where to put towel bar in small bathroom

Where To Put Towel Bar In Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms are typically fitted with the necessary sanitary components like a toilet, sink, and shower, thus serving its primary function. However, space remains a big deal in these washrooms, so you must be creative and resourceful when installing other accessories like a towel bar.

While you can keep other care products in drawers, towels need to be easily accessible; that’s why towel bars are preferred by many. They come in singles or sets, providing sufficient space for your towels. 

When fitting a towel bar in your small bathroom, you must consider space and ensure you pick a spot that will allow you to reach the towel easily. This will improve your bathroom’s accessibility and comfort.

Well, without much ado, let’s look at the different places you can put a tower bar in a small bathroom.

Where To Put Towel Bar In Small Bathroom (3 Ideal Places!)

While there are no set guidelines for where to place your towel bars, your bathroom layout will guide you into making the right choice. However, consider the tips below when deciding the right spot for your towel bar if you have a small bathroom.

1. Behind The Door Is An Excellent Choice

Never write off your bathroom door as a possible spot for your towel bar. If you want an excellent towel bar in an incredibly tiny bathroom, behind the door is the ideal spot as it will allow you to optimize your bathroom space and ensure the bar does not get in your way.

If you choose to use the back of your bathroom door, find high-grade, sleek towel bars that will fit nicely on them. Furthermore, attach your bar at chest height to make sure the towels hang fittingly when not in use.

2. The Bathroom Sink

Since you will need a towel to dry your hands or face whenever you wash it, it’s essential to have it in close proximity to the sink. Therefore, mounting a towel bar on the bathroom sink or close to it is an excellent idea.

If you don’t have enough space right beside it, find a more suitable spot but make sure it’s within reach from the sink. On the other hand, mounting a towel bar on a bathroom sink isn’t easy as you can run into problems if you don’t have the necessary skills to perform the project.

Moreover, it’s better to purchase a bathroom sink with a pre-installed towel bar since most washroom sinks aren’t designed to include a towel bar. Also, note that while other bathroom sink designs can accommodate towel bars, pedestal bathroom sinks and wall-mounted bathroom sinks are the better choices since they are more effective. 

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3. Above the Toilet

The wall above your toilet doesn’t have to stay bare, especially if you have a small bathroom. You can maximize your washroom storage space by mounting towel bars in this area.

The beauty of this space is that it will make towels easily accessible from the sink and the shower. During installation, calculate the height precisely to ensure your towels won’t hang low. 

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4. Inside The Shower

Putting a towel bar is an excellent idea if you want a convenient place to hang your towel while showering. It allows you to reach it just by stretching your hand, so you don’t have to get out to get the towel from somewhere else.

This location is time-efficient when you want to take a long warm shower. However, the problem with the towel bar being in the shower is that you won’t easily access a towel after washing your hand. 

Nonetheless, it may be the only available stop for a small bathroom. Moreover, a towel bar in the shower will likely last longer than one installed anywhere else because it will only be used when showering.

However, that doesn’t justify buying a towel bar without considering its durability. The length of time your towel bar will serve you is paramount as you don’t want to replace it frequently.

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Tips To Consider When Installing a Towel Bar In A Small Bathroom

When installing a towel bar in your bathroom, you must consider certain aspects to ensure it serves its purpose without compromising your comfort. Below is what you’ll need to do.

a. Install Your Towel Bar At Chest Height

The towel bar’s height is usually ignored, but it’s imperative as it plays a critical role in how useable your bar will be. If you set it too low or high, it will look odd and uncomfortable to use.

Therefore, please spare some time to mount it at chest height, making it reachable to everyone using your bathroom, including kids. Avoid installing it at a height or angle that will be inconvenient to some people. 

b. Don’t Let It Interfere With Other Bathroom Fixtures

Your towel bar shouldn’t get in the way of other components like the bathroom sink as it will compromise their functioning. For Example, putting the towel bar above your bathroom sink will make using the sink difficult, and accessing a towel will also be challenging. 

This is why you ought to consider every aspect when choosing where to mount your towel bar since towels need to be completely accessible at all times. 

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What Is The Ideal Height To Mount A Towel Bar?

The industry-standard height for towel bars is 48” above the floor, whether it’s mounted on a wall that has or doesn’t have a vanity cabinet. This is the ideal height because of the following reasons:

  • Oversized (30 x 58 inches) and average-sized (27 x 52 inches) bath towels will hang from the towel bar without touching the floor when folded halfway on their width.
  • A washcloth (13 by 13 inches) and an average-sized hand towel (ranging from 16 by 28 inches to 18 by 30 inches) folded widthwise will hang without the average vanity’s top.
  • Average height people can access a towel when standing with their arms slightly outstretched.
  • The towel bar will be about 16 to 18 inches higher than the average vanity, usually mounted 30-32” above the floor.

If you have kids, you will have to lower the towel bar height, but that will depend on your children’s ages. Your towel bar should sit at a maximum height of 36 inches from the bathroom floor for kids aged 3 to 4, utmost 40 inches for 5 to 8-year-olds, and 44 inches or below for 9 to 12-year-olds.

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You will need to carefully examine your bathroom, taking into account the available space and other bathroom components, when picking the perfect place to mount a towel bar. Regardless of your choice of location, conduct the mounting process diligently to make sure you don’t damage parts of your bathroom.

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