urine around base of toilet

Why Is There Urine Around Base of Toilet?

When you notice urine around base of toilet, it could be a major issue or a quick fix. It could be urine leaks from the drain pipe underneath seeping through a worn out wax ring or rubber seal, loose toilet tee bolts or urine puddle collection from back splash from urination into  the toilet bowl or a hairline crack on the toilet base.

In addition, you should determine whether you notice urine around the base of toilet after you flush or overtime after users have visited the toilet. This will help determine whether it’s an issue with the aim or the toilet itself.

In this article we will discuss in detail each of the causes. For some you can easily do the fixing , however some may require some expertise and may need you to call in a plumber.

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Why is there urine around the base of toilet?

Urine backsplash from urination 

To those who claim they are meticulous toilet users, we are sorry to burst your bubble. This goes for both men and women. For men, the issue is likely to do with their aim and for those who do not lift the toilet seat when urinating and fail to aim inside the bowl.

As for the ladies, when urinating while seated the angle and force at which urine hits the bowl matters. If you urinate at a sharp angle with high pressure urine is likely to leak under the toilet seat and some will leak down to the base of the toilet. 

Over time the collection of this urine leads to urine puddles, smell and stains too.

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Loose toilet tee bolts

In some cases, the leak could be due to loose toilet tee bolts. These are on either side of the toilet base and could be covered with bolts caps to match the bowl. 

For this you can use an adjustable wrench to tighten the bolts back and by doing this your sealing tightens the toilet to the drain pipe hence stopping the leak.

After which you will need to test the toilet by flushing and check whether the leak is still there. If so then you will need to replace the wax ring underneath. If not then reapply some caulk around the base of the toilet base to the floor.

Worn out wax ring seal

If the urine leak is from the floor it means the wax ring underneath is worn out and once you flush urine leaks through onto the base of the toilet. To solve this you will need to replace the wax ring with a new one or use a rubber seal ring instead which is less messy.

To replace the ring you will need to drain the toilet tank and disconnect it from the toilet bowl. Then empty the toilet bowl, open the toilet tee bolts and lift it off the toilet flange. Then you replace it with a new one and fix the toilet back in place.

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How to get rid of urine around base of toilet

The first thing to do is use paper towels to soak out all the urine from under the toilet. Do not flush them down because they can clog the toilet. Instead throw them in the trash bag.

You should not try to clean the urine directly by scrubbing with a brush or mopping it off. You will be seeping it further in the grout.

Then use white vinegar , a dish cleaning soap and hot water. Add a half cup of about 3 dish soap into a bucket of hot water and use a mop or piece of cloth to clean the area clean with your gloves on. 

Then use a clean supply of hot water to rinse it off and leave it to dry or use a cloth to wipe it dry completely.

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FAQs on Urine around base of toilet

Should you seal around the base of a toilet

This is a long ongoing debate which will not be ending soon. Nonetheless, you should definitely seal around the base of your toilet for the benefits are clear. First it helps with the overall look of your toilet because a small gap always remains between floor and the toilet.

The seal will also prevent odors and urine from leaking through the base. And will make cleaning your toilet base way easier. And most importantly in some municipalities caulking around your bae is required.

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What can you put around the base of your toilet?

You can put disposable floor mats which are treated to soak in on any leaks that may occur and dispose of. They are better compared to using the old fashioned rugs around the base of the toilet.

 In addition, you can put caulk around the base of the toilet to avoid urine from seeping into the floor and make your cleaning easier.

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Why does my toilet leak at the base of my toilet when I flush?

There are several reasons why your toilet leaks at the base when you flush. The toilet wax ring could be worn out, the toilet flange may be too high off the floor , blocked plumb line and a broken or corroded toilet flange.

For you to determine the actual reasons one will need to lift off the toilet bowl off the floor and investigate. This may require the services of a plumber if you’re not up for a DIY involving the toilet.

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