two shower heads on opposite walls

Can You Put Two Shower Heads On Opposite Walls

When you get out of bed on a chilly morning, the only thing you want to do is take a good, warm shower before kick-starting your day. However, waiting for a significant other to soak in the stream as you wait impatiently is enough to jolt you into mounting two shower heads on opposite walls. 

Installing two showers on opposite walls is a brilliant idea if you are remodelling your bathroom. When installing a double shower, consider whether you and your partner prefer a shower to a bathtub. It is worth considering, particularly if you don’t have sufficient space in your bathroom for two shower heads and a bathtub. 

However, this will not be a problem if your bathroom is large enough.

Bathrooms with two shower heads on opposite walls have gained massive popularity recently, and renovators are seeking to add a touch of luxury to restrooms. 

You might see them in contemporary home exhibitions, high-end hotels, or opulent spas. 

What Is A Double Shower Bathroom?

A double shower bathroom typically refers to a restroom with two showers on opposite walls. It has adequate room for two individuals to bathe simultaneously or anytime they choose. 

Furthermore, it might improve the elegance of the bathroom. If you want a double shower restroom, you’ll either have to build from zero or do a complete remodelling to make it a reality.

The size of your restroom is essential when contemplating a double shower design. You will need to mount two shower heads on opposite walls and provide adequate space for two individuals to shower at a go.

Installing two shower heads on opposite walls also presents you with the option of selecting a shower with cold or hot water. That is why it is imperative to check who will use the restroom and their desires. 

Before beginning, like with any other home renovation job, weigh the advantages and downsides and the budgetary factors. 

How Much Do Double Showers Cost?

The cost of installing a double shower hinges on a few factors. For example, are you demolishing the bathroom and rebuilding it? Or do you wish to convert a massive single shower into a double one?

The cost incurred when upgrading a shower might range from $800 to $5,000, based on your desires. You may choose from different fittings, shower heads, hardware, flooring and wall materials, and other features. 

It is essential to have this discussion with a professional to understand your alternatives and the cost attached to configuring your bathroom according to your desires. 

Types of Double Showers

You can use a few ideas as a concept to mount two shower heads on opposite walls. They include:

1) Open Double Showers

Some householders with additional space will choose an open shower-meaning they don’t include doors to enter or exit. For seclusion, the house-owners may construct a wall that only extends halfway up. 

An open shower demands extra space to keep the rest of your restroom water-free. 

Individuals who have trouble getting in and out of bathrooms, such as those in wheelchairs, will embrace open showers. 

2) Enclosed Double Showers

Unlike their open double counterparts, these have doors to get you in and out. They can provide you with privacy and space to keep your toiletries. 

There are no incorrect answers when settling between enclosed double showers and open-door showers. Your bathroom renovator will advise you on the ideal one for your current bathroom. 

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Benefits Of Installing Two Shower Heads On Opposite Walls

If you are looking for reasons to have a double shower, here are a few of them: 

1) It Gives You More Options For Your Showering Experience

Two shower heads on opposite walls help you use that which meets your needs, especially if the shower heads are of different types. 

2) It Offers Practicality In Shower Usage

A bathroom with a double shower is ideal for couples who have a hectic morning routine before heading to work. 

3) It Allows You To Be Creative With Your Designs 

While a double shower is more functional, you can use it to enhance the bathroom’s aesthetic value. You can incorporate any style into the double shower room, whether a traditional touch or a modern design. 

4) It Gives You A Wonderful Experience Comparable To That Of A Spa

Having two shower heads on opposite walls in the bathroom could seem fancy, yet, it’s one advantage of constructing a double shower in your house. 

You can introduce a spa into your restroom and make your shower experience something to await eagerly. 

5) It Creates Additional Space

Whether you bathe alone or with a companion, the double shower will create more space for you. Tight turns during showering can be a thing of the past after setting up two shower heads on opposite walls.

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Disadvantages Of Two Shower Heads On Opposite Walls

1) Increased Expenditure On Energy Bills

You could save money if two individuals shower at the same time. However, if you and your companion shower separately, you will use the extra water, which may increase your energy expenditures. 

2) It Demands More Space

It may seem plain, but double showers can eat up twice as much space, if not more, than a conventional shower.

Before undertaking this project, consider the space in your bathroom. You don’t want to offer yourself a huge chunk of the shower area while reserving little space around the toilet and sink. 

Can You Run Two Showers At The Same Time?

A regular tank water heater can start serving two showers simultaneously. However, the tanks risk running out of hot water before you finish bathing. 

Nevertheless, if you have Tempra 24+, you won’t worry about such happenings. 

Why Do People Want Two Shower Heads?

Two shower heads mounted on opposite walls add convenience in cleaning your shower. The hand-held head helps clean the bath or shower enclosure faster. 

The two shower heads can help you clean one head using another.

Is A Shower With Two Shower Heads On Opposite Walls Worth It?

If you live alone, you might not want to invest your time and money putting up a double shower; unless you want to feel luxurious. 

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FAQ on Two Shower Head On Opposite Walls

1. Can You Run Two Shower Heads One Valve?

Mounting two shower heads in a single shower is an excellent approach to creating a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom. The two water sources, sometimes referred to as “his and hers” showerheads, can be controlled on the same valve or separately. 

2. Can Two Showers Run At The Same Time?

You can run two showers simultaneously, but the pressure may drop based on the wattage of your unit and the temperature you chose. 

Concluding Thoughts

According to the article, having two shower heads on opposing walls adds a touch of elegance and creates a spa-like atmosphere right in your bathroom. It will also save you and your significant other time, especially if you are running late for work.

However, you will face additional costs in terms of water and power bills.

If having two shower heads on opposite walls is a dream design for your bathroom, you can contact a home renovator to help you revamp the shower area. 

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