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What Are the Differences between Toto Colonial White vs Cotton

The choice of color is quite important when choosing a toilet because it affects the overall look of your bathroom. Toto toilets come in different colors, so you will not miss your preferred color. However, if you want a white Toto Colonial toilet, you must do a Toto Colonial white vs. cotton comparison.

Toto Colonial white toilet is your best choice if you want a toilet that’s almost brilliant or pure white. On the other hand, Toto Colonial Cotton has a mild off-white, grey, and yellow hue. It is easy to differentiate the two when placed next to each other.

Keep reading to learn more about how these two color variations of the Toto Colonial toilet compare. 

Toto Colonial White Vs. Cotton: The Main Differences

Cotton is pure and shining white and has a glistening surface. This shade is untainted, and you’ll see it on multiple Toto toilet models and other brands. 

When it comes to neutral interior decor, cotton white is a safe bet. It is also compatible with a wide range of bathroom decor but requires constant, rigorous cleaning to maintain the sheen. 

On the other hand, the colonial shade is standard white and less dull than cotton white. The glaze makes a significant variation in color. You can use colonial white for light or white-colored interior designs, besides complementing a wide range of bathroom colors. 

Let’s look at more clear-cut differences between Toto colonial white and cotton white. 

1. Maintenance Difference

Dirty stains and spots make your toilet unsightly. It means you have to put in considerable effort in cleaning and maintaining Toto colonial and cotton white toilets’ luster. 

Colonial white fixtures demand fewer cleaning practices to keep their look. Nevertheless, because of their granular exterior, some stubborn stains may require more work to eliminate. 

Conversely, Toto cotton white toilets need frequent cleaning; otherwise, stains will compromise their appearance. They feature less granular surfaces that won’t require a lot of energy to clean. 

Toto suggests cleaning cotton-white surfaces with a soft brush to avoid scratching them. Unlike their colonial-white counterparts, scratches are more visible on cotton-white fixtures. 

2. Coating

The top-grade coating on Toto’s toilets supports ceramics and sustains the aesthetic appeal of the units for a longer period. The nature of the coating on the toilets also determines the effort needed to maintain them. 

The granular coating on Toto colonial white units makes them less radiant than cotton white. However, the granular finish makes colonial white complement other light tones to create a dazzling atmosphere. 

As for the cotton white versions, they have a remarkably bright and silky coating with a low grain intensity. Consequently, they are the glassiest toilet accessories in the market today. 

3. Color Codes

Apart from maintenance and coating, another difference between Toto colonial white and cotton manifests in their color codes. To check the color code of your fixture, examine the backside of the tank or the underside of the toilet tank lid. 

You will find a seal bearing the toilet model number and a “#” following the color code. In this case, Toto colonial white and cotton white toilet models will have different model numbers. 

4. Supplements

Supplements wrap up the differences between Toto cotton white and colonial white toilets. If you feel your bathroom style and decor are still decent and need to be maintained, you must cross-match the color combination of the Toto model with the one you wish to replace.

Therefore, it is essential to have bathroom components that complement each other to create a visually appealing bathroom interior. 

What Is Toto Color?

As mentioned before, Toto toilets come in different shades of white, and sometimes it is taxing to distinguish them. For instance, some homeowners and home improvement stores believe that Toto cotton white has a similar white shade to an old American Standard toilet (prior to 2000). 

Some also believe Toto’s colonial white toilets share similar color tones with American Standard white, while Toto’s bone matches Kohler almond and American Standard Bone. 

Are There Different Shades Of Toto White Toilets?

Distinguishing Toto color gradations from built-in flash or a point-and-shoot camera is challenging. Using a computer monitor to tell the difference between slightly different shades of white won’t help you much.

Toto toilets come in multiple shades of white, such as colonial white, cotton white, Sedona beige, and bone white. You can pick the shade that best fits your preference. 

Is Colonial White Granite Costly?

Colonial white granite gives your fixture a high-end look and costs between $55 to $60 per square foot. 

How Can You Tell What Color Toto Toilet Is?

Check the label or seal behind the toilet tank or underneath the lid for a number. The “#” following the model number is your color code, and it’s usually a two-digit number. 

If you have a faulty seal, use Toto’s color identification service to determine the color. 

Is Toto White Comparable To Kohler White and American Standard White?

Toto’s Colonial white differs from Kohler’s and American Standard white. However, distinguishing the shades of the three companies can be challenging (even some salespeople get them wrong sometimes).

Who Makes Colonial White Paint? 

PPG makes Colonial white paint and other matching paint hues. 

Should You Match The Colors Of Your Toto Sink And Toilet?

Most homeowners strive to match their toilets and sink to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their restrooms. Your restroom design speaks volumes, and I bet you don’t want visitors shaking their heads because of how disorganized your bathroom looks. 

Having said that, matching the shades of your sink and toilet is essential when constructing or renovating a restroom. 

What Is Cotton White Toilet Color?

Cotton white is a pure white shade that is stainless and grainless smooth. It is the brightest shade among toilet colors and is ideal for cold and neutral restroom themes. 

What Is Colonial White Color?

Colonial white has a slight shade of yellow/cream, or what some call off-white. It is ideal for painting and home renovation projects. 

Why Are Toto Toilets Better?

Toto toilets incorporate air-purifying systems, automatic flushing mechanisms, heated seats, and air dryers. These features make Toto units toilet paper-free and hands-free, thus making them convenient. 

Tissue papers will become history once you buy and install Toto toilets in your house. 

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Toto Colonial White Vs. Cotton: Which One Is A Better Pick?

You can integrate cotton white inside most restrooms because it complements their decor. It is a perfect fit when the interior design is fully white; it is a good choice if you can clean it frequently. 

Cotton white also exudes a tranquil atmosphere. However, you can’t use cotton white with extreme themes. 

On the flip side, colonial white is not as radiant and shiny as cotton white. It is less glossy, which makes it a better fit to complement lighter shades other than cream white. 

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Final Thoughts On Toto Colonial White Vs. Cotton

In summary, cotton white is the purest white and matches several bathroom colors. Nevertheless, it demands frequent, rigorous cleaning to maintain its glossy appearance. 

On the other hand, colonial white (also known as off-cream white) is less lustrous than cotton. It is ideal for light color schemes (except cream) and requires less frequent and rigorous cleaning to maintain its aesthetic appeal. 

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