New vanity has drawers where pipes are

New Vanity Has Drawers Where Pipes Are [Here’s What To Do]

The plumbing system is among the essential aspects of a habitable house, and it’s something that no functioning building can miss. But, in other cases, such as a new vanity with drawers where pipes are, their sight could be an eyesore.

You will most likely wish to configure your new vanity with drawers without interfering with the functionality of the pipes and your bathroom’s aesthetics. If this spells concern for you, don’t worry; this post discusses how to go about it. 

It may well astonish you to learn that you already have the tools you need without having to dent your pockets. Read on to find out more. 

Why Are Vanities With Drawers So Popular?

Before looking at how to deal with vanities featuring drawers where pipes are, let’s look at why they’ve garnered popularity. 

1) They Use Less Space

Bathrooms may become congested if two or more people use them. It is essential to design a style with few impediments and much standing area as possible. 

If you leave the cabinet door open, one drawer takes up far less room than a cabinet door, making it easier to navigate. It is crucial if you’re in a rush.

2) Drawers Provide Unparalleled Style

Another factor to consider while planning your restroom is its appeal. It’s incredibly significant if you intend to sell your home soon. 

One of the key selling aspects of a home for potential buyers is the bathroom. Buyers would like to see a modern design exuding a great deal of attention. 

A vanity featuring all-drawers provides a smooth, minimalist aesthetic with clear lines. 

3) Drawers Are Easy To Use

Another of the principal objectives of outstanding bathroom design is to create a quiet environment. Toilet vanities having drawers make this simple because drawers open and close effortlessly and quietly. 

4) Organizing Drawers Is Easier

A vanity with many drawers is perfect for organizing your bathroom supplies stylishly and functionally. You may group stuff based on how frequently they’re used or by designation–for example, shaving products in one drawer, hair products in another, etc. 

Moreover, it’s a breeze to incorporate organizers or inserts in the drawers to keep unique products distinct from others and avoid losing small items. 

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Can plumbing pipes be exposed?

You can spot exposed pipes everywhere there’s plumbing work. Some sites, though, function better than others. 

Exposed plumbing in the restroom, for instance, is ideal since it can readily combine with various design styles and appears to be quite natural in this space. 

How To Cut And Modify Vanity Drawers For Plumbing

If you’d like to cut and change vanity drawers to fit your house’s plumbing, this section gives an easy-to-follow guide on how to do it. 

Before diving into the steps, you will need a Brad nailer with Brad’s nails, a tape measure, a straight edge, wood glue, wood filler, a jigsaw, a circular saw, and 1/2″ or 3/4″ lumber or plywood. 

NOTE: This procedure might not suit a good deal of joinery, materials, or construction. It, however, yields the best results when used on wooden drawers that are solidly glued and attached. 

Step 1

First and foremost, wait until the vanity and sink are properly plumbed and fitted before cutting your drawers. 

Step 2

Measure the depth and width of the conduit and the sink. Measure each drawer after installing the sink and plumbing. 

To ensure that your drawer is well distant from the pipework, add 1 and 1/2 inches around the perimeter.

Mark dimensions on the vanity drawers and turn them over once you flip the drawers. Cut lines by connecting the markings with straight lines. 

If the drawers feature runners or side-seated metal drawer slides, seek to keep them in good condition as much as possible. When carved into a U-shape, many drawers operate well and provide the most storage. 

This method preserves the sides while removing a piece of the midsection and the back. Otherwise, you can make a shallow drawer. 

If you used metal drawer slides initially and wish to install a shallow drawer, try using a hardwood drawer guide instead of a metal slide to ensure consistency. 

If the drawers boast a woody drawer runner on the sides or beneath, cut it and glue it back to its place firmly. To maintain the proper alignment of the drawer, stick it securely back in place. 

Plumbing experts advise you to draw the runners line on the side or across the bottom of the drawer or dresser frame using a pencil before creating cuts. 

Step 3

Use a circular saw to create U-shaped cutouts on the rear side of the drawer since it makes the finest cuts. Use a jigsaw to complete the groves at the bottom of the cabinet. 

A circular saw will come in handy when cutting a superficial straight-backed drawer. If you slice the sides off the backside, you might salvage the original drawer back to connect to the shorter front.

Step 4

Make a 3-piece patch for U-shaped drawers with only a notch taken out of the rear. The patchwork will also take the U-shape. 

To get the measurements, follow the cutout you created earlier. Use wood glue to make robust support. 

Plumbers prefer gluing and nailing atop the old bottom to provide the best possible grip. 

You can use plywood that rests inside the sides and on top of the initial bottom of shallow, straight-backed cabinets- then secures the three sides with a brad nailer. 

Step 5 

Install drawer catches to deter anyone from yanking a shorter drawer out of the vanity. If you have to take the drawers out, push the stop to the side to keep it from snagging the interior of the dresser. 

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FAQs on New Vanity Has Drawers Where Pipes Are

1. Can You Add Drawers To A Bathroom Vanity?

You can incorporate drawers into a restroom vanity by converting the vanity’s top drawers into standard-length drawers. The full-length cabinet drawer will accommodate bigger goods such as hair styling equipment, cosmetic bags, and beauty supplies. 

You can integrate organizers into this drawer and keep stuff nice and tidy. 

2. Do Vanities Come With Drain Assembly?

Some restroom vanity units have a drain assembly featuring a drain tube and a stopper. If you examine your sink tap closely, you’ll realize it has a component that you can push down or pull up. 

Final Thoughts

The post above details the procedure to follow if your new vanity has drawers where pipes are without disrupting the plumbing system. Vanity drawers come with tons of benefits, but they should not be to the detriment of the piping.

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