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Who Makes Project Source Toilets?

The major toilet brands like American Standard, Kohler, Toto, and their counterparts take most of the limelight. However, the market offers more options in different styles, colors, and prices. Among these options are Project Source toilets, and this post aims to answer the question, who makes Project Source toilets?

Project Source toilets are made by Lowe’s, a household brand dealing with home improvement items with many products to its name. The brand makes Project Source toilets in its manufacturing factory in China.

In this post, you will find information about Project Source toilets, including their best features and shortcomings. 

Who Makes Project Source Toilets?

As mentioned, Lowe’s is the brains behind Project Source toilets. Lowe’s Companies Inc. is a retail company from America that deals in home improvement. The Mooresville, North Carolina-headquartered company runs a retail stores chain in Canada and United States. 

The brand has as many as 34 000 various products, including Project Source toilets. It operates a total of 2015 stores which you can visit to shop for different home improvement products. The company launched happened in 1952 and, nine years later, went public. 

Are Project Source Toilets Good? (Features Examined!)

Before buying a Project Source toilet, you must do your due diligence to ensure you know what to expect. No one wants a toilet that will break down shortly after purchase. For this reason, let’s examine these toilets’ features in detail.

1. Flushing System

Project Source toilets are fitted with dual flush systems, thus helping you lower your water bills. This is because dual flush toilets have two flush buttons- one for liquids (uses less water) and another for solid waste (consumes more water). Therefore, you do not need a full flush to clean your toilet after a pee. 

Besides reducing your water use and saving you money, these toilets help conserve at least 40,000 gallons of water annually, which is pretty awesome for the environment. These toilets also flush more efficiently and much better, using 1.6 gallons of water during every flush. 

2. Design

Project Source toilets may be affordable, but the manufacturer does not compromise their design. The brand went for a practical approach when designing these toilets to stand out from other cheaper toilets. They have a thick base that is nearly as wide as the same as the bowl. You will hardly notice a huge difference between the tank, base, and bowl. 

In addition, there is no artistic design to the base, just a flat, smooth part to give the toilet a simple lovely appearance. It is worth noting that some people gravitate towards a toilet with a bit of artistry, though. 

The upside is Project Source toilets’ smooth base makes cleaning a breeze because there is nowhere for dirt to accumulate. Therefore, you can get away with just wiping the surface using a damp cloth. 

3. They Are Comfortable

Everyone wants to sit on a toilet they feel comfortable on; not develop back and leg pains after using your toilet because it is uncomfortable. Therefore, you must consider the aspects that contribute to the comfort of a toilet during selection. 

When it comes to Project Source toilets, comfort is enhanced by elongated bowls, which are typically considered more comfortable and attractive than round bowls. However, it is worth noting that your weight and height can affect your comfort levels.

In addition, elongated bowls are easier for children and men to use without making a mess. Also, they are more comfortable for individuals with mobility problems. Beyond comfort, elongated toilet bowls are more space-saving than traditional pieces, making them suitable for smaller bathrooms.

Additionally, the toilet’s height influences comfort. Some toilets are built too high or low, making them less comfortable. It is easy and comfortable to stand up and sit on Project Source toilets because the height of their bowls is standard. Adult women, men, and even people with mobility problems can comfortably use these toilets.

4. Water Efficiency

Project Source toilets are water efficient with a design that is WaterSense certified, thus making them high-performing and efficient pieces. 

5. Fully-Glazed Trapway

The fact that Project Source toilets have full-glazed trapways makes them more desirable among customers. This trapway type makes it easy for water and waste to go through the provided path, making the toilet less prone to clogs.

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6. Good Warranty

These toilets have 5-year warranties, which is quite great considering their price tag. Therefore, you should not have anything to worry about if you encounter damages within this duration. 

7. Easy Installation

These toilets come in two and single pieces, which are pretty easy to install. Nonetheless, one-piece toilets save you more space, develop fewer bacteria, and are much easier to clean. The downside is they are bulkier.

On the other hand, two-piece toilets are a better fit if you need more customized choices and want to avoid a heavy toilet. You can install a Project Source toilet according to your preferred style and height. 

8. They Are Affordable

Project Source toilets are ideal for people looking for quality toilets but are on a budget. They are cheaper than similar brands, and considering the features and performance, Project Source toilets are a steal. 

Pros and Cons of Project Source Toilets

Below are lists of the strengths and shortcomings of these toilets. 


  • Dual flushing system
  • Elongated, comfortable toilet bowl
  • Easy installation
  • Water saving
  • Easy to clean due to a smooth base
  • Fully-glazed trapway
  • It comes with every installation component


  • They are relatively heavier than other brands
  • It could use a toilet seat level that is a bit higher

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Final Remarks

While Project Source toilets are not premium pieces, they are reliable and high-quality, with excellent flush performance. These toilets are ideal if you want a toilet that will not cost a fortune but is functional and highly durable.

 You will find Project Source toilets in various types and models, giving you plenty of choices to ensure you get a toilet that suits your taste perfectly.

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