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6 Thin Bath Mat To Fit Under Door [ 2022 ]

The safety and comfort provided by a bath mat as you step out of your bathtub or shower make it a must-have accessory in your bathroom. We all strive to create a comfortable and welcoming home, and having a thin bath mat to fit under door is an essential aspect of achieving this goal. 

Wet bathroom floors are slippery, making you susceptible to slipping, but bath mats counter the risk by providing an anti-slip surface to step on after a shower or bath. Besides protecting your falling and stepping on the cold floor, bath mats also protect your bathroom floor from water damage.

Knowing the importance of bath mats, if you are looking to get your hands on the best thin bath mat to fit under your door, here are options with excellent features and specifications.

Review of Thin Bath Mat To Fit Under Door

GOYLSER Non-Slip Thin Bath Mat Rugs



This is a 2-piece bathroom mat set featuring a thin enough rubber backing at the bottom that can fit under the door. You can place Goylser non-slip bath mat behind a door without being entangled with fluff upon closing the door. 

It provides nano technology support since it’s embedded with eco nanoparticle high tech. Moreover, the bottom TP rubber is backed with grain to raise its friction, ensuring it sits on the floor tightly and firmly, preventing it from moving even with water or dust underneath.

You don’t have to worry about the mat scratching your floor or slipping because it possesses strong adsorption. In addition, it’s very smooth and highly absorbent, coupled with excellent breathability and drying speed.

 In terms of cleaning, you can wash Goylser non-slip bath mat by hand or with a machine. You can choose between different colors and styles such as navy, wine red, anchor style, beach style, orange, and diamond pattern.

This suede bath mat is pretty versatile with multiple uses like a bathroom carpet, front door, bathtubs or shower mats, and a pet’s sleeping and eating area. 


  • Highly absorbent
  • Easy care
  • Nano technology
  • 100% non-skid


  • Not the most stylish mat

Buganda Memory Foam Soft Bath Mats – Non-Slip Absorbent 



This mat should be on top of your lift if you want a soft, comfortable bath mat that fits under a door. It’s equipped with polyurethane high-density memory foam, and its outer material is microfiber coral velvet producing a cozy, super soft, skin-friendly mat that will relieve your feet of fatigue and pressure.

The back of this bath mat features a non-slip mesh to keep it from skidding and shifting and prevent water and other fluids from seeping into the mat’s soft surface. In addition, it’s fitted with superior water absorption and swift drying techniques to help keep your bathroom always clean and dry.

Buganda Memory Foam Soft Bath Mats come in various sizes, with the big ones suitable for different areas in your home. These include bathrooms, study room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathtub side, outdoors and indoors, living room, balcony, meeting room, in front of sinks, and hallway.

To clean this bath mat, run it in a washing machine with mild detergent and cold water, then air dry or tumble dry it on low heat. Never use bleach or chlorine on it, and don’t buy it without measuring the area you intend to lay it. 


  • Comfortable and soft
  • Waterproof and anti-slip
  • Multipurpose
  • Multiple color options
  • Easy cleaning


  • Loses color over time

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Napa Skin Super Absorbent Bath Mat



Your feet will feel comfortable in this mat since it’s made with the appropriate thickness and density. It is also equipped with charming properties you will surely appreciate, such as durability, water resistance, easy-clean, water absorption, skin-friendliness, and anti-slip.

Napa Skin Super Absorbent Bath Mat offers strong resistance to slipping because of the non-slip rubber floor with a steady grip to raise stability and security. Furthermore, it’s made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which dries quicker, ensuring you don’t slip on a wet surface.

Besides absorbing water quickly, it also absorbs oil and water stains swiftly, keeping your floors clean and dry, translating to a clean and comfortable home. This also helps lower damage to your floor from oil stains and fluid splashes.

 This bath mat also fits under your door and doesn’t need to be cleaned regularly but is pretty easy to clean and vacuum to remove dust particles. In addition, you can wash it at temperatures of up to 40°C and ideal for underfloor heating, making sure your feet stay cozy and warm. 

It is suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, sink, entrance, living room, etc. 


  • Robust slip resistance
  • Quick-drying and water absorption
  • Versatile
  • Available in multiple shapes and colors


  • Color isn’t true

MontVoo-Bath Mat Non-Slip & Quick Drying



This is a diatomaceous earth soft version bath mat with the ability to absorb dripping water in 0.5 seconds after leaving the shower or bathtub. You will notice the watermarks disappear within a few minutes after stepping on the mat, leaving it looking like it wasn’t wet. 

Montvoo bath mat is faux suede made, making it highly durable, so you won’t have to worry about fuzzy pilling or fiber dropping issues common to traditional chenille mats. It is not prone to problems caused by fading, shedding, wearing, and hair or dirt hiding. 

Moreover, you can entirely rely on it to keep you from slipping because it’s designed with 100% high-quality rubber back. Therefore, it steadily and flatly grips on a smooth and wet floor without curling up or skidding, lowering the user’s susceptibility to slipping, especially at high-risk individuals like the Elderly and kids.

Furthermore, the hairless new-tech layer prevents hair and dirt from attaching to its surface and helps water evaporate swiftly. It’s also thin enough to fit under the door, but it’s not a microfiber bath mat.


  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect anti-slip properties
  • Durable
  • Dirt-resistant
  • Quick-drying and fast-absorbing 


  • It’s not soft

Golener Thin Bath Mats Carpet, Cut to Fit Rugs



Water quickly dries off this bath mat because it’s manufactured using super-absorbent nanomaterials. Your feet will feel great on this mat, and it’s an excellent accessory to transform your powder room into a warm area with maximum serenity.

This suede-made mat is suitable for protecting you from slipping when you get out of the bathtub, spa, or shower. It’s excellent for your vacation home, master bathroom, guest suite, kids bathroom, and vanity.

Unlike traditional bath mats, Golener thin bath mats focus on the ultra-thin concept, which is effortless to clean; hence regular cleaning isn’t dreadful. You can choose to wash it using a machine or hands using mild detergent and cold water without bleach or chlorine. 

Golener Thin Bath Mat is highly durable as it has a robust rubber backing that will not break down, tear, or rip easily even after continuous use. Additionally, it’s equipped with an adhesive that keeps the mat stuck to the floor, keeping it from skidding, hence protecting you from slipping.

It’s available in different sizes-small, medium, and large. You can also choose between various colors, including navy, black, brown, gray, and pink.


  • Super absorbent
  • Fits under doors
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile


  • Visible dirt marks

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MatXwell Bath Mat Bathroom Rug, Soft Diatomite Earth



You won’t have a problem fitting this bath mat under your door since it’s 0.16 inches with a flat surface. Other than that, it provides efficient water absorbency because it’s made of diatomaceous earth that’s naturally safe with quick-drying and superb water absorbency abilities. 

Water under your feet will be absorbed within a few seconds of stepping out of the bathtub or shower, keeping your floor and feet clean and dry. Moreover, the risks of falling or slipping off this mat are minimal because its back has anti-slip particles, raising friction with the floor. 

As mentioned, this bath mat is 0.16 inches thick, so you can fold it easily and tuck it away in compact places like a cupboard when not using it. Moreover, it allows you to hand wash it effortlessly and lay it in the shade to dry. 

You can use it in different places such as in front of a sink, kitchen, shower and bathtub side, and your swimming pool. Furthermore, it comes in many different colors, including grey leaf, light grey, and color stone.

The manufacturer will offer more colors in the future to complement the styles of every consumer. 


  • High water absorbency
  • It’s a safe bath mat with anti-slip properties
  • Multi-function
  • Easy to clean and store


  • Some people may find it too small.

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You wouldn’t want to have your bath mat interfering with the door, making it hard to open and close it well, or causing the carpet to fold. Therefore, choose the best thin bath mat to fit under door from the list above.

The above products are designed to protect you from slipping, keep your feet warm, absorb water, and fit under doors. 

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