henshaw toilet reviews

Henshaw Toilet Reviews

Did you take a walk around Lowes and find their budget henshaw toilet and are looking for a review. Well you have come to the right place. 

The Henshaw toilet is a store brand toilet made for Lowes. It is a budget toilet which has features that most modern toilets have such as a chair height and an elongated toilet. Nonetheless, for those on a low remodel budget it is a toilet you can consider.

It however, does come with its own share of shortcomings. Which could be one of the reasons Lowes opted to discontinue the line and instead introduce the project source toilets. Read more to find out

Who Makes Henshaw Toilet

Henshaw Toilet is an Aquasource brand toilet which is made exclusively for Lowes stores in factories overseas such as china. It’s a store brand toilet that is a bargain, costing less than $100 or even less if you purchase more than four pieces.

However, it is important to note that henshaw toilets were discontinued. You may find one or two remaining in some stores but they are no longer under production.

They have replaced the line with project source toilets which have pretty much almost the same performance, quality and price.

Is Aquasource A Good Brand

Aquasource is a store brand name at Lowes with products that are affordable such as faucets, sinks and toilets. These products are mainly made in china , Taiwan or Malaysia from different factories for the Lowes stores. their quality is pretty decent but not top notch and prices are budget friendly.

If you are on a tight budget we would recommend getting an aquasource toilet however the quality of the products is not top notch.

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Henshaw Toilet Reviews : Features

Overall the Henshaw toilet is a good toilet as it is a chair height 17’’ inches  with an elongated toilet bowl making it comfortable to go up and down even for the elderly. 

More importantly, it has a dual flush system and is water sense certified which means you will be saving on water and will see a significant drop in your water bill.

It is also a two piece toilet , which is super easy to set up and for an enthusiastic DIY person setting it up will not break a sweat.

It is available at a super cheap price and even more discounted if you purchase more. Making it a budget friendly toilet if you are looking to do a big upgrade project of the toilets in your home.

Generally it has a good bowl rinse and flush performance. However, it does have its challenges in flushing large waste. It may need one more flush or so.


  • Budget friendly 
  • Comfortable: chair height and an elongated toilet
  • Dual flush and water sense certified


  • Flush may not handle large waste well
  • Poor quality or porcelain, stains and breaks easily
  • Highly susceptible to clogs

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Currently Henshaw toilets have been discontinued and instead you can purchase project source toilets. However, if you have found one still available in Lowes store and you are on a tight budget we highly recommend not getting one.

For the same amount you can get an american standard mainstream or colony toilet. Which has a slightly better performance than the most expensive aqua source toilet brand.

FAQs on Henshaw Toilet Reviews

Is Aquasource the same as Project Source?

Well Aquasource and Project source are not the same , however they are both store brand names of products such as toilets and faucets made for the Lowes stores.

For example they had Aquasource henshaw toilets which they later discontinued and replaced with project source brand toilets.

How Long Should a Toilet Last?

A toilet should last about 50 years with good care and maintenance . However, this will highly depend on use and quality of the material used. 

Some stain or crack easily and might not last past 2 years actually.

What is a Comfort Height Toilet?

Comfort height comfort toilet is one which is about 17’’-19’’inches high compared to the traditional toilets that were 15’’ inches high. 

They are comfortable to sit down and up from and that is why they are popular today.

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