toilet rug alternative

Toilet Rug Alternative

Nothing is worse than entering a washroom and seeing wet droplets on the floor, especially if you walk about the house in your socks. Toilet rugs always keep the bathroom dry, preventing slips and falls. 

They absorb water, prevent germs from growing, and keep the washroom clean at all times. If you fall because of losing balance, you’ll incur serious injuries, meaning purchasing an excellent non-slip toilet rug will safeguard your household. 

Bath rugs are an excellent way to bring style and class to any washroom since they contribute to the overall look of the furnishings by defining the area and establishing a focal point. Toilet rugs, while mostly decorative, can also fulfill a functional purpose based on the fabric used.

This article highlights the benefits of toilet rugs, a review of the top rugs on the market, and toilet rug alternatives. Read on to find out more. 

The Importance of Toilet Rugs

Even though they might be an effective design tool, toilet rugs still offer many benefits, as discussed below. 

1. Feet Protection

If your toilet doesn’t have a rug to absorb water, the floor will have water droplets that could dampen your floor. Unaddressed wetness on the floor might cause slipping and falling incidents, resulting in broken limbs; or brain injuries. 

Therefore, having an anti-slip toilet rug will protect you from such occurrences. 

2. Look And Feel

Toilet rugs provide a sense of comfort and contribute to the niceties of your house. Their presence makes your washroom appear elegant and complete. 

Some people may not embrace having rugs in restrooms but will undoubtedly have one at the entrance. 

We bet you’ll delight in the luxurious appearance of your washroom after putting a toilet rug in it. 

3. Protection Of Floors

Bathroom rugs also help in maintaining and enhancing the look of our flooring. They offer foot protection and safeguard your toilet floor. 

Excess water may wreak havoc on your flooring, even if they are tiles or hardwood. The water falling on a non-rugged floor will ultimately infiltrate and permeate into the floor, resulting in significant damages and impairments. 

That’s where a toilet rug comes in handy to salvage these scenarios because it will soak the moisture and thus save money that you would otherwise have spent on pricey repairs and upgrades.

4. They Are Warm And Comfortable

You can’t dilute the coziness that comes with restroom rugs. Imagine stepping out onto super-soft carpeting that soaks all the bothersome and excessive water on the floor and from your feet; feels fantastic, right?

That’s what toilet rugs offer you; they rise to the occasion and give you the warmth and comfort you desire. 

However, toilet rugs aren’t flawless because they have a few drawbacks, for example:

  1. a) Hygiene

Hygiene is arguably the most apparent reason many shy away from toilet rugs. The materials used are effortlessly washed and replaced. 

Toilet rugs could harbor mildew, mold, or spills. 

  1. b) Damage

Exposure to water and other sorts of moisture for extended periods would damage and degrade toilet rugs slowly but surely. To curb this loss, monitor the condition of your toilet rug and intervene before it becomes too problematic. 

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Toilet Rug Alternatives

There are substitutes for soft, toasty rugs in the toilet that are easy to clean and don’t draw allergens as other materials. You may replace toilet rugs with the following options:

1. Wood

Protected wood outshines cotton toilet rugs in maintaining floor dryness and inhibiting the spread of bacteria and mildew. Asides from that, the wood is also non-slippery, and you can walk on it with wet or dry feet. 

2. Cork

Cork toilet mats are inherently anti-fungal and less prone to dust and other allergens since they do not keep moisture. They are non-slip, soft materials that dry faster than a fabric bath mat. 

You can either buy them or make one for yourself by attaching pieces of wine corks (halves) to shelf liners. 

3. Vetiver Root

It is a long-lasting, waterproof material that prevents mildew from forming on it or in your washroom. Velvet root includes natural oils that emit a scent when it comes into touch with water. 

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4 Best Toilet Rugs In 2022

Here is a selection of the top toilet rugs: 

1. Yimobra Memory Foam Toilet Bath Mat U-Shaped

Yimobra bath rugs are an excellent choice for your washroom and other areas. The contour rug has a smooth velvet touch layer and a dense memory foam filling that absorbs moisture fast and dries rapidly. 

It is thick and padded to give warmth and comfort to your feet. 

The U-shaped rug features a non-slippery PVC bottom that works well in a slippery toilet. The toilet rug protects your floor from wetness while insulating your feet from chilly surfaces. 

The toilet carpet 24 × 20.2 Inches cut perfectly fits different shapes of the toilet. It also keeps fluids from spilling on the floor. 

The contour rug comes in several colors to match different decorative styles. Apart from being a breeze to clean, Yimobra rugs keep their color regardless of how frequently you wash them. 

It’s worth mentioning that you should put this rug on a flat floor that’s clean and dry because the water beneath could cause it to slip or shift. 

2. Bathroom Rugs Sets 2 Piece, Luxury Chenille Bath Mat Set

LuxUrux’s luxuriously silky 1″ high after-bath mat rug combo will insulate your bathroom flooring and is ideal for a children’s restroom, main bathroom, vanity, or visitor’s suite. Loads of microfibers make up the matting. 

The mat’s 1″ deep stack traps moisture, allowing it to dry fast and effectively, keeping it fresh and dry. Its resistance to degradation is worth mentioning because of its robust materials and high-quality manufacturing. 

The rug looks magnificent and will serve you for years without fading. It features a PVC layer and chenille microfiber that are machine washable, meaning you won’t have a rough time ridding it of stains. 

You can wash it frequently and use it daily. The product also comes with a lifetime warranty. 

3. Olanly Bathroom Rugs Set 2 Piece Microfiber Bath Shower Mat 

Olanly toilet rugs boast modern-day Moroccan designs with distinctive fiber-locking precision and 0.6 plush microfiber fibers. It features a robust, durable, and more costly TP Rubber suitable for long-term usage. Other manufacturers whose rubber bolster wears and peels off after a few washes can’t match this quality. 

The extra plush fuzzy microfiber fabric protects your floors from leaking water when you walk out of a toilet, shower, or bath, thanks to the deep pile in the rug. It makes it dry faster and neatly. 

To maintain Olanly toilet rugs and mats, wash them in a machine with cold water using a light detergent, then hang dry them. These rugs and mats are perfect for the main bathroom, children’s washroom, vanity, vacation house, or guest suite. 

4. Yimobra Luxury Shaggy U-Shaped Toilet Rug, Soft Comfortable Contour Mat 

The Yimobra comfortable toilet rugs provide outstanding foot comfort since they feature 100% ultra-soft microfiber. Its thick and soft shag gives it a high-water absorption rate, allowing it to absorb moisture quickly.

Yimobra luxury shaggy toilet rug’s bottom features a non-slip rough layer and a unique sticky backing, making it effective on slippery toilet floors. The toilet rug protects your floor from wetness while insulating your feet from chilly surfaces. 

The 24.4 X 20.4 toilet mats suit most contour toilets, and their covering prevents fluids from dampening the floor. You’ll have a peaceful time washing them since they’re machine washable and dryable. 

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Final Thoughts

From the guide, toilet rugs enhance your washroom outlook, keep your toilet floor dry, and shield you from unnecessary sliding accidents caused by damp surfaces. If the restroom rugs discussed do not thrill you, you can look at their alternatives like wood, cork, and vetiver root. 

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