walk in shower with curtain instead of door

Can You Have a Walk In Shower With Curtain Instead Of Door?

Does the idea of a door less walk-in shower sound appealing to you, but want a bit of privacy? Fitting a curtain on it can be an excellent, functional compromise, with the curtain eliminating the need for a door while ensuring you can shower in private.

Besides providing privacy, shower curtains also help prevent water from splashing out of the shower, thus ensuring your bathroom floor stays dry and clean. A shower curtain is an affordable, private, and simple alternative to a shower door you can easily install yourself.

Moreover, it accords you more freedom when it comes to style because shower curtains come in different fabrics, colors, and designs. 

With that said, let’s delve into the world of shower curtains for walk-in showers to see what your options are and why you should choose a curtain over a door.

Reasons To Choose A Shower Curtain Instead of Door

A walk-in shower can come in different forms. These include a walk-in shower without a door, a walk-in shower with a door, a walk-in shower without walls, and a walk-in shower with a curtain. 

You could argue for each idea, but let’s examine why you should choose a walk-in shower with a curtain instead of one with a door.

  1. It’s More Economical

A shower curtain costs considerably less than a shower door, saving you a lot of money upfront. A shower curtain will cost you about $15 to $60, a standard framed glass shower door is $200 to $500, while a frameless glass shower door is $900 to $1300. 

Therefore, based on just the prices, a shower curtain is an excellent idea, especially if you are on a tight budget. 

  1. Design Flexibility

You can change the aesthetics of your bathroom by simply installing a curtain on your walk-in shower. Unlike shower doors, shower doors come in numerous designs, patterns, and colors to accommodate different bathroom styles.

However, while there are plenty of options, you should ensure the shower curtain you pick doesn’t clash with your bathroom theme. Your curtain should match your washroom colors and work well with the hardware, like the mirrors and light fixtures.

 You can easily find a curtain in Rustic, Arts and Crafts, Country, and Victorian styles, among others.

  1. More Accessible

Someone with mobility issues that require the assistance of a wheelchair or a walker will have an easier time using a walk shower with curtain instead of door. 

  1. Easy Installation

The installation process of a shower curtain entails a simple DIY project you can complete in a few minutes. You just need to hang your curtain on a shower rod, tension rod, or even a rope. 

On the other hand, a shower door installation requires more skill and time. In fact, you might need to hire a professional. 

  1. Privacy

A walk-in shower with a curtain is more private than one with a glass door, especially if you use the bathroom with other people. I’m sure the thought of your kid walking in on you while showering is more bearable if you have a shower curtain rather than a glass door. 


However, this doesn’t mean a shower curtain doesn’t have its set of shortcomings. Below are some disadvantages of shower curtains should you choose to use them:

  • It lowers your home value- many people looking to buy a home would rate a house with a master bathroom with a shower door higher than one with a curtain. Therefore, install a shower door before putting your home on the market.
  • Mold can grow on your shower curtains, especially since it’s constantly exposed to moisture and heat. 

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How to Pick The Best Shower Curtain For Your Walk-in Shower

Buying a shower curtain for a walk-in shower is slightly different from buying one for a bathtub.

a) The Curtain Length

While bath curtains and walk-in shower curtains need to be functional and aesthetically appealing, you must consider the height before buying a curtain for your walk-in shower.

Standard-sized shower curtains are typically 72 inches tall, but a walk-in shower will need a much longer curtain. While you will likely need a minimum of 78 inches long shower curtain, it would be best to measure your shower to make sure.

b) Pick The Right Colour

Ensure you pick a color that will suit the design and aesthetics of your bathroom; after all, you have plenty of options to choose from based on your style and preference. Maintain your bathroom’s color consistency and consider the hardware because you wouldn’t want your curtain to overwhelm the appearance of your bathroom.

c) The Material

Shower curtains are made of different materials such as cotton, microfiber, organic, vinyl, and synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. While more expensive, cotton shower curtains tend to be an excellent choice since they absorb moisture quickly, hold up well, and are super easy to wash. 

Microfiber curtains are softer than polyester and vinyl and are more resistant to moisture than cotton. On the other hand, vinyl shower curtains come in various colours and are great if you have a limited budget. 

Now that you know what to look for in a shower curtain for a walk-in shower let’s look at some excellent choices. 

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1. Hotel Grade No Hooks Needed Shower Curtain with Snap-in Liner, Water Repellent, Machine Washable (White, 71 “x86” (W/Liner))

This shower curtain is made of a high-quality cotton blend and 200gsm heavy weight to ensure it stays in place. It features Split Rings to help hang it easily, so you don’t have to remove the rod or buy hooks.

It’s machine washable and has a snap-in liner and water repellent treatment. In addition, it’s available in various colors- black, candy pink, white, lavender, lake Wanaka, navy blue, water glass, and sky blue. 

2. YOSTEV Marble Bathroom Shower Curtain, Pink and White Fabric Shower Curtain- Long 72×84 Inches

This is a polyester shower curtain that’s waterproof, eco-friendly, and designed with superior quality to guarantee durability. The cloth curtain has a weighted bottom and 12 metallic rustproof grommets with robust plastic hooks. 

The theme of this curtain is art and marble, and it comes in the following colours- pink marble, grey marble, and blue marble. With this shower, you can make your bathroom an art showcase.

Wash it in the machine with cold water, then hang it to dry. Don’t tumble dry or bleach it. 

3. Riyidecor Green Leaves 72Wx84H Inch Shower Curtain 

This shower curtain is 100% polyester, environmentally friendly, and waterproof. It is washable in a machine using cold water and tumble-dried on a low setting.

Its theme is leaves, and it comes in different colours. These are 1a-green leaves, blue gold get naked, green leaves, purple leaves, lilac leaves, blue leaves, A-green leaves, and black-white leaves. 

The natural style will make your bathroom beautiful just pick the colour that suits you best. 


Installing a walk-in shower with a curtain instead of a door is pretty straightforward and a cost-effective solution that will provide privacy and add to your bathroom’s style.

 All you need is the right curtain, liner, rod, and a few minutes to hang it over your shower.

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