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7 Americast Bathtub Problems & Solutions

Strength, flexibility, and durability describe Americast Bathtubs, and it is not hard to see why they possess such qualities considering they are American Standard tubs. The brand is a well-renowned designer and producer of commercial and residential plumbing fixtures. However, that doesn’t mean its products are flawless, so let’s explore Americast bathtub problems. 

The problems you may encounter with Americast bathtubs include scratches, water puddles, and creaking sounds. Other issues are cracks, faucet leaks, installation problems, and faulty designs.

Troubleshooting your tub will help you get to the bottom of the issue. Nonetheless, keep reading for a detailed discussion of common Americast bathtub problems and how to fix them.

Americast Bathtub Problems & Solutions

Before digging deeper into this topic, here is a summary of the possible Americast bathtub problems and their recommended solutions.

Problem Recommended Fix
Cracks Refinish the tub 
Chipping Repair the damage with a filler
Water Puddles Replace the tub
Creaking Sounds Use floor underlayment during installation
Flexing Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for bathtub installation 
Installation Incompatibilities Follow the installation instructions properly

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1. Cracks

This problem is rampant in old bathtubs, so anticipate it after using your Americast bathtub for a while. Wear and tear from continuous use result in cracks on your tub’s surface.


Before contemplating replacing the whole bathtub, fix the cracks through the process of refinishing. This will give your Americast tub a new beautiful effect. 

2. Chipping

A thin porcelain cover typically coats Americast bathtubs. However, you may notice that chipping off either from unsafe shipping (the tub is not covered properly) or from prolonged use. The scratches can also be caused by dropping items on your bathtub or using abrasive cleaners. 

The chippings make your Americast bathtub unappealing aesthetically, making your bathroom less beautiful. 


Fortunately, this is an issue you can easily fix and have your bathtub looking its best. Here is what to do:

  • Get a repair kit that matches your Americast tub model and color.
  • Put on gloves, then use a putty knife to eliminate loose porcelain.
  • Clean the area using a cotton ball soaked in acetone, then allow the acetone to dry.
  • Shake the filler container, squeeze some amount onto your putty knife, and then apply the filler on the chipped surface. Make sure it overlaps slightly with the undamaged parts.
  • Let the filler dry for a couple of minutes (about 20 minutes).
  • Shake the glaze properly, then use a paintbrush to spread the glaze over the bathtub surface until you achieve a desirable fit. Use light coats. Let the coat dry entirely before you apply the next layer.

3. Water puddles

This issue arises if there is a low spot or the tub is tapped, which can occur without you knowing. Water pooling can lead to rust, affecting the integrity of your bathtub. 


Fixing a low spot immediately after you discover it is paramount. Usually, the viable solution for this issue is replacing your Americast bathtub. However, check with the manufacturer beforehand because the company will replace the tub if the problem is a manufacturing defect. 

You will likely need to apply some torque on the whole bathtub if the bathroom floor is uneven. Usually, you must ensure your bathroom is strong enough to support a bathtub before installation comfortably. Alternatively, make sure you get a tub that can sustain itself effortlessly. 

Furthermore, you need to ensure the top surface of your bathtub is level in every direction to avoid pooling and facilitate proper drainage. 

4. Creaking Sounds

Your bathroom floor does the hard task of keeping your Americast bathtub in place. Therefore, your floor deserves the proper reinforcement to ensure the tub and the floor stay intact. The creaking sound you hear when you get into your tub after installation is due to the lack of floor underlayment, which causes the bathtub to move around. 


Install a blocking parallel to your bathtub skirt between the joists found at the back, front, and center of the bathtub underneath the plywood. The blocking will offer proper support to your tub, preventing it from moving around. 

Install shims between the plywood and the bathtub skirt if your bathroom floor is not level. Make sure the shims are directly on top of the blocking. The tub skirt’s rear or front sides only need a single shim, then one at the center. Also, ensure the skirt touches one side of the plywood.

5. Flexing

You must be careful when installing an Americast bathtub to avoid causing issues that could render your tub unusable. If flexing happens during installation, Americast tubs can lead to cracks. 


Follow the installation instructions if you are set on installing an Americast bathtub on your own. Moreover, bedding your tub in a mortar bed helps prevent flexing. 

6. Installation Incompatibilities

You will likely run into installation problems if you buy an Americast bathtub without considering the size and other aspects, like the overflowing drain. For instance, your tub may be too shallow or narrow for the bathroom. Also, you may find out that the tub openings are too small or big, making the tub incompatible with your bathroom.


First, pick an Americast bathtub that will fit your bathroom. Secondly, follow the installation instructions to a tee to ensure the bottom of the ridges is in the right way. Also, if the support stringer is too long, trim it to achieve the correct length. 

The support stringer is attached to the walls under the tub rim, securing each stud in place with two 16d nails. The drain assembly also needs to be placed correctly. So, apply putty to the upper flange of the drain assembly, then push it via the opening on the bottom of the bathtub. After that, install the brass washer, nut, and rubber seal.

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FAQs on Americast Bathtub Problems

1. Can Americast Tubs Be Repaired?

Americast bathtubs can be repaired, provided the problem is not too extensive. For instance, you can invest in a repair kit to get rid of chipping, scratches, or cracks. 

2. What Is Americast Bathtub Made Of?

Americast bathtubs are made of Americast. American Standard created and patented the Americast material, which is significantly lighter compared to cast iron. This material bonds a top-quality enamel porcelain surface on top of a robust enameling grade steel layer and structural composite backing thick layer. 

Compared to enameled steel and cast iron bathtubs, Americast toilets are lighter and offer superior noise reduction and heat retention capabilities. 


Americast bathtubs are designed to be durable, strong, and weigh lower than cast iron tubs. However, they are not free of problems, so knowing how to troubleshoot them comes in handy when issues arise. 

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