toilet chain alternative

Toilet Chain Alternative

Looking for a toilet chain alternative? Well toilets are bound to experience issues considering they are used every day, but regardless, you must ensure yours functions efficiently at all times. Toilet chains are some of the problems you will likely encounter, and you have to fix them for the toilet to flush well. 

It would be best to get a genuine toilet chain from your toilet manufacturer, although you can also look for a superior toilet chain alternative. Moreover, you can efficiently perform a DIY replacement if you have the necessary skills, of course.

Alternatively, find a professional contractor to help you deliver an excellent job that will restore your toilet to optimal performance. You can replace a toilet chain with just a pair of pliers.

With that said, let’s get into the gist of the topic.

Reasons to Replace Your Toilet Chain?

The toilet chain is an essential component of a toilet closet that lifts the flapper when you press the flush button or pull the flush handle. Unfortunately, it’s a huge cause of many problems. 

You will typically need to replace your toilet chain when it malfunctions, and below are the reasons you’d do so.

  1. If The Toilet Is Constantly Running

Multiple reasons can cause this issue, but if it’s because of the chain, then it’s either too long or too short. A short toilet chain doesn’t let the flapper settle on the toilet seat, so you will have to unhook it then provide it with additional slack.

On the other hand, a long chain hangs off the toilet flapper and goes beneath it during flushing, preventing it from correctly sealing. In such a case, snip the extra chain.

  1. If The Toilet Doesn’t Flush Completely

If your toilet is experiencing incomplete flushing, you will need to hold the button or handle down in order to empty the bowl when flushing completely. This issue happens when the toilet chain is too big, meaning the flapper won’t pull up effortlessly or fall swiftly.

You can fix this problem by shortening the chain.

  1. Broken Chain

Corrosion makes a toilet lift chain break down, which happens when trying to flush. The typical flushing sound and resistance will be replaced by a metallic sound generated by the toilet chain falling from the tank (inside the toilet closet) when the chain breaks. 

Moreover, the toilet handle will feel loose, but luckily, you can easily replace the chain.

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Toilet Chain Alternative

When looking to replace your toilet chain, It’s best to consider the genuine replacement provided by the manufacturer as they are designed with the quality needed to allow the toilet to function well. For instance, if you have a Toto toilet, buy a toilet chain replacement from the brand.

However, you can opt for a superior alternative that will work perfectly with your toilet. Make sure what you pick is durable, get rid of chains that can break or tangle, and offer a solid seal.

How To Replace A Toilet Chain

As mentioned, replacing a toilet chain is quite straightforward, and you can do it by yourself. Follow the following steps to replace your toilet chain successfully. 

  • Turn off your toilet’s water supply to avoid splashing or flooding your bathroom during the process.
  • Separate the hand alarm and the chain and detach the old chain and flapper. Disconnect the old chain and flapper by removing them from the mounting arms, then discard them.
  • Replace the old chain and flapper with new ones by attaching them to the mounting arms.
  • Find out the amount of slack you require to attach the hand arm change. The chain needs proper slack to function appropriately because it may not be able to raise the flapper well if it’s too loose or too slack. Moreover, it could get underneath the flapper, making the toilet run. Your toilet will constantly run if you have a short chain as it might keep it from flattening the flapper by pulling it.
  • Ensure the flapper is flat and pull up the chain into the handle arm. Before attaching the chain to the handle arm, provide it with some slack. 
  • With everything in place, switch the water back on, then test if the toilet closet works well. Adjust the chain until you get the suitable slack, and if you remain with an additional chain afterwards, cut it off to prevent it from tangling in the tank.

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3 Best Toilet Chains

The toilet chain you pick should be durable, high-quality, easy to install, functional, and affordable. Here are some excellent choices worth considering.

1. Toilet Handle Chain Stainless Steel Toilet Flapper Lift Chain Replacement

This is a high-quality lift chain made of stainless steel designed to be durable, strong, and rust-resistant to provide excellent service even in a wet area. It offers a great, practical replacement for an older flapper chain that will restore your toilet to full functionality, free of leaks.

It’s is easy to install, use and remove because of its simple design. In addition, you can either choose the package with 3 or 6 chains, each with a C-shaped ring end to aid easy installation and replacement and a hook end. 


  • Offers value for money
  • High-quality
  • Easy installation and use
  • Durable


  • It can snag

2. Toilet Flapper Chain Replacement

This replacement chain is made to be universal, so you can fit it into pretty much any toilet and serves as an excellent replacement for damaged toilet chains. It’s built to last, which means it is durable and strong.

It’s a 9 1/2 inches component with bullnose and hook. The stainless-steel chain is easy to install; in fact, you can DIY the whole installation process. 


  • Durable and robust
  • Easy to install
  • Offers value for money
  • Universal fit


  • The chain length may be too short for some toilets

3. Fluidmaster 5104 Universal Kink Free Toilet Flapper Chain Replacement

This chain replacement fits all toilet brands, easy to use, installs easily, is highly durable, and comes with a one year warranty. It helps you replace a broken chain effortlessly, and you don’t have to worry about it tangling because it has a kink-free design.


  • Universal
  • Easy to install
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use


  • It’s plastic

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Don’t wait until your toilet chain is rendered not functional to replace, consider getting a toilet chain alternative of better quality. Alternatively, make a point of replacing it every two years or a year to ensure it is not broken, rusted, and working correctly. 

The best toilet chain alternative will outlast the ordinary chains and prevent chain breakage and entanglement. Moreover, perform regular checks to see if there’s an issue you need to fix.

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