub is 60 by 32 by 17 inches and weighs 147 lbs. It has impeccable heat retention capabilities allowing you to enjoy a warm bath before the water gets cold.


  • Light and durable
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Superb heat retention


  • Reported cases of the glossy finish not being smooth

Final Remarks

Americast bathtubs are well-designed products that make excellent alternatives to cast iron tubs. They are affordable, durable, light, and comfortable. However, they also have issues, including the glossy finish peeling. They are also available in various colors to accommodate the preferences of different people. 

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