3 inch inside fit toilet flange

What Size Toilet Flange For A 3 Inch Pipe?

Before buying a toilet flange, you must know the size that will perfectly fit your toilet since toilet pipes come in different sizes, and so do flanges. You will need a 3 inch inside fit toilet flange for a 3-inch schedule 40 DWV pipe or a 4 x3 toilet flange. 

Aside from ensuring you have the correct size flange, make sure you perform a stellar installation job to have a perfectly running toilet. Remember, the problems from the installation can cause adverse health conditions, so prevention is definitely better.

Forgo these issues by making sure you have a suitable toilet flange with regard to the drainage pipe.

This post tackles the toilet flange you will need for a 3-inch pipe, the different toilet flange sizes, and touch on the best 3 inch inside fit toilet flange. Keep reading if you are interested in this information.

What Size Toilet Flange that Fits inside a 3 inch Pipe?



Yes, there is a toilet flange that can fit inside a 3 inch pipe.

When it comes to fitting a toilet flange, you must decide whether to fit it outside or inside. While the 4 inch is the standard diameter for toilet flanges, you can also get a 3-inch version.

If you have a 3-inch schedule or 40 PVC schedule , you can purchase a 3-inch toilet flange as it will easily fit inside the pipe. Alternatively, you can go with a 4 x 3 toilet flange for your 3-inch pipe. 

A 4 x 3 toilet flange has a 4 inch upper part connected to the lower part of the toilet and a 3-inch lower part that connects to the outlet pipe. 

The problem with a 3-inch toilet flange is that the outlet pipe’s inside diameter decreases, increasing the risks of clogging. The 3-inch outlet pipe offers half of the 4-inch pipe when it comes to capacity.

While you can have the outer pipe go into the toilet flange, you need to do it carefully because it may result in leakage of sewer gases into your bathroom. These gases not only have a foul smell, but they also contain harmful elements, so apply glue during installation to prevent leaks.

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How Big Should the Hole be in the Subfloor for the Toilet Flange?

The standard size of the hole in the subfloor for the toilet flange is 3 or 4 inches in diameter. 

In this case you are restricted to the 3-inch toilet flange. On the contrary, you can choose other sizes, but make sure it’s compatible with your drain pipe.

a) 3 Inch Toilet Flange

This toilet flange has 3 inches lower and upper parts and can easily slide into the outlet pipe. Some are made of metal, but that’s prone to rust, so you are better off with PVC.

b) 4 x 3 Inch Toilet Flange

The upper and lower parts of this toilet flange have 4 inch and 3-inch diameters, respectively. Therefore, if the outlet pipe is a schedule 3-inch DWV the flange is installed outside the drainage pipe and inside the drainage pipe for a schedule 4-inch DWV.

c) 3-Inch and 4-Inch Toilet Flange

You can refer to it as a universal closet flange because it fits nearly all drain pipes. You will insert the flange into the pipe if you have a 4-inch drain pipe and the pipe into the flange if the drain pipe is 3 inches.

d) Odd Size Toilet Flange

some closet flange sizes don’t match other regular toilet flanges. For instance, there’s an ABS closet flange whose lower part has a 3.5-inch diameter and an upper part with a 7-inch diameter, so it doesn’t fit into the standard 3 x 4 inch and 3-inch toilet flanges.

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Toilet Flange for Inside 3 Inch PVC

There is plenty of 3-inch inside fit toilet flanges in the market. These flanges go inside 3-inch outlet pipes and function well, but keep in mind that these pipes aren’t ideal for multiple toilets because they carry less waste and are susceptible to clogging.

Below are some excellent options:

Sioux Chief Closet Flange Push-Tite Pvc 3”




This toilet flange has a long flange sleeve with an outer part wrapped with rubber, so you don’t need to use glue during installation. It offers a simple installation that entails pushing the flange then fastening it to the bathroom floor.

The swivel ring is made of stainless steel and offers good durability. The engineered elastomer, rigid gasket seals against the inside wall of the outlet pipe, which is easy to do considering the straightforward installation process offered by this toilet flange. 

The installation process also makes this closet flange easy to repair or remodel. In addition, the inner walls of this flange are smooth without ledges or obstructions to create clogs.

The pushTite’s extended outlet length helps seal it against the drainpipe inner wall, even when you add extra flooring or cut the pipe below the bathroom floor.

Oatey 43507 Level Fit Closet, 3 in, 0.45 in Flange, PVC, 3 Inch



You can attach this 3-inch closet flange into a 3 -inch schedule 40 DWV pipe and secure it using the four slots for mounting. In addition, it is fitted with 4 countersunk holes designed to attach it to the floor without leaving room for wobbling and leaks. 

This extra-thick toilet flange is corrosion resistant and is made to sit flush on the toilet floor. Moreover, it’s made of Polyvinyl Chloride or ABS, and the plastic rings feature alignment indicators that are built-in and facilitate easy installation.

It provides versatile installation thanks to the 8 or 6 screw holes, and the bolt shelf gets rid of fall through and stabilizes the bolts. It is available with stainless steel, metal, or plastic ring and different connection sizes.

Oatey 43585 Spigot Fit Closet Flange, 3 in, PVC, 3-Inch



This toilet flange is designed for a fitting hub-end and fits on the fitting’s inside. It is equipped with two slots for closet bolt and eight countersunk holes to guarantee a secure, stable floor attachment.

Additionally, its stainless-steel ring is corrosion-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about damages brought about by corrosion. The ring is also adjustable, thus allowing you to make sure the screws and bolts sit flush on the floor.

You will achieve a secure mounting thanks to the eight screw holes, and the bolt shelf keeps the bolts from falling through and stabilizes them. Besides the 3-inch spigot, you can also find this closet flange in a 4-inch spigot. 

In addition, it’s registered with UPC and meets ASTM D2665 and D2661. 

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You do not have to worry because there is available a toilet flange that can fit inside a 3 inch pipe perfectly. Above we have discussed how you can choose one for your toilet and recommended some good choices for you.

It’s useful to understand the various closet flanges types and sizes in order to pick the right one.Therefore, before buying a 3 inch inside fit toilet flange, make sure you have the necessary information.

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