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Can You Install Toilet Paper Holder On Vanity

You are spoilt for choice for it comes to where and how to mount your toilet paper holder. Some options are more standard, like mounting it on the wall next to the toilet, but you can employ other innovative options, like utilizing the vanity. However, where do you put a toilet paper holder on vanity if you choose the vanity?

You can mount your toilet paper holder in front of the vanity, its side, or inside a basket wire on your vanity shelf. Alternatively, just leave it on top of your vanity. Regardless of the approach you take, remember to choose the right height placement.

This post explores each approach in detail, so keep reading.

Where Does Toilet Paper Holder Go on Vanity

Your vanity offers a convenient place to put your toilet paper holder, provided the distance between the vanity and your toilet is within arm’s length. With that in mind, let’s explore the different places you can attach a toilet paper holder to a vanity.

1. Mount The Toilet Paper Holder In Front of Your Vanity

It is perfectly okay to attach your toilet paper holder to the front part of your vanity. All you have to do is to ensure it does not get in the way of opening and closing the vanity door or drawer. This approach is viable, but you must also determine beforehand that the toilet paper holder will not make using the sink inconvenient. 

2. Attach The Toilet Paper Holder Inside The Vanity

Although toilet paper holders are mostly placed in areas people can easily see, this does not have to be the case. You can choose to keep yours hidden to keep your bathroom clutter-free and clean. This approach will also help prevent water from splashing on your toilet paper. In addition, it keeps children and pets from accessing, playing with, or destroying them.

An excellent example of an out-of-sight place to mount your toilet paper holder is inside your vanity. Mount, the holder inside the vanity’s door or in a cabinet, provided your vanity’s design allows it. You can also remove the front drawer and then attach an inset toilet paper holder. 

The downside of keeping your toilet paper out of sight is that guests will find it hard to figure out where your toilet papers are, so you must let them know beforehand. 

3. Attach The Toilet Paper Holder On the Vanity’s Side

You can choose this method if your vanity is close to the toilet but with a small distance between them. This makes accessing toilet paper after using the bathroom pretty easy. However, just make sure you drill the vanity carefully to avoid damaging it. 

4. Put A wire Basket Toilet Paper Holder On The Vanity

Consider using a basket toilet paper holder if you do not want to drill into your vanity. With your basket in hand, put your toilet paper in and keep the basket in an open drawer on your vanity. Ensure the basket is within arm’s length from the toilet to keep you from unnecessarily stretching to get the toilet paper. 

It is worth noting that this method is less convenient and hygienic compared to using a standard toilet paper holder. This is because you will have to touch the whole toilet paper to tear off the rolls you need. In addition, this method is not practical if you have children or destructive pets. In such a case, choosing a free-standing or wall-mounted toilet paper holder would be best.

5. Leave Your Toilet Paper Holder on Top of Your Vanity

If your vanity is several inches away from the toilet, you may be better off leaving the toilet paper holder on top of the vanity. You will likely have to stretch a bit to get the toilet paper, but that should not be much of an inconvenience. A single rustic toilet paper holder made of wood mounted either vertically or horizontally will help you achieve a minimalistic, elegant look in your bathroom. 

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How To Mount A Toilet Paper Holder On The Vanity Side

Follow the procedure below to mount a toilet paper holder on your vanity’s side without damaging it. 


  • Screwdriver
  • Spirit level
  • Pencil
  • Drill

1. Examine The Toilet Paper Holder Screws

Before getting started, ensure the screws that came with the holder are big enough to keep the holder in place. However, it should not be too big to interfere with the drawer or door from opening and closing. If the screws are not the right size, swap them with more appropriate ones.

2. Mark The Holes

Mark the spots you intend to drill using a pencil. A spirit level will help you keep the holes perfectly aligned.

3. Screw In The Bracket

It is time for the bracket to go into the vanity unit. Based on the vanity unit material, you can drill a tiny pilot hole before the actual one. Use a drill that has a screwdriver bit screw the bracket.

4. Fit The Roll Holder

Fit the toilet paper holder over the bracket’s top and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to secure it in place correctly. 


You must consider the placement height of the toilet paper holder from the bathroom floor. The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) stipulates that the distance between the wall-mounted toilet paper holder’s center and the bathroom floor should be 26 inches. 

In addition, the distance between the toilet and the mounting wall, in this case, the vanity, should be 8 inches to 12 inches. Measure this distance from the toilet bowl’s very front. Ensure the space you choose should account for tall and short people. Ten inches is ideal if you have kids or shorter adults.

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Final Remarks

A vanity is a valuable addition to your bathroom since it offers storage space, thus helping you keep the area organized and clean. This bathroom component can also serve as a spot to mount your toilet paper holder. The options discussed above offer ways to install holders on vanities. 

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