How to protect bathroom floor from urine

How to Protect Bathroom Floor from Urine

In this article we will discuss ways on how to protect bathroom floor from urine. You are going to use a combination of ways to keep your bathroom sparkling and free from urine puddles and stains on walls.

This is because there are several ways in which urine gets to settle on the bathroom floor. The most common are when men miss target and urine hits the floor and  splash backs as women urinate when sitted. 

This means the first thing one should do is make sure everyone in the home is educated on proper use of the toilet. It all starts with the basics and you will see change from there. 

Ways on How to protect bathroom floor from urine

Washable floor mats/ Contour toilet rugs 

Using u shaped toilet rugs around the base of the toilet bowl has many advantages. Some may find them unhygienic however with frequent cleaning they will do much good.

They will relieve pressure and fatigue off your feet, protect the tile and grout underneath from stains and also add to the decor in your bathroom. They are easy to maintain and cost effective compared to disposable floor mats.

Disposable floor mats

For those who are caregivers to the elderly with incontinence problems and dread cleaning up the mess after. Disposable floor mats will not only absorb odors, soak up on leaks but also protect the floor from stains.

They have a rubber backing to prevent slipping and are treated with deodorizing agents to absorb the ammonia smell of urine. They are also great for public urinals like at the gym.

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Toilet pee splatter guard / Deflector

Ladies in the house who have been wondering why the underside of the toilet seat turns yellow and urine puddles in the front of the base of the toilet bowl. These are caused when urine splashes back when one urinates at an angle and with high pressure on the toilet bowl.

To prevent urine from coming out through the gap between the toilet seat and the bowl. You should use a toilet splash guard like this Tiga Toilet seat splash guard that is easy to install.

For the men, it is the angle of attack when standing. If it is at a sharp angle the splashback is going to be major and urine will be all over. In this case a splatter shield tank cover will be most suitable to place on the back side of the bowl. They are egg shaped form funnels to keep everything inside the bowl.

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Toilet etiquette signs

Putting signs on the wall as a warning against improper use of the toilet and help in keeping it clean. You can go for funny toilet hygiene signs or choose to use printables that you can stick to the wall.

For a home with little boys a sign to keep the toilet seat down or aim on target are good ones to use.

Caulk the toilet bowl base

It is advisable for you to caulk around the base of your toilet bowl to prevent urine leaks from seeping into the grout or underneath the toilet space and cause urine smells even after cleaning

You should leave a gap at the back side of the toilet bowl which is hard to caulk any way. That opening will be there to decipher if there are urine leaks from the wax ring or drain pipe underneath.

There are two caulks available, clear caulk and white caulk. Clear caulk will however turn yellow overtime and hence it advisable to use the white one for aesthetics as most toilet bowls are white anyway.

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Proper toilet use education

Ignorance is bliss, sometimes we just need a reminder on how to use the bathroom. For men it is about the angle of attack, lifting the toilet bowl and most importantly cleaning up immediately in case of a mess.

This way you will avoid stains and create urine puddles around the toilet base. If you have little ones then it is good to start teaching them on proper use of the toilet. So that they grow up into impeccable toilet users.

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Now you know more than enough ways on how to protect bathroom floor from urine. Some may need you to get a bathroom essential accessory like a splash guard or disposable floor mats for incontinence  problems. 

But most importantly give some lessons on proper use of the toilet and the importance of dealing with a mess immediately. Say no more to urine puddles on the front of the toilet bowl base, frequent mopping off urine off the floor and staining the bathroom floor grout.

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