moss bath mat problems

Moss Bath Mat Problems ( Solutions )

Bath mats come in various shapes and sizes and are made of different materials, each having its strengths and shortcomings. Therefore, your choice should be informed based on thorough research without overlooking any related issues, so let’s tackle moss bath mat problems in this post. 

The popularity of moss bath mats is rising because they are fluffy, and your feet will feel so soft when you step on them right after a bath or shower. These mats are exceptionally comfortable, and you don’t need to worry about making your bathroom floor wet since the mat soaks up all the water.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that moss bath mats are perfect because they have their problems. While this post will focus on the issues, we will also touch on the pros to get a balanced assessment of these bath mats.

Are Moss Bath Mats Sanitary

Moss bath mats are sanitary because they are living things which means they regulate themselves and fight off disease too. Which means they cannot allow gross bacteria to thrive inside them.

We highly recommend them if you are looking to add some greenery inside your bathroom and are looking for a low maintenance bath mat at that.

However, one needs to be careful not to allow high humidity with little exposure to air flow in the moss . Which can cause spore in the environment to feed on the plant material leading to mold.

Moss Bath Mat Problems

Consider the following issues before getting a moss bath mat.

1. Cleaning Issues

To be fair, moss bath mats don’t require regular and deep cleaning, but you will have to find a way to get rid of fiber debris and hairs that tend to get stuck on them easily. While many cleaning products are safe and effective in cleaning traditional mats, the situation is different with moss bath mats.

You can wipe down a traditional bath mat using a cloth and cleaning product or wash it in a washing machine. However, these cleaning methods don’t apply to moss bath mats, so you will have to nitpick the debris and hairs.

2. They Can Attract Bugs

Moss provides a conducive habitat for different bugs such as spiders, fungi, and spring tails. While this issue doesn’t cut across all moss bath mats, you must factor it when debating whether to get this mat or not. 

3. Requires Correct Moisture Levels

Since moss bath mats are living, you need to supply the right amounts of moisture to sustain them. If you fail to do so, your moss bath will become brittle/dry, lose its color or even die.

While keeping your moss bath mat is essential, it shouldn’t get too wet because it might get flooded, causing other issues. Luckily, you can rectify this problem by hanging it or standing it on a wooden base to dry. 

4. They Lose Their Shape

Moss bath mats, especially those with weak bases, come apart from regular use. To prolong the life of your bath, pick one with a sturdy base. 

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Pros Of Moss Bath Mats

Knowing the moss bath mat problems isn’t enough to have a clear picture of them, so let’s take a look at what to love about these bath mats. 

The texture varies depending on the type of moss, with some softer and spongier than others. The common types include fern moss, mood, pole, and reindeer. 

a) They Are Comfortable

If you want a bath mat that feels heavenly on your feet, moss is your best bet. They are soft and fluffy if well maintained, of course, to prevent them from going brittle.

b) They Effectively Keep Your Bathroom Floor Dry

Moss bath mats soak up water from your bathroom floor, preventing the formation of pools on the sides, which is a common problem with other types of rugs. Moss mats can take in water up to 20 times their weight, with the absorption rate varying based on the moss type.

These bath mats dry your feet quickly, keeping them from wetting your floor. Moreover, moss bath mats have waterproof wooden sides and bases.

c) Aesthetically Appealing

The green color of moss bath mats helps beautify your bathroom, adding to the décor and bringing a pop of color into an all-white washroom. In addition, the wooden sides and bases offer natural aesthetics that complement eco-friendly or woodsy homes.

These mats may also be designed with other decorative wood pieces or soft rocks. Therefore, consider them if you are a fan of the natural, environmental-friendly décor.

You also get to choose from different sizes and shapes like square, rectangle, or round. 

d) No Regular Cleaning is Needed

Unlike traditional bath mats, you don’t need to clean your moss bath mat regularly; just remove the hairs and fibers, and you are good. Excessive maintenance isn’t required if your moss gets enough moisture distributed in every part of the mat from showering or taking a bath. 

However, make sure you find the right spot for your mat to ensure it gets proper sunlight. Also, clean the floor underneath the moss bath mat occasionally, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

Ultimately, keeping a moss bath mat isn’t tedious or time-consuming.

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e) You Can Make a Moss Bath Mat

You don’t need to buy a moss bath mat if you are good at DIY, have access to the materials, and are up for a small project. You will need moss and foam to make a moss bath mat for your bathroom.

The process is relatively straightforward, and you can easily access the instructional guides from the internet should you need them. Once you finish making your mat, you just place it at your chosen spot.

How To Pick The Best Moss Bath Mat

Considering the moss bath mat problems, you can just pick any you come across. Here’s what you must consider when looking for the best moss bath mat.

1) The Soil

There’s soil underneath most moss bath mats as it helps keep the structure consistent and absorb surplus water. In addition, it helps keep the moss alive, so choose a moss bath mat with the soil beneath.

2) Consider Combination Moss Bath Mats

Moss bath mats are typically made of living moss, preserved moss, or a combination of the two. Choosing combination moss mats gives you the best of living and preserved moss.

You get a more durable mat than one made of only living mats and a greener and softer bath mat than one consisting of just preserved moss. 

  1. Size

The majority of moss bath mats come in the same sizes as traditional ones, although you can find other shapes and sizes. It’s entirely up to you to pick one that fits your bathroom.

  1. Features

High-quality moss bath mats have robust anti-slip wooden bases, reliable sides, and excellent structural integrity. Your mat should be able to collect the excess water.

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FAQ on Moss Bath Mat Problems

1. Do Moss Bath Mats Need Sunlight?

Moss bath mats require sunlight to stay alive, so before buying or making a moss bath mat for your bathroom, ensure the room gets enough sunlight.

2. Are Moss Shower Mats Sanitary?

Moss shower or bath mats are more hygienic than conventional bath mats because since moss is a living material, it can fight diseases and regulate itself.

Final Remarks

Undoubtedly, moss bath mats have their weaknesses, but you can avoid them through proper maintenance and buying a high-quality product. Keeping your moss bath mat moist helps sustain it and keep it looking fantastic.

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