where to hang wet towels after shower

Where To Hang Wet Towels After Shower

Unless you live in the middle of the Sahara Desert, it’s improbable that your bath towel will not dry quickly, and the situation worsens if you dump it anywhere after showering. This is why it’s vital to hang your towels to maximize airflow to aerate them properly. 

If your towels don’t dry up thoroughly, you will likely end up with a musty-smelling bathroom, which is not only unhygienic but also gross. Therefore, get yourself a suitable place to hang your wet towels to avoid making your washroom a breeding ground for mold.

The best part is there are multiple accessories and areas that will help you have a proper hanging place for your towels. In that case, keep reading to find out.

Where To Hang Wet Towels After Shower 

Hanging wet towels is quite easy if you have the right equipment, and it won’t even cost you much. Below are some practical ways to hang your wet towels after showering.

1. Towel Racks

Towel racks are specifically designed to hold towels in a hanging position to allow air to pass over them, helping them dry. They come in various types and styles and are commonly used in most households in North America.

Here are the commons types to consider:

  1. a) Over The Toilet Towel Racks

This rack allows you to utilize the space over your toilet, and it’s especially beneficial for a smaller bathroom. However, make sure you fold your towel precisely to prevent it from touching the toilet.

  1. b) Towel Ladder Racks

Besides providing a place to hang multiple towels simultaneously because of the rungs, a ladder rack also looks nice and might make your bathroom more appealing. Moreover, it makes your washroom more organized since you can fold the towels neatly flat. 

You also don’t need to drill anywhere in your bathroom to install this rack. All you need to do is bring it in and place it against the chosen wall.

  1. c) Freestanding Towel Rack

This is another rack that doesn’t require any installation, tools, or assembly. As the name suggests, this rack is made to stand in your laundry room, bathroom simply, or anywhere else you want to put additional towels.

These racks come with a firm base to avert falling or tipping.

  1. d) Over The Door Towel Rack

Hanging a towel rack is a convenient place that saves you storage space and keeps wet towels out of the way. This rack doesn’t need hardware, and it’s easy to install, with some just slipping over the bathroom door to offer an accessible area to hang wet towels. 

  1. e) Wall-Mounted Towel Rack

This is the most popular and arguably the best means of drying wet towels. Besides serving their primary function, they also help decorate your wall, but you will need to drill into your wall to mount them. 

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2. Towel Bars

These are common fixtures in bathrooms made for holding your towels, whether wet or dry. They handle their job well and are also beautiful décor and furniture.

Some towel bars offer heating which comes in handy to keep your towels dry and clean. You can mount a towel bar in different places, including the wall or behind the door, but make sure you can easily access a towel whenever you need it.

Additionally, you can install multiple towel bars in different areas of your bathroom, but ensure you keep one within arm’s reach.

3. Towel Hook

These are excellent alternatives for towel racks and bars, especially if you don’t like folding towels. However, it’s essential to note that the towels will take longer to dry in a hook.

They are fairly effortless to install and don’t consume a lot of space, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms. You can mount it on the door or wall with a screwdriver or glue it.

If you are good at DIY, you can decide to make a towel hook using your preferred items or materials instead of buying one. Hooks make for excellent places to hang a robe.

Hooks also come in the form of a rack with 4-8 hooks, so besides wet towels, you can also hang other items on them. 

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4. Towel Tree

Towel trees resemble coat racks but are designed for hanging towels. They have hooks and arms and let you hang more than one wet towel simultaneously, giving them space and time to dry.

They are stand-alone accessories, so there is no need to use your bathroom wall. Furthermore, you can freely move it from one place to another, even outside your bathroom, should you decide to do so.

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5. Towel Stand

It resembles a towel tree but has a single or multiple horizontal bars to lay a wet towel across. It dries towels quickly and evenly like towel bars and is excellent if you don’t want to hook anything on your bathroom wall. 

6. Shower Suction Cup Hook

It resembles any other bathroom suction hook but is made to hang wet towels and be used explicitly in the shower. However, they can’t handle heavy use, so don’t buy the cheap ones.

7. A Clothes Hanger

You can hang a wet towel on a clothes hanger if there’s a tiny linen closet in your washroom. If not, mount a tension rod and buy sturdy hangers because towels get heavier when wet. 

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Why Do Wet Towels Stink?

If you don’t let your towels dry, they will start to stink, which happens for several reasons. The factors contributing to the musty smell of wet bath towels are:

1. Bodily Debris

You would assume that your body is spotless after showering, but that’s not the case. However, no matter how much you scrub your body, your body will produce debris like body oil and dead skin when you dry off, which goes into the towel.

After using the towel a couple of times, the debris will build up, making the towel smell.

2. Leaving Them In A Washing Machine

If you leave your towels in the machine for long after completing a cleaning cycle, bacteria will start to grow, producing a foul smell. Washing machines are perfect breeding grounds for mold and bacteria because they are damp, dark, and have leftover debris and dirt.

3. Failure To Hang The Towels

If you throw your towels on the bathroom floor or aimlessly drape them somewhere else after drying yourself off, they will quickly develop a foul smell. This is because the moisture will stimulate mold and bacteria mold. 

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FAQ on Where to Hang Wet Towels After Shower

1. Do Towels Dry Faster On Hooks Or Bars?

Towels dry faster on bars than hooks or rings because they allow you to hang them spread across the towel bar. Since towel bars come in different lengths, you can find one long enough to fit your towels perfectly. 

2. Where Do You Put Your Towels To Dry?

There are numerous places to dry your towels. They include hanging them on towel bars, rings, hooks, racks, towel stands, towel trees, clothing hangers, and Shower Suction Cup Hook.


Personal preference is fundamental when it comes to choosing bathroom hardware, besides functionality, of course. Therefore, drilling holes into your bathroom door or wall, make sure you pick an accessory that complements your style and will allow your wet towels to dry efficiently.

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