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Can A Towel Bar Be Installed On A Glass Shower Door?

Towel bars are helpful pieces of hardware because they give adequate room for hanging towels to dry. You can mount them on the bathroom door, double vanity, shower adjacent, outside the shower, but what are the benefits of installing them on a shower door?

A shower door is one of the most convenient and ideal spots to host a towel bar, albeit it depends on whether your shower allows it. It ranks among the most practical methods for accessing and holding your towel. However, having a towel bar on your shower door demands a proper shower setup. 

A shower door will allow the towel bar to create a unified and accessible layout. Sometimes, you can find a towel bar pre-installed onto the shower door, bypassing the purchase of a separate one. 

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Why Towel Bar on Shower Door?

If your bathroom has compact wall spaces, consider mounting a towel bar on your shower door. The shower door is an excellent position for a towel bar regardless of the size of your bathroom.

A towel bar mounted on a shower door provides a designated location for your bath towel while also working as a functional handle for your shower door. You may install it inside or outside of the shower. 

One thing worth noting is that several shower doors can only hold one towel bar. 

The Benefits Of Mounting A Towel Bar On Shower Door

Installing a towel bar comes with benefits and a few drawbacks. Let’s start with the benefits:

1) Saves On Space

Towel bars save space by eliminating the need for a rack or a hook elsewhere within the apartment. They are ideal for small restrooms or apartments with limited space. 

2) Convenience 

A towel bar within the shower is convenient since it allows you to get a towel without stepping out of the shower room. 

3) Helps in Keeping The House Clean

It is simpler to keep the house clean when you don’t have to step out of the shower room drenched with water to retrieve your towel. In addition, having towel bars on the shower door will avert slips and falls caused by water puddles on the floor. 


1) Your Towels Might Not Dry Well

Even though towel bars promise convenience and save on space, it slows down drying your towel. As a result, your towel may not dry properly, and if this persists, it could get mildewed. 

Health experts recommend air-drying towels in well-ventilated areas to keep molds at bay. 

2) A Towel Bar On A Shower Door May Not Be Convenient 

Some individuals prefer towel bars mounted on other spots instead of the shower door to avoid inconvenience when washing their hands or face at a sink outside the bathroom. If you fall into that category, you will have no choice but to enter the restroom, use the towel, and step out. 

In such scenarios, mounting towel bars in other areas instead of the shower door would be more convenient. Moreover, some individuals prefer to walk into the restroom wrapped in towels. 

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Importance Of Determining the Perfect Towel Bar Size

A few factors determine the length of a towel bar. A towel bar should be large enough to accommodate your bath towels and small enough to fit easily on your shower door. 

Handling a master restroom gives you virtually unlimited liberty in selecting a towel bar for your shower door. If you’re working with a small bathroom, for instance, a guest one, the situation could be more constrained. 

A towel bar’s size should suit the model while also being large enough to be used conveniently. 

The average length of most towel bars ranges from 18 to 30 inches. They could be shorter or longer, but the majority will be somewhere between. 

Towel bars come in three conventional lengths:18 inches, 24 inches, and 30 inches. A regular folded bath towel will fit nicely in a 24-inch space. 

The lengths mentioned above suit most restroom models. 

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What To Consider For Towel Bars On Shower Doors

Is it essential to have a towel bar on the shower door? Hanging your towel on the shower door has its merits and demerits. 

However, check out the factors below when choosing to mount a towel bar on your shower door. 

1) The Material Used To Design The Towel Bar

Moisture will not harm a towel bar constructed of rust-resistant materials. So, it can withstand humid conditions in the bathroom. If not, the towel bar will gather rust that could compromise your bathroom decor. 

2) Ease Of Cleaning

Most towel bars boast brushed nickel, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze finishes. Even after cleaning, towel bars constructed of these metals often display fingerprints. 

High polished brass and stainless steel, on the other hand, are more appealing and long-lasting. 

3) Ease Of Mounting

Consider whether you can fix the towel bar independently when shopping for one. Most online vendors, for example, include an easy-to-follow instruction manual and essential hardware. 

4) How Long Do You Intend To Stay In The House

Likewise, think about how long you’ll live in that place because towel bars are expensive. If you’re going to stay for a short time, it might not be worth it. 

In this instance, you might want to explore towel bars that don’t necessitate drilling and can be quickly uninstalled and moved.

5) Bathroom Ventilation

The towel bar on your shower door should allow your towels to dry completely before using them again. Bathrooms require proper ventilation- air needs to circulate freely around them. 

Therefore, mounting a towel bar on a shower door demands an opening for airflow. 

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How To Install Towel Bar on Glass Shower Door

Installing a towel bar on your shower door will undoubtedly give your restroom a more classy look. The following are the steps for mounting a towel bar on a glass shower door: 

  • Choose a unique spot that is easily accessible and not challenging to use when the shower door is open. Clean the area, then use the provided template to determine where the brackets should go. 
  • Peel off the covering and press each holder into position. A towel bar employs two props, one on either side. 
  • Apply constant pressure when pushing to achieve optimum grip, then smooth down any air bubbles. Move them towards the outer border with one finger.
  • Once in position, press the midpoint firmly again to remove all the air and secure it. 
  • Lay the towel bar on the brackets and glide it down into position. 

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How Far From The Shower Should The Towel Bar Be?

You should install a towel bar on a wall adjacent to the shower, ensuring it’s between 42 and 48 inches from the floor for easy accessibility. Towels should hang loosely and not brush up against the vanity top. 

Should I Put A Towel Bar On The Shower Door?

It’s never a good idea to use a towel bar having suction cups as a grasping bar. The grab bars installed in showers aim to assist people with mobility problems and the elderly to access and exit the shower. 

Ensure that you fasten the towel bar firm to withstand the weight and if you want to mount a towel bar on a glass shower door, make sure you have the correct tools.


We hope this article has provided you with beneficial information and addressed questions you may have had about towel bars on shower doors. It also highlights things to consider before installing them and a guide on how to go about it. 

The towel bars will come in handy in your bathroom or the visitor’s restroom. 

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