P Trap For Vanity With Drawers

How To Install P Trap for Vanity With Drawers [& Options ]

If you are looking for the best p trap for vanity with drawers we got you. A vanity is an essential fixture in a bathroom with drawers or doors that is sure to make your bathroom stylish and practical. However, it must be installed correctly considering the plumbing in your bathroom, which is why you must choose the right p trap for a vanity with drawers. 

You cannot fit in a p-trap if the drawers in your vanity get in the way, and as you know, the law requires you to have p-traps in your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. For that reason, you must find a way to install it to prevent sewer gases from your home.

Vanities with drawers are restrictive, making p-trap installation challenging but certainly not impossible. P- traps come in various styles, colors, and sizes and so you must find one that is suitable for your vanity with drawers.

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What Is the Best P Trap For Vanity with Drawers?

Bathroom fixtures are typically standard-sized, making it easy to install them. However, some circumstances call for you to adjust the size to suit your situation.

When it comes to installing a p-trap for a vanity drawer, you will likely need to get a smaller p-trap because of the limited space. Ensure the p-trap you get is the correct size with the right tailpiece length and that you have sufficient clearance in the vanity drawers.

For that reason, here are the best p-traps for vanity drawers. 

Plumb Pak 300K x 1-1/4-in. Brass P-Trap


Like the first p-trap, the Plumb Pak p-trap is also made of brass, which is highly durable and resistant to corrosion. It features heavy-duty 20-gauge brass construction giving it long-term durability, helping you keep sewer gases away from your home.

This p-trap comes in various finishes, including brushed nickel, polished brass, Venetian bronze, and polished chrome. This gives you multiple choices, so you can pick one that suits your bathroom best.

The package includes a matching flange, a p-trap, and every washer and nut required for installation. This p-trap is easy to install, and you won’t have to deal with leaks because the Plumb Pak p-trap is leak-free.

HANEBATH Brass Round Bottle P-Trap



This durable, anti-corrosion and rustproof p-trap is constructed with solid brass and finished using matte black, making it excellent for a bathroom with matte black finishes. It features a contemporary design rather than traditional, so it will enhance your bathroom appearance, making it more stylish and modern. 

Moreover, it has a detachable cap that’s easy to clean and offers an anti-clogging function by keeping debris from your drains. It’s available in different finishes, including matte black, chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze. 

 Orhemus Brass P Trap



This p-trap is made of heavy-duty solid brass that’s expertly crafted, durable, and leaking-free. Since it is made of brass, it accords you with better durability and anti-corrosion than ABS plastic and alloy. 

You will love its exquisite finish featuring a contemporary and modern design resistant to corrosion and rust. 

Orthermus brass p-trap is also excellent for open vanities. The brass gold finish matches a vessel sink drain, champagne bronze sink faucet, and other bathroom fixtures that are champagne gold in color. 

This p-trap kit has every part needed for installation, including nut, Teflon tape, extension tube, and a decorative flange. 

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How To Install A P Trap for A Vanity With Drawers

Besides looking for a shorter p-trap, there are other things to do when the p-trap doesn’t fit your vanity with drawers. These include cutting a part of the vanity or the nearby wall, getting a new vanity, and using HepVo.

However, make sure you assess your situation to find the solution that suits you because these solutions are not one-size-fits-all fixes. 

a) Cut The Wall or Vanity

This is the easiest fix for this problem that you can effortlessly do yourself. Follow the steps below to cut your vanity to get more space for your p-trap.

  • Gather the materials and tools you will need for the job, which include a waterproof sealant, sandpaper, saw, ruler, and pencil. 
  • Place your p-trap below the sink, then use a pencil to make the area you will have to cut on the p-trap’s both sides.
  • Remove the p-trap, then draw a rectangle with a ruler and pencil on the area you will cut out to ensure you get a precise cut.
  • Remove the drawer, then cut out the marked rectangular using a saw.
  • Use sandpaper to smooth the edges of the area you cut, then apply a waterproof sealant (two coats) on the edges. The sealant protects the material from water damage in case of leaks.
  • Put the drawer back into the vanity and install the p-trap.

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b) Use HepVo

if the tiny space in your RV, small half bathroom, or tiny home doesn’t allow fixing a p-trap in vanity with drawers, consider replacing your trap with a suitable waste valve like HepVo.

HepVo is a self-sealing valve made to keep fumes in the sewage system, preventing them from entering your house without utilizing water like standard p-traps. You can install the valve vertically or horizontally, and it’s approved for residential and RV applications 

It has a membrane that forms an airtight seal in normal atmospheric conditions. In addition, the water pressure generated from emptying a fixture opens the membrane.

c) Invest In A New Vanity

You cannot cut your vanity if it contains a bottom drawer beneath the shelf because opening the drawer might damage it. While you can solve this issue by removing the drawer’s back, it makes the items stored in it susceptible to falling or being trapped between the wall and vanity.

Therefore, the best solution for this issue is to get a new vanity. When choosing your new vanity, you must consider the tailpiece length and p-trap size and make sure it provides enough clearance for the fixture.


With a p trap for vanity with drawers  all your plumbing fixtures will be able to work efficiently, and you can only achieve that if you pick the right fixtures and install them correctly. Your p-trap doesn’t have to keep you from having a vanity with drawers in your home.

Employ the strategies mentioned above to ensure your vanity with drawers and p-trap can share space and remain functional. 

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