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How To Fix New Moen Shower Valve No Water

How well you enjoy your shower depends on the water temperature and pressure, and the valve is a vital piece; that’s why you need to choose wisely. Moen offers high-quality, durable shower valves designed to fit the needs and preferences of its users, but what happens when the new Moen shower valve has no water?

Your new Moen shower valve probably has no water because water and hot water aren’t getting to the valve because of a spout/showerhead obstruction or improper use. 

A shower valve without water is useless, so you don’t get to enjoy your refreshing showers. However, before discarding your Moen valve or calling a plumber, conduct troubleshooting procedures to see if you can resolve the problem. 

This post will take you through how to get your Moen shower valve supply water and solve other related issues.

How to Fix New Moen Shower Valve No Water

As mentioned, an obstruction in your spout or showerhead or improper use can cause a new Moen shower not to have water. However, how do you resolve this issue?

Try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Check your external shut-off valves (if you have any) to ensure they are completely open. 
  • Verify that there is no obstruction in the showerhead or spout.

If the shut-off valves are fully open and nothing is obstructing the spout or showerhead, consider calling an experienced plumber to help solve the problem professionally.

While having issues with your bathroom fixtures and components occasionally shouldn’t surprise you, you must rectify them to have an efficiently functioning bathroom. The commonly-reported problems with Moen Shower Valves are typically minor ones that will not cost you a lot of money to fix. 

Below are the simple processes you can perform to fix these problems.

The Spout Is Leaking or Dripping

Drips or leaks originating from the spout are due to the grommets not sealing correctly. Replacing the cartridge will solve this problem.

Cold/Hot Sides Are Reserved

Installing the cartridge upside down reverses the cold and hot lines. Rectify this by rotating cartridge stem 1800 to make the north face down in the direction of the drain.

The Moen Shower Faucet Handle Is Difficult To Turn

Replacing or lubricating the cartridge will help make the cartridge stem rotate easily. 

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What To Do If Your Moen Shower Valve Has No Hot Water

The cartridge in a Moen single-handle shower valve regulates cold and hot water flow. Moreover, Moen valves like the Posi-Temp line feature a scald-guard, an adjustable stop designed to limit how far you can turn the handle towards the hot direction.

If your Moen shower valve has no hot water, you can adjust the scald guard. However, if you don’t have that feature or it doesn’t work, remove and replace the cartridge or find a replacement.

Below are the steps to follow:

1. Examine The Hot Water Line

The first thing you will need to do is inspect your hot water line to make sure the valves are all turned on because turning off valves prevents water from reaching the shower. 

2. Remove The Cap of The Valve Handle

If the valve handle has a cap, use a screwdriver to pry it off, then remove the handle from the stem. Keep in mind that some handles, especially lever types, could be secured using an Allen nut which you will loosen using an Allen wrench before removing the handle. 

Once you do that, yank and remove the escutcheon from your bathroom wall.

3. Inspect The Posi-Temp Valve

Rotate the hot water inlet’s Posi-Temp valve quarter and turn horizontally using a screwdriver if it was attached in a vertical off position. In addition, check and adjust the scald-guard limiter accordingly, replace the valve handle, and see if the faucet works.

4. Switch Off The Water Going To The Shower

If your Moen shower valve doesn’t have a scald guard or Posi-Temp or if adjusting these features doesn’t make any difference, switch off the water. After that, remove the scald-guard limiter and the handle. 

5. Remove The Cartridge Holding Pin

Grasp and lift the cartridge holding pin straight out using needle-nose pliers. However, make sure the water is off before doing this to avoid an uncontrollable geyser; you won’t stop until you stop the water flow.

6. Separate The Cartridge From The Faucet Assembly

Pull the cartridge off the faucet assembly using the handle. However, be very careful with the cartridge orientation because the same cartridge or the replacement will go into the same orientation. 

7. Check The Cartridge For Blockage

Inspect the holes of the cartridge for blockage signs. The balancing spool could be stuck if you don’t hear a rattling sound when you shake the cartridge, a problem that can occur if you stay for a long time without using the shower.

Turning on your shower every couple of weeks, even without using it, helps avoid this problem.

8. Clean The Cartridge Interior And The Spool

Hold the cartridge and use your thumb to push the stem until it comes off the other side, then use a screwdriver to pry loose the spool. Clean the cartridge interior and the spool, then put the cartridge back together.

Shake the cartridge to check if it produces a rattling sound and if it does, put it back into the faucet. If it doesn’t, clean it more sufficiently to generate the sound or replace the cartridge.

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9. Put The Cartridge Back Into The Valve

Insert your old cartridge or the replacement into the shower valve, then push the handle as you put back the holding pin. The cartridge will slide in without being forced if adequately seated.

10. Replace The Handle and Scald-Guard Limiter

Replace the handle and scald-guard limiter, then fasten the screw to ensure that the handle is attached tightly to the stem. After that, put the cap of the valve handle back.

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Installation Tips For New Moen Shower Valve

You will avoid a lot of common problems associated with Moen shower valves through proper installation. To help you achieve that, here are some valuable tips.

  • Measure the wall size and determine how you will install the whole setup properly.
  • Install the blocking woods- these will hold the studs of the valve’s outlet and inlet pipes with correct distancing.
  • Make sure you cut the pipes based on the measurements taken.
  • Use Emery cloth to clean the end of each pipe and put fitting flux as you get ready for soldering.
  • Repeat the entire process for every pipe, making sure they are heated evenly to avoid potential leakages.
  • Insert the clamps you will screw on the blocking woods you placed earlier.
  • Once you drill the holes where the pipes will pass, put in the crimp fittings, ensuring they are color-appropriate. They must also have end stops for the supply indicator for cold and hot water.
  • Ensure your installation meets the building codes.  

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If your new Moen shower valve has no water, your dream of an excellent shower will also be shuttered. Fortunately, the information in this post for the new Moen shower valve no water will help troubleshoot the problem and solve it.

Through proper selection of Moen shower valve, correct installation, and care, you can enjoy pleasant showers for a long time. 

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