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Can I Use a Non Ikea Faucet with An IKEA Sink?

Several apartment owners know IKEA for its illustrations and absence of words in their products but figure it out after some mental gymnastics. While setting up a plumbing system in your house, you might have to deal with an IKEA sink with a non-IKEA drain. 

Manufacturers designed IKEA sinks with IKEA drains to complement one another, making it ideal for do-it-yourself. If you try to blend IKEA sinks with non-IKEA drains, you’ll enter a hack-territory that will demand the services of a skilled, patient, and ingenious plumber.

You can find non-custom features such as the apron front sink; only that installation needs creative thought and expert handiwork. 

That would easily dent your pockets and suggest how ridiculous it is to install IKEA sinks with non-Ikea drains intending to save money. Find out more in the article.

Can I Use a Non IKEA Faucet with An IKEA Sink

You may use any water tap on the IKEA sinks. However, you’ll have to clear the drawers using the IKEA drain assembly. 

IKEA functions as a unit and thus constrains your options. If you’re on board with this, prepare to spend a fortune to circumvent the system. 

Therefore, if you insist on having an apron front-type sink and plan to use IKEA cabinets, we strongly advise you to select an alternative offered via IKEA. 

If you cannot install an Ikea sink with non-Ikea drains properly, you will create holes, gaps, and rough-cut edges around the sink. 

Can IKEA Sinks be Under mounted

IKEA offers a wide selection of under-mount sinks like the IKEA NORRSJON stainless steel under-mount sink. 

Can You Use Any Sink With IKEA Cabinets

You can use your sink with Ikea cabinets. After all, many house-owners choose functionality over style. 

Your sink should operate effectively within your setup, specifically the IKEA cabinetry. You’ll need this if your sink features an apron front. 

What Size IKEA Drain Pipes

Ikea’s waste pipe measures 1 1/4 inches long, while the plumbing trap drain pipe is 1 1/2 inches long. 

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How Do You Attach An IKEA Sink To A Vanity

Before diving into the procedure, you’ll need towels, an adjustable wrench, Teflon tape, and a flashlight. 

Removing an Ikea faucet is an easy DIY process, and it could be a breeze for you after grasping the guide below. 

Step 1

Remove everything from beneath the sink.

Step 2

You will find cold and hot valves under your sink. Cut off the water supply by turning the valves clockwise until they stop turning. 

Check your faucet to ensure no water is coming out, and keep it on and open to release pressure. 

Step 3

Remove the supply lines for hot and cold water. Use an adjustable wrench to make them loose before unscrewing them with your hands. 

You need towels or rags on your hand since some water left in the piping would leak out. 

Step 4

It’s now time to remove your present faucet from beneath the sink. This step might be challenging since you must get a perfect angle for your adjustable wrench and loosen the nut. 

Step 5

Remove the old faucet by pulling it through the upper side of the sink and out. 

Step 6

Cleaning out the sinkhole would be an excellent idea at this stage because doing so with a new faucet on is impractical. So, polish it up carefully and remove any muck collected around the hole.

Step 7

Take the new faucet and comply with the guide on it. If the tap did not come with instructions touching on how to install it, seek the help of a professional.

This phase is undemanding because it entails running the new water tap through the top of the tap hole, clamping it at the bottom, and reconnecting the cold and hot water valves. 

NOTE: Wrap a few thin pieces of Teflon tape over all the threaded pipes to ensure that your connections are tight and leak-free.

FAQs on Ikea Sink With Non-Ikea Drain

Can I Use My Own Sink With IKEA Cabinets?

You can use your sink with Ikea cabinets. After all, many house-owners choose functionality over style. 

Your sink should operate effectively within your setup, specifically the IKEA cabinetry. You’ll need this if your sink features an apron front. 

How Good Are IKEA Vanities?

They are incredibly robust and long-lasting, provided you install them carefully per the guidelines. If you haste through installation, you will finish with a substandard piece.

Who Makes Kitchen Faucets For IKEA?

NSK Armatür AS offers its line of amazingly successful NSK faucets in Turkey, Europe, and Australia- and provides the bulk of the faucets sold by IKEA. 

Are Ikea Taps Any Good?

IKEA racked up four-star ratings for customer satisfaction and returns for the buck. It also garnered three stars on durability, quality, ease of cleaning, and water pressure. 

Do IKEA Sinks Scratch?

IKEA sinks mount considerable resistance against scratches, but stuff like red wine and spaghetti will tint them momentarily. 

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this post on IKEA sinks with non-IKEA drains has been beneficial. You can use an IKEA sink with non-IKEA plumbing, albeit Ikea manufacturers designed their items to complement each other. 

Before installing Ikea with non-custom drains, ensure you purchase items with clear instructions detailing how to install and maintain them. You can always reach out to a professional for help or clarity.

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